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This is it! Remember that game you played in high school but forgot about through college? Yes, it’s the update you’ve been waiting for but probably forgot about since it’s been so long! N v2.0 is finally finished, ready to eat up your free time (and maybe some time at work too) once again. This launch trailer should help you get excited:



Play the web version online here:
N on Kongregate

Or download the game here:
N Downloads page

(Note: both versions feature new levels and new game modes (Arcade and local 2P); the downloadable version also includes a level editor and access to the level database and highscores)


Want more detail on what’s new? Check out this in-depth breakdown:
and the updated version history:


Enjoy, and please help us spread the word!


We want to extend a huge thank you to Golden Gear Games for their work on the UI and front-end programming, to Gabe and Nick for their work on the back-end, and to all those who helped test the beta. You all rock!

p.s – we still haven’t forgotten about the holiday contesque winners; we’re really sorry there’s been such a delay, but we promise that as soon as we have time to make some N-related goodies (which should be in the next few months for N++), you’ll be the first to get them!

p.p.s – There are a couple of small bugs with the editor (nothing that affects saving or loading levels, or general functionality). Please send any comments, bug reports etc to metanet AT metanetsoftware DOT com, including “Nv2” in the subject line.

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  • I’ve finished first column and “a-0” button appeared at the bottom of the column. Then I’ve gone trough this column rush. When I’ve finished 9-4, the error message in the follwing link appeared:

    But when I’ve clicked continue, the application kept running well as expected. It’s not a fatal error.

    No rewards for finishing this column arcade, though 🙂

  • M&R,

    Here is a list of glitches and suggestions I compiled for your perusal.

    Anyone else who wants to submit a bug report: check to see whether it’s in that thread before commenting here.


  • I have an annoying bug with the downloaded version:
    When i complete a episode, the next one is not unlocked

  • Same as last comment. Does not let me continue to next levels

  • I’m baaaaaack… And I’ve gotten the game, and I have some tiny little gripes about it:

    N+ for PSP levels are included. (of course, we’re all entitled to our own opinion)
    Game slows down when there’s a lot of stuff going on. (Interestingly, at low quality, much better speed. Yea, I need a new computer.)
    Login system’s a little buggy.

    Those are my only problems. One glitch that I’ve noticed, not sure if anyone else noticed it. Sometimes, the “resume game” button disappears each visit; other times, it resumes at an improper point.

    Take, say, episode 4, level 04. That levels so dang hard, you just wanna take a break. So.. You do. Tomorrow, you go back to your computer. Then, like, the “resume game” button has disappeared, or maybe, instead, it’s still there, but it instead takes you an episode earlier, i.e. 3-04. This is not a huge problem, at least not to me.

    That’s all for now.

    (and yes, my comments are lengthy… I just like talking!)

  • OK, forget what I said about problem #1 and #3, and that glitch, ‘cuz I’ve changed my password, logged in, and success! Sure, login is kinda unessesary, (kinda) but it’s the only way to get highscores, apparently.

  • Hello,
    I know, that the following I will say have been already discussed in 2011 (exactly here -> <-).

    But I want to push up the thought again, an Android Version of this game.
    Controls: (Game should be in landscape)
    Left: left side of the screen
    Right: right side of the screen
    Jump (too complicated?):
    – If you are running left, quickly touch the right side of the screen to jump in that direction
    – If you are running right, quickly touch the left side of the screen to jump in that direction.
    – If you aren't running, a short touch on the screen (anywhere) to jump.

    Also, please consider to make it at least for the OUYA, an android console.

  • Hey guys! Been following N for years now.. I’m deeply in love with the game.. When I heard the news about the N++ I wanted to let you know that, honestly, I was pretty disappointed with N+. The graphics and aesthetics were alright, though the sharp straightforward graphics of N was alot cooler. Also I found it deeply annoying that the game screen zoomed in on the Ninja and panned around with it.. I loved the way I could watch the whole level at all times in N.. which makes for more tactical approaches in the game.. The last and most pressing issue I had with N+ was that the response time was too slow and Ninja felt heavy, all the physics felt too heavy, Which made all the acrobatics and aiming for that perfect jump timing useless and annoying.. Don’t take me wrong, I greatly appreciated that you brought N to the consoles, cause I loooooove consoles and that big screen. But my point is, now that N++ is under development, I would just like to tell you that it would be greaaaaatly appreciated if the physics and the way the game is played loooks similar to N rather than N+.. cause for me, it was that smooth, responsive, precise physics simulation of N that really made the gameplay awesome.. and N+ sucked at that.. And I never really picked it back up.. just my honest opinion.. I hope you will take it into consideration.. If you would like me to elaborate on this comment, feel free to write me an email or something..

  • @Nadiim: Thanks for letting us know how you feel! We agree with many of your complaints about N+…

    About the aesthetics: we prefer the plain, simple presentation of N, however we wanted to try and add some detail for people playing on huge TVs. We’re still finalizing the graphics for N++, but we’re trying to keep things as simple and minimal as possible… however we don’t want it to look just like N, so we *are* playing around with colour and shapes a bit to see what different sorts of atmospheres/moods we can achieve without harming playability.

    About the zooming: we had to support SD TVs, which sadly the game wasn’t really playable on without zooming. We definitely regret making the default zoom level the middle one, but if you click the right thumbstick you can zoom out to fullscreen (like the original); I’m not sure if we mention this in-game but we really should have emphasized it since it makes a big difference. We completely agree that seeing the entire screen at once is important, and if there was any alternative we would have taken it, but sadly at that time we couldn’t find another way to support small TVs (other than making the level size tiny); for N++ we are aiming at 1080/720 so we will be able to have everything on-screen without zooming.

