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Metanet Software was founded in 2001 by Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard. Metanet is a indie game development company devoted to creating fun, innovative, unique games.

Our first (and award-winning) game, N, is available for download from the main page; it's 100% free, and can be played on Mac or PC. We followed that up with N+, versions of which are available on Xbox360 LIVE! Arcade, DS and PSP. Now we're working on N++, the final iteration. Find out more at The Way Of The Ninja, and check out N++'s dedicated site. Our next games, Robotology and Office Yeti, are in development and will be released as soon as possible. Follow development on our devblog, by hitting the Blog button above.

We've released tutorials, including source code, which cover the collision detection and simulation algorithms used in N. Click on the Technique button above to check them out, plus slides from presentations we've done on various subjects and other tools to help you make games.


Contact us at metanet AT metanetsoftware DOT com for review copies of our games.


General Inquiries, troubleshooting, compliments, hate mail, we'll take it all! We try to reply to every email we receive.
Send emails to: metanet AT metanetsoftware DOT com

Got a question for Mare or Raigan? Replace 'metanet' before the AT in the email address above with 'mare' or 'raigan', pop that in your fave email program and you're well on your way to asking it.
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