The Cat is Out of the Bag

By M&R | February 10, 2016

Maybe you’ve heard the rumours that N++ is coming to Steam — well even if you haven’t, we’re here to confirm that yes, N++ is definitely coming to Steam! You’ve been asking us for 8 years when we’d bring N to Steam, and we’re thrilled to finally announce that the time is now! Well ok not quite now — but this year! We’ve found a new programmer and we’re currently working on the port.

Here’s the page:
Get over there and add it to your wishlist!

You can also start talking about the game in the Steam Community Hub:

But you’re aching for more info, aren’t you. Ok, so what do we know about the Steam release? PC, Mac, Linux? Yes, yes and yes. Controller support? You betcha. It’ll have everything that exists on the PS4 version, and more.

But aside from that, there’s not a lot to tell you right now… Release date? Not sure. Specs and minimum tech requirements? we’re still figuring that out. Number of levels? who knows! Rest assured, we’ve got some surprises planned and some new stuff that will debut on Steam (and make it’s way to the PS4 as well). You’re gonna love it. So for all of you who have been enjoying the series for years and chomping (champing?) at the bit to see this game on Steam, get in on the ground floor and start up the hype machine! And for those of you who have never heard of this game before, we’re so excited for you! Especially if you like challenging platformers, you’re in for a treat 🙂

Go forth and talk about it! and please use hashtag #NPlusPlus 🙂
We’ll keep you updated with details as we have them. Stay tuned!

Our Top 5 Best Moments of 2015

By M&R | December 28, 2015

As this year winds down, we took some time to reflect on our favourite moments. Not surprisingly, they’re all about N++, since it’s been a particularly N++ centric year 😉

It was too hard to order these, so consider them all tied for the number 1 spot. Here we go!

5. Launch
We launched N++ on 28 July, 2015 for PS4, marking the end of a two and a half year chunk of an eleven year journey. It was a roller-coaster ride, but what a ride! We made this frankly glorious trailer/manifesto to celebrate:


and created a striking ad campaign: Motion++, a visualization of what playing N++ feels like

N++ means a lot to us, and we’re really proud of what we were able to accomplish. It’s a game that fully exudes our vision and really captures what we wanted the series to be: it’s beautiful, minimal, laser-focused and challenging, and rewards dedication and initiative. It’s full of enthusiasm and new ideas, as well as things we’ve refined over years that have come to fruition. We still have a lot to do before the game is fully complete, and we had some post-launch disappointments, but we refuse to let that sully something that is so powerfully important. N++ is a love letter to fans, and a milestone in our lives we’ll look back on favorably for years to come.


4. NerdCubed’s video

This was one of the first reviews of N++ we saw where the reviewer really GOT it. NerdCubed understood why you would want to play N++, and most importantly, why you’d want to keep playing. It was a really fun review, and set our minds at ease: N++ is a niche game, and we don’t expect everyone to like it, but we set out to make something more accessible and enjoyable than we ever had in the series, and NerdCubed’s enthusiasm let us know we were on the right track. Check it out! It’s a great video.


3. Jon’s acceptance speech at the 2015 CVAwards
N++ has won two awards over the past year, the 2014 IndieCade Special Recognition award, and the Canadian Videogames Fans Choice award for Best Canadian-made Game:

awards N++ has won

We’re so stoked about that! We’re so happy to hear that people appreciate what we’ve made — the Fans’ Choice award was especially delightful to receive, since N and N+ have both previously won Fans’ Choice awards, and it’s great to know we have made a game players love.

But the best part of winning the CVAward was Jon Mak’s acceptance speech:

wow…That was the most awesome speech, and we were floored. Jon is part of the reason we got started making games, because seeing the amazing games he’d already made was incredibly inspiring. So to hear him say those things about us — we got teary. Thanks so much, Jon, you’re the best.


2. MANvsN++
This clip is so good.

It’s the perfect embodiment of what it feels like to play N++ 🙂 Thanks MAN, you’re the greatest!


1. The community of N++ mapmakers
As you may know, N++ has a level editor, and Metanet hosts servers so that players can make and share levels globally with other players. This year we had the pleasure of seeing that community get started and develop as we played lots of the amazing N++ Levels that have been made. We also were able to meet some of the creative and dynamic mapmakers, which is always really cool for us. We enjoy seeing who you are outside of the game, and to see what else we have in common.