    About the feeling: we spent a lot of time on N+ trying to get the feel right, however it was never perfect. One reason for this may be that N+ runs at 60hz while N ran at 40, and the old code was *terrible* and impossible to port nicely. Part of the motivation for rewriting N v2.0 in AS3 was so that we could make the game run at 60hz while preserving the original feel, and so far this has helped make it easier to ensure that N++ feels the same as the original.

  • THANK YOU!!! greetings from IRAN

  • Explain to me how to turn on a level editor. Please.

  • How do I create a map without internet connection.

  • The new editor needs a manual! Also, test level mode doesn’t work (at least, for Mac OSX, which i’m using). My creativity can’t be bottled up for much longer! D:

  • Agree with OrcasWereWolves – test level mode does not work (some actionscript or flash error). Don’t know why it occurs. I’m using Windows Vista.

    Please help! I really want to make levels AND test them.

  • Same, the test level function doesn’t work in that the ninja disappears when you start it.

  • Andrew is going to be able to take a look at all these issues soon, and the editing bug is top priority.

  • Same as above. Im running Mac OSX(10.7.5)
    I can create levels absolutely fine but when i press tab to test the character does not appear and my only option is to press tab to go back to editor.
    And if i want to play my level I must publish it, meaning losing editing privileges.

    I want to test my creations!!

  • I seem to be getting closer to the problem. Looks like an issue with Flash Player under > Package Contents > Contents > MacOS. Trying to open it gives me “Flash Player is damaged and can’t be opened.”

  • BOSS MODE please! 🙂

  • Figured it out! Gotta go to Security preferences and allow downloads from Anywhere!

  • I recently upgraded my mac to mavericks and lost all my progress. Is there any way I can recover that info?

  • I got a new laptop yesterday and N is running incredibly slow. My current laptop is the same as the last one I had and N v2.0 worked perfectly find. Now it just lags. What can I do?

  • Hey! Many (or all?) of us are unable to test a created level in the N 2.0 Level Editor. Gives some action script error when we hit the TAB key. Can select only “dismiss all”, not “continue”. And once we hit dismiss, the error goes away but all ‘active/dynamic’ elements disappear. Static objects remain.

    Here’s the error below.

    RangeError: Error #1125: The index 0 is out of range 0.
    at simulation::Simulator/APP_EnablePlayer()
    at editor::Editor/Tick()
    at com.metanet.screens.editor::EditorApp/handleEnterFrame()

  • @joonkar: sorry.. we are aware of the bug, however our programmer Andrew is busy with another project at the moment. It’s definitely the first thing that will be fixed!

    One question: is there a ninja placed in the level? (the error message suggests that there isn’t; possibly you’ve placed one but it’s getting deleted during an earlier part of the load). Could you try placing two ninjas and let us know if anything changes? Thanks!

  • Please fix this buggin’ problem!

    I have spent hours creating levels but couldn’t test them, and after publishing them some of them have mistakes that make the level unsolvable.

    Other than that, the game is just GREAT (:

  • Hey!

    First of all, thanks for this great update on N! I was a lover of NUMA in 1.4 and now i enjoy the fast level sharing in n 2.0. Also thanks for working on the editor bug! Aditionally, i was very excited about the 2-player-mode. It creates a totally different experience of the game. But, is it difficult to get the 2-player-mode online? I mean, so that you could collaborate with other players from all around the world to solve the levels? This would be sooo awesome!!

  • @adiak: glad you’re liking N so far! There should be an updated version soon.

    About online multiplayer — while we totally agree that that would be really awesome, the short answer is, yes, it’s very difficult. This is mostly because N is a fast-paced, ultra-precise game and is not well-suited to online play. Check this out for some more detail:

  • Do you think you could realese N in Steam? the game store, it would be nice and I would even pay for it, I think many people would. Thank you.

  • Hi, i have just bought a new mac air today and i was hoping to have my favourite game on it! but the same thing keeps popping up after i download it.?

    ““Nv2-Mac” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”

    this was an issue in 2013 as I’ve read in the comments here on this page. please help me here? i won’t alway have the internet to play the game and want it on my mac. as i have JUST switched over to apple today.



  • thanks for writing — this is a weird Mac issue, but the file is not actually damaged and runs fine: Lion just says that, because Apple doesn’t like Flash anymore 🙁
    Go to:
    system preferences (settings) > security & privacy > unlock* (bottom left corner, needs sign-in) > allow applications from ‘Anywhere’.

    that should “fix” the “corrupt” file (which is in reality perfectly fine)!

  • Thanks for your awesome game 😀
    But I’ve just downloaded the v2.0 on my MacBook (with the latest OS), and the game is really slow sometimes. It’s not lag, it regularly litteraly slows down, and it gets unplayable… I’ve tried the web version on Kongregate, and it runs perfectly well, but I would also like to have it on my computer.
    I’ve seen a coment above about the same problem, do you have a solution ?

  • Dear metanet PLEASE MAKE N+ N++ ON PC .Look in window and submit it here,these peoples want to play N+ and N++ but they has no PS4 and Xbox360 and PSP please if you make N+ N++ On PC im just glad to you thanks and bye

    Your N fan

  • @pootis12: Thanks for your enthusiasm! About N+, I have bad news: it will never happen. We worked with the amazing Slick Entertainment on N+ for Xbox360, but that codebase is long gone and they are quite busy with their own projects! N+ for DS and PSP was ported by a company that has since gone bankrupt.

    Fear not though: our goal is for as many people as possible to be able to play and enjoy N++. We promise you won’t be disappointed! There’s a chance N++ may make it to PC — we are really hoping to be able to put N++ on Steam, but these things cost money and take time. If it sells well enough on PS4, we think it’s possible, but until then, we can’t say for sure what will happen.

    You can help by spreading the word about N++, so that people know about it on PS4. In the meantime, please enjoy N 🙂

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