Blimey! ..and an XBLA update

27 Jun / by: M&R / 4 comments /

Some Eurogamer readers have apparently taken our whimsical trip down silly lane a bit too seriously..

We were only “taking the piss“! (I think that’s how you say it..)

[added: XBLA update for Will]

In other N+ news, the XBLA version is coming along great — we’ve been playing the alpha version for about a week, it’s really exciting to see! There are of course 98521 little things that need tweaking, but that’s just part of the process. Nick has done an insanely good job of getting N+ to feel identical to N. we’ve been using N’s editor to make levels (we’re more comfortable with it than the new N+ editor), and all of the little things we try while testing in N work identically in N+. The biggest difference is that it’s a lot smoother.

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  • N+ Xbox LIVE UPDATES ? !!!????!!!

    Please make post a comment about this on your blog . You guys rule .

    (Sorry -I kinda know this not where I should request this , but blog stupid)

  • Ahaha, good to hear that everything’s coming along smoothly. Good luck on tweaking those little things!

  • im sooo glad this is coming to xbla

    keep up the good work

  • woo!

    N+ is one of my most anticipated games.

    higher on my list than spore and all well.. lots.

    at least in my top 5.

    i’m getting the psp version personally, but i WISH WISH WISSSSHHHH you’d release the XBLA version on the playstation network for ps3 as well.


    is there any hope for that?

    can’t i just have a smidgeon of hope?

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