We loved watching the level-making community grow this year, and seeing progress and call-backs and interesting changes in your levels. We loved all the new tricks you discovered — it’s so fun for us to be surprised, especially since we’ve been playing this game for eleven years 🙂

We’ve collected lots of our favourites here, but you should really just go browse them all!
We hope you all keep making levels — we’ll keep playing them!


N++ has made some pretty huge lists of the best games of 2015, at:

Graham Linehan’s personal faves
The Guardian

That’s amazing, we feel honoured that our game was included among so many really stellar titles. It was a great year for videogames! We’re so glad N++ ranked up there among the best of them.

Also, we’ve received a bunch of emails, cards and letters from fans this year that were really touching, and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated them: immensely. We gotta give a special shoutout to ska: you’re awesome 🙂


And that’s 2015 in a nutshell! So many great moments. Thanks so much to everyone who played and enjoyed N++, you all rock!


Incidentally, if all this has piqued your interest, but you’re just learning about N++, you can find out more info here:

And you can buy the game for PS4 here in the PSN store!
If you already know about N++, please help us spread the word — we want as many people as possible to try it, and we could use all the help we can get!


Before we sign off for 2015, we want you to know we’re working very hard to get another PS4 patch out to you as soon as possible, so get ready for that! We’ve hired a new programmer to port the game to Steam, and we’re looking forward to getting started. We’ll have more news for you soon.

And as we close out some milestones and move forward towards others, we want to thank you all for your support and enthusiasm and hope you’re as excited about the future as we are. Cheers to a successful 2015, and best wishes to all of you in 2016.

Happy Holidays from Metanet Software!

Happy Holidays from Metanet Software!

Moving Forward++

By M&R | October 30, 2015

It has now been 3 months since N++ launched, and it’s safe to say that there have been some highs and lows.

On the plus (plus) side, we’re incredibly happy with N++. It’s a great game that is close to what we wanted to make when we set out on this journey. We’re so happy with how well the game has been received by critics and fans; there have been a lot of positive reviews, and it’s been amazing hearing from players who really enjoy what we tried to do.

We’re having a great time watching people stream N++, from casual players, to co-op streams, to people brave enough to pursue all-gold badges; especially awesome was a series of streams which showed someone tackling the secret challenges and unlocking the secret levels! Thank you so much to everyone who has streamed N++, we really love watching 🙂

It has also been amazingly gratifying to see so much creativity and awesomeness from the level-making community; we’ve been trying to document some of our favourites via the in-game “Featured” section, as well as on our tumblr:

Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been positive. There are several bugs in the game, including a severe (thankfully, rare) savegame-corrupting bug. And, though not a bug, no one has yet managed to unlock the Platinum trophy by beating all of the levels in the game (including Co-op and Race). Rest assured, all of these issues will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Which brings us to the major challenge we’ve been facing since launch: After N++ launched, Shawn (N++’s programmer) decided that he couldn’t continue to help us make N++. We’re currently working with him to get a patch ready that will fix all of the bugs and problems with the launch version, but his time is very limited. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Don’t worry: we have had ups and downs over the entire 11-year course of this project — we didn’t give up then and we don’t intend to give up now. We’re confident that we can find someone to continue the programming work required to move N++ forward into the future. This has definitely put a kink in our post-launch plans, and has made the future a lot more challenging than we had anticipated, but we are determined to make it a bright one regardless.

What does this future hold? We’re still excited about releasing updates which will add new content and features (we really can’t wait for you all to try them), and we’re also still working towards bringing N++ to more platforms — especially Steam, which is our top priority. We hope to have more news about these exciting new developments soon.

Finally, at launch we announced that we would not be putting N++ on sale. While we had intended to push back firmly against the race to the bottom (following Dan Adelman’s fearless example:, it seems that the only tangible result of our decision has been to alienate a sizable portion of the audience. We really want as many people to play N++ as possible, and as a result we have decided we will be participating in a couple of promotional discounts in the future after all, to hopefully encourage more people to give N++ a try. Again, stay tuned as we will announce any news on twitter ( as soon as we have it.

We really want to wholeheartedly thank everyone who has already given N++ a try — we really appreciate it and we hope you’re enjoying it so far. There’s more to enjoy on the way! We are committed to bringing N++ to as many people as possible, because we know that we have made something that is worthy of being played — and although that means reconsidering some of our positions and making some difficult choices, it’s important to figure out how to get people to play it and how to continue to support the community of players. So aside from the updates and bugfixes, that’s what we’re working on now.

