How to Survive a Robotology Uprising

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Has everyone seen this book? It’s hilarious:
How to Survive a Robot Uprising

Because our new game revolves around the life cycles of the future’s average robots, we were invited by our friend Jim Munroe to meet and chat with the author of How to Survive a Robot Uprising (and other works), Daniel H. Wilson.

Mare attended the event, and was surprised with the opportunity not only to meet with Daniel, but also to co-interview him with Jim! We tag-teamed it; it was awesome. Check out the interview here. Daniel is extremely interesting and obviously knowledgeable, and is super nice and so easy to talk to.
He was nice enough to give some insight on the questions we had regarding certain details relevant to Robotology, and we ended up chatting about a whole slew of topics including robots, programming, Bungie, nemeses and other cool stuff! Daniel is in the process of writing more on the subject of robots, which we will definitely pick up when the books are available.

It was a great experience — informative, intriguing, illuminating and other things that begin with ‘i’. Plus, Daniel has also toyed with the idea of titling a work ‘Robotology’, so we can probably take that as an endorsement of the name’s greatness!

And also, Daniel’s publicist, Daniel Wagstaff, is an N fan! So that rocks!

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  • the best thing that never happened!

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