If there’s anything that developing and playing N++ has taught us, it’s that you can never lose as long as you never give up. This is a lesson we intend to follow. We need to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our players, for the encouragement and support you’ve offered us over the years. We hope to have more exciting news for you in the near future 🙂

On an upbeat note, if you’re in the New York City area mid-November, there are two events you might be interested in! First, Mare is speaking at PRACTICE about level design:

And second, on November 15th there will be a super cool event at Babycastles featuring N, N+, and N++! There will be a tournament, and prizes, and we’ll be there to chat about the games and hang out. You should come!


By M&R | July 28, 2015

July 28th, 2015: N++ Day!

You can get it right now, and you totally should:!/en-us/games/n/cid=UP2108-CUSA00041_00-NPPGAMENPPGAMENP

YES! We’re so excited. It’s been a really long road, longer than we expected and longer than we wanted, but you know what? We couldn’t be happier with how the game came out, and we think you’ll be able to see that extra effort and abundance of love that went into it.

It’s awesome. We made tons of improvements since the Beta, including optimizing the size of the save file! It’s at the cost of attract mode / main menu replays, but we think people will appreciate the smaller footprint more than a few hundred replays.

We tweaked levels, we tweaked colours, we put the finishing touches on the animations and got the server running beautifully. The entire team worked our collective fingers to the bone, and play-tested until we couldn’t see from exhaustion. We put everything we have into this game and yet, there are still plenty of things we didn’t get to finish for launch — so expect those to roll out over the next few months!

Check out this amazing launch trailer we made:
ARGHH it’s so punchy and beautiful!

Here are some quick stats:
-2360 unique, handcrafted levels (it would take at least 30 hours to speedrun this game)
-52 colour schemes
-over 6 hours of music by over 40 musicians

-Solo, Co-op and Competitive Multiplayer (Race)
-built-in level editor with online global level-sharing
-highscores with replays for every level, including all player-made levels

For those of you wondering about the price, it is $19.99 to start, and that gets you the game and a “lifetime pass” to all future DLC. We’re planning a huge update that will actually raise the price, and are not planning on putting it on sale much, so if you want this game cheap, don’t wait. Strike while the iron is hot! Or lower cost, anyway.

If it sells well enough on PS4, we hope to be able to afford to port it. We cannot guarantee this will happen, and we don’t know what platform it will come to first if it comes to any. Steam is likelier than most, but again, we have to see how things go. So if you want to see this game anywhere else, please do us a solid and spread the word! We are a tiny team with a tinier budget, and we need all the help we can get.

But it’ll be worth it! The more hands we can get N++ into, the happier the world will be as everyone enjoys smooth, glorious colour and acrobatic ninja action.

So go get the game everyone, and thanks in advance — there’s a special thank you on the credits page to all you N and N+ fans who have enjoyed our work over the years. Here’s to you.

ps. you might be also interested in some limited-edition N++ shirts:

N++ is coming!

By M&R | July 14, 2015

Today we have some exciting news: N++ is coming, and this time it’s really, tangibly soon! It’s finally time! Check out our release date announcement trailer:

(The video was once again made by Richard E. Flanagan, and the music is by Raigan Burns)

Yes! You’ll have N++ in your hands at the end of July! This July! July 28th! We are so excited. It’s almost here!!!

We’ll have lots more news and details in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a few details we wrote up over on the PlayStation blog:


N++ Beta Contesque!

By M&R | June 12, 2015

As faithful readers of this blog know, we are getting all the N++ code prepped for certification, but launch day may still be a ways off. We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, we have some exciting news!

We’re doing a private Beta Test with a small group of players, to make sure the N++ server (that handles level-sharing and highscores) is ready for launch — and we’re running a Contesque to help choose our testers.

If you have a PS4 and an SCEA account, you could be one of those lucky people. Fill out this form and submit it to us, and in a week or so we’ll email the winners:

N++ Beta Contesque

We hope you’re as excited as we are — we really can’t wait to see the levels you all come up with! 🙂

Note #1: If you’re in Europe, apparently you can make an SCEA account, so you might want to look into that if you want to be in the Beta.

Note #2: This is only a Beta, so things are not completely finished, and there may still be some bugs. Please bear with us, we promise they’ll be fixed for the release! 🙂


By M&R | May 30, 2015

Hello again! It’s been a long time since our last update because we’ve been feverishly working to get N++ finished. We’re still not quite there — the launch build is content-complete, but we are still working on the code side, which can be pretty time-consuming. (For example, adding trophies requires a lot of code and even more testing, so it’s a pretty lengthy process.)

The journey to the end has been pretty rocky, and incredibly challenging. We’ve hit a few more snags, mostly with the server backend: it was not exactly the seamless and bug-free experience we’d planned for. Actually, to be honest, a lot of parts are falling out of place right now — but this is pretty typical in game development. The good news is, we’re getting through it, fixing bugs and solving issues left and right, as well as applying the final touches and polishing everything to a brilliant shine. We’re not giving up, we’re not cutting corners and we’re working as quickly and thoroughly as we can to get this game done and into your hands.

We are aiming to get N++ into cert in the coming weeks, and though we won’t know when the game will be ready for release until it’s through cert, we will keep you posted as soon as we have any info!

In the meantime, we’ve been trying to at least keep you excited about what is to come, by steadily releasing bits of info or other cool things we’ve prepared. The most exciting so far are the daily soundtrack links Raigan’s been posting on twitter, to give you an idea of what your ears will be treated to as you play (or not — you always have the option to listen to the “Classic” N soundtrack), and the N++ Enemy Spotlight vignettes on which we collaborated with Richard E. Flanagan. If you’ve missed them, you should definitely check them out!

Here are links to each of the vignettes, as well as the corresponding Behind-the-Scenes look from tumblr. Make sure you turn up the sound! 😉






Micro Drone:


Evil Ninja:


Laser Turret:


Toggle Mine:


Hopefully those videos will help tide you over a little longer as we get this game done. Want to start talking with others about N++? Good news, there’s an N++ Subreddit!
Kudos to waddlingpenguin for making it.

Here’s the full soundtrack preview list, which waddlingpenguin has been collecting for all of us to enjoy:

(Is this going to be the best video game soundtrack ever? We think so!)

We have a few more secrets and fun things to reveal, so keep an eye on twitter, facebook and tumblr and of course this blog right here.

The Time Is Almost Nigh(++)

By M&R | March 17, 2015

In case you haven’t been able to tell from our silence here, we are now in the very final stretch of development: since the start of 2015 we’ve been pushing extra hard to tie up all the loose ends and get the game finished, and sadly that means no time for things like showing the game at GDC or other events, or for writing blog posts.

We know you’re all aching for a release date, but we’re still not quite ready to announce that yet — we don’t want to announce until we’re sure the game will be out on that date. But we’re almost ready, and we’re here to give you a giant, detail-fueled update on where we’re at in the meantime.


N++’s core gameplay (single player, co-op and competitive multiplayer) is finshed and feeling great. Currently all of the levels are arranged and in the game, all of the colour schemes are designed and in the game and all of the music is licensed and in the game. The UI, packaging and transitions are in, though there still are a few placeholders, but we know what needs to change and how to change it — there are no more unanswered questions. This is a huge amount of stuff — and it only took two years 😉

We just playtested the first proper beta version on Friday, and it was really exciting to see it all finally come together!

Everything still needs the usual minor adjustments and polish — and a lot more testing — but all the components are complete and in place; our job is no longer to create anything, but instead to tweak and correct what’s already been created, while solving problems and fixing bugs.

(In case you can’t imagine what sort of problems may need to be solved, consider having to test not only every page of every menu, but also every graphic, animation, and particle fx of every entity in the game; not just once, but over 50 times, each time with a different colour schemes — each of which is built from over 140 different colours. It’s a lot of work!! (If you’re curious about the +8000 colours in N++, please check out this recent tumblr post)


The good news is that it should only be a matter of months before the game is out: months plural, since we have at least a month of bug-fixing and mistake-finding-and-correcting, and then when we’re finally done, the game still has to go through Sony’s internal testing and verification process, which will take another month. Oh, also, at that point, we’ll finally be able to announce a release date.

We realize that this is little consolation to those of you who have been waiting patiently for literally years for this game to come out, but we promise that if you’re a fan of N or N+, once you try N++ you’ll (a) understand why it took so long for the three of us to make, (b) grudgingly — or excitedly — admit that it was worth the wait.

We also realize that this isn’t the first time we’ve thought we were months away! Discussing this with other developers tells us that this seems to be a common thing to experience: you know what they say about the last 10%. Beyond that, there have been several times in this project in particular where just as it seemed like we were cresting the final hill, a new hill appeared on the horizon.

Because this is the final version of N that will ever be made (EVER), we thought it was important to always try to explore these distant hills, in order to make sure that we didn’t miss anything crucial; this curiosity has been rewarded, as several times we managed to improve something beyond what we had thought possible, and add a few new twists to the core game that have made it even better.

Anyone who has tried the new competitive multiplayer Race mode has seen a good example of this: we could have simply made it the same as in N+ XBLA, but we suspected that with a bit of work we could find something even more awesome. We’re really glad we decided to spend the extra time and effort, because murdering your friends with rockets is a ton of fun! If you haven’t been lucky enough to play it yet, here’s a recent stream from Indiecade that shows some casual matches — including a few rocket murders 😉

Pretty much every aspect of the game has been leveled-up in a similar way to Race — this is how a project which initially began as a quick 9-month launch title became a sprawling 36-month behemoth! 9 months was how long N+ took to develop, so we figured it was a good estimate, but we failed to account for all of the new stuff we would discover and explore in the process.

At this point we’ve satisfied our curiosity and are pretty confident that any further changes we could make would yield diminishing returns, if not actually make the game worse.


For those of you keeping score, we’re going to end up launching at around month 30 of development, but we do still have about 6 months of development work left to go — however those last 6 months will occur *after* the game ships, as we release post-launch updates which add new levels, colours, music, and (perhaps most excitingly) new game modes.

Releasing post-launch updates is a way for us to continue investigating promising ideas which we discovered during development but haven’t had time to properly explore, and to let us finish the game for launch without further delays.

In case the above paragraph has you worried that we’re shipping a rushed half-finished product that we’ll later patch: worry not, that will not happen. The game as it ships will be rock solid and pretty insanely great (if we do say so ourselves).

Our best guess for the fastest possible speedrun of all the 2000 levels available at launch is no less than 20-30 hours; we estimate that most players will take at least 50 or so hours to play through the launch version — if they’re good enough to beat everything.

We simply had to draw a line and say “okay, that can wait until post-launch” on a few things (eg additional multiplayer modes, additional levels). For example, we’ve spent the past 5 years making over 3000 new levels — levels which we feel are much better than anything in N+, simply because we’ve gotten a lot better over the years (plus we added new enemies and stuff).

However, making the levels is only part of the work involved in getting them in the game: what takes even more time is testing, arranging into episodes, tweaking, and finalizing them. That amount of time is gigantic. So, we decided that in order to expedite the launch, we could only finish half of the levels right now.


As it stands, at launch N++ will be 4x as big as N+ was — and actually, each individual level is also 30-40% bigger since N++ levels are 16:9 while N+ was 4:3.

Let’s just let that sink in. N+ had 500 levels, and at launch N++ will have over 2000.

We actually think it’s a better experience for players if we leave some levels for later, since even the current 2000 levels can be a bit overwhelming. But by the time we’re finished, this game will be so chock full, it could last a lifetime. Which is kind of the point, since again, this is the last version ever!

For those of you still keeping score who might ask how we could arrive at 2000 levels at launch while using only half of our 3000 new levels: one thing we haven’t mentioned is that N++ will also contain a special “Legacy” section which features the best levels from N v1.4, N+ DS, N+ PSP, N+ XBLA, and N v2.0, all remastered for the new 16:9 aspect ratio, and (when appropriate) featuring the new enemies and items from N++. As if over 1000 brand new levels weren’t enough!


When we started this project, our ambition was to make the best, definitive version of N — but we didn’t appreciate what this really meant. Our conception of this idea was simply something like N+, but with better production values, new levels, maybe a new enemy or two.

However, once we really found our footing and got going, we realized that this was something quite different than N+; this was something much bigger, much more complex, and also much more important.

When we’re all finished, N++ will be about 10x bigger than N+ XBLA was, but much more important than that — more than just a quantitative improvement — is the tremendous leap in quality that we’ve managed to bring to every aspect of the game. We’re so proud of the new levels, the new colours, and the new music. The whole package is 10000x better and we really can’t wait for you to finally be able to try everything.

Throughout the project we’ve tried to keep one thing in mind: you, our fans. Our mission was to make a game that anyone who had enjoyed N or N+ would adore, and when we playtested on Friday we were convinced that we have succeeded.

All three of us have been dedicated to a single goal for the past 28+ months: making the best possible game we can. We’ve ended up with something much better than we ever anticipated, simply because we each pushed each other to get better and better, to keep digging and iterating, to learn and improve.

We think this is a good sign, since it reflects the very core of the game itself: continual growth and improvement, and doing things that initially seem impossible.

It’s taken a lot longer than we had planned, but we’ve at last managed to achieve our ultimate goal: to finally fully realize the vision we had over ten years ago, but lacked the resources, experience, skill, and insight to create.

We’ve tried to climb this mountain several times over the past decade, but it wasn’t until the last couple weeks that we truly felt that we had reached the final summit.

Now we just need to climb back to base camp safely and share the results of our adventure with the rest of the world — stay tuned! It seriously won’t be long now 🙂

2014: Year in Review

By M&R | December 24, 2014

Whew, what a year! It was one full of promise, anticipation, slight disappointment, readjustment, happiness, excitement and more anticipation. Some ups, some downs, and a LOT of work, but overall it was a good year.

It was Metanet’s 10th anniversary of incorporation! It’s amazing that a tiny team of two has survived this long doing what we love, and we are thankful every day that we are so lucky. We’ve come a long way in the past decade and are really looking forward to the next one. Thanks for supporting us and for playing our games, we’re so happy this game development thing is working out 🙂


Happy Holiday Metanet Software 10th anniversary!

Happy Holiday Metanet Software 10th anniversary!


We were honoured to have been included in the beautiful book Every Day is Play, among some of the best and most exciting video game creators and artists around.


Everyday is Play p. 79

Every Day is Play p. 79

ps get this book, it’s amazing.


While we’re on the subject of things you may want to buy, we created a lot of incredibly beautiful merch you can get right now in our Etsy shop, plus we designed a bunch of cool prints over on Society6.


N++ stationery

Special Edition Pins:

Stickers, buttons and more!

Stickers & Buttons

It’s colourful, cheerful, stylish and is the perfect embodiment of the enthusiasm we feel for N++. Hopefully it’s infectious!


The bulk of our year has been devoted to developing N++, obviously. We started 2014 hoping to finish N++ in September, but as the months wore on we quickly discovered that was unfortunately impossible. We hit a few snags and rough patches, but also found a few things we loved so much we needed to work on them more. Accepting that we would have to delay was very painful for us and for Shawn as well — we had all initially wanted N++ to be a launch title for PS4, so further delay was hard to stomach — but we knew it would be a better game if we did.

And it seems that we’re on the right track — we were able to show N++ a bunch this year, and got lots of great feedback. The most rewarding thing is seeing people laugh and smile as they play, even as they die over and over (and over) again! We especially loved running a tournament at PAX to show competitive multiplayer Race mode. It was so good to see people play and really dig into strategies! Our favourite show this year was the PlayStation Experience in December — it was so friendly and welcoming, and so full of people who love games. The atmosphere and experience was wonderful.


The big news this year is that we received the IndieCade 2014 Special Recognition award for N++.


What an extraordinary honour! We are so elated and so humbled that other people can see what we do in N++. Thank you, this means so much to us.


So when is N++ coming? Well, we still aren’t sure. We are aiming at spring 2015, and are pretty determined to make it. Although we’ve finished a ton, there will be a lot of fun additions and surprises after launch as well because we won’t be able to finish them in time to get the game through cert. Hopefully we won’t hit too many more snags, because we are so eager to finally get N++ out to you. We have a lot to show you before launch that we are super excited about! We’re really looking forward to 2015, it’s gonna be a great year.

As always, to stay connected to all the news we’ve got, keep an eye on twitter, tumblr and this blog right here.


Let’s end this post with these incredibly cool stylized portraits of us that were drawn this year by the immensely talented James Harvey:

Mare and Raigan, by James Harvey


Happy Holidays to all of you from both of us at Metanet Software — we look forward to a very exciting 2015 and we hope you’ll share it with us!

Nv2.0 Database Mishap

By M&R | December 20, 2014

We’re having a few problems with the N v2.0 database right now. You may notice that many of the user levels may be missing info. We’re trying to fix an issue many people have written to us about lately — while trying to solve that problem, things went awry and this new problem was created.

It may take a few weeks to restore the backup from a few weeks ago — we’re working on it as fast as we can, but the holidays are causing a few delays. The good news is, most of the levels themselves are still there, we just need to restore the names etc.

There might be some data loss, but hopefully it won’t be severe — we’ll know as soon as our server admin can take a look at the latest backup, and we’ll keep you posted. We’re really sorry about the inconvenience!