N+ XBLA Coming So Soon We Can Almost Taste It.

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Okay, it doesn’t really taste great, but it’s *looking* amazing. You probably already know about the official website of the N universe, which currently features a tiny bit of N+ content but will soon feature much, much more: https://www.thewayoftheninja.org.

But did you know that IGN is now featuring N+ screenshots? Yes, it’s true! Check them out! We also noticed a post on Gamasutra today which mentions the stellar N+. This helpful definition just popped up in the Computer Dictionary. Okay that last one might be unrelated. The point is, the internet is literally abuzz with N+ goodness.

The certification process is agonizingly slow, but we are very slowly getting through it. And this can only mean one thing: N+ for XBLA is very nearly here!

NOTE: We just received email from the N+ legal team, who requested we add this:
Please do not try to taste N+.

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  • wow, those screenshots are seriously awesome. The new look is really working.

    What does “Please do not try to taste N+” mean? Does it mean don’t make any levels on NUMA of the screenshots?

  • When I get N+, licking it isn’t as far as I’ll go with that game…

  • that’s great! the ds and psp versions will take a little longer though, right?
    luckily, i have friends with all the consoles, so I’m set

  • I’m sooo happy to hear this, I’ve been waiting for a new N game for so long. Can’t wait to try this out on a 360!

  • Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I really can’t wait for the PSP version!

    XLBA Version looks nice.

  • Awesome.

  • oh i’ll taste N+

    …and i’ll LIKE it.

    try and stop me. :p

    seriously though guys.. i CANNOT wait..

    please tell me you guys have created some AMAZING co-op N+ levels… i want to play some on my PSP SOOOOO badly!

  • sadly we actually only made the singleplayer levels for the handhelds.. on XBLA we did all of the levels, but we ran out of time for DS/PSP 🙁

  • will there be a new version for the pc?

  • congrats! can’t wait to dl and play. should be a big hit on the xbox live arcade.

  • I’m not sure that I like the “3D” look that you gave the tiles, but It’s probably just something I’ll get used to.

  • yeah, I want an Xbox now, guess i’ll have to play it over my friends house…

  • oh yeah, i LOVE the new look!!!111one one one

  • are there not going to be any co-op levels for the hand helds… or will there be co-op levels, they just were not made by you guys?

  • irishplayer — yeah, there will be coop multiplayer levels for hand helds, but we didn’t make ’em.

  • Dont think I can wait much longer!!!! IM GONNA EXPLODE

  • will it be for pc?

  • so far it’s not PC, only XBLA, then DS/PSP.

    the idea of doing a version for Windows Live Arcade _has_ been tossed around, however since we intend to keep the free version going, this may conflict. so for now, that’s “no” sadly.

    but robotology will be along for pc!

  • ohhhhh… I want it….

    My friend has an XBLA so I’ll be begging him to let me play it all the time. 😀

  • i’m pretty disappointed you didn’t work on ANY co-op levels for the psp version.

    but i was originally scared that you meant there would be no co-op at all for the psp version, so i’ll gladly take what i can get, in this case.

    UGH.. im so pissed about you only making the game for xbla and not psn though!!

    i’m not buying a whole console JUST to get an extra version of N+

    /sigh of all sighs

  • we do wish we could have done more on the handhelds, however it wasn’t possible and we had to choose. since the handheld versions aren’t really our projects, we focused on the XBLA version since it was the project we were funding ourselves and the one we had full control over.

    originally we weren’t supposed to make _any_ of the handheld levels, however we weren’t happy with any of the levels that were being made so we decided to put robotology on hold in order to make the singleplayer levels. there would simply not have been time to make the DS/PSP multiplayer levels as well: as it is we’re _still_ working on levels, we’ve been making N levels since june. so far we’ve made 950 levels, that’s more than 5 levels per day for the past 6 months! and that’s just the number of finished levels, many more have been made and cut/discarded.. adding another 400 or more would not have been feasible.

    we figured that singleplayer would be better to focus on because it is the one that everyone will play for sure — and also back then we had no idea if the multiplayer would be fun (it’s totally great on XBLA, we still haven’t been able to try it on handheld).

    i still find making levels fun, which is definitely good. a few times there were deadlines and the stress was starting to make us enjoy it less, we think that not committing to the multiplayer DS/PSP was totally the right call, we’re still not done revising singleplayer so there would not have been time without working ourselves ragged.

    all of this level making has definitely made our skills much better though, we’re really excited about some of the things we came up with.
    we actually reviewed all of the 1.4 levels (for a secret reason) and out of the 500 there were only 200 that we considered “good”, the rest we found to be ugly or awkward/less fun than our current standard.

    the only person we know with a ps3 is our friend jon, and the only reason he has one is that he made a game for it! right now psn definitely has a much better quality/quantity ratio than XBLA, however when we started N+ (over a year ago) there was maybe just flow.. or possibly there wasn’t even PSN yet, i forget — basically it didn’t seem like an option. next time we’ll hopefully have enough savvy and clout to be able to avoid having to agree to platform-exclusivity, but it couldn’t be helped for N+ i’m afraid.

    it will always be available, so in a couple years when all the consoles have dropped in price, perhaps you can check out the XBLA version 😉

  • Yeah… that’s all fair enough and everything, but what’s happened to the website? At first I thought it was like one of those “I Love Bees” ARG things because I keep seeing “N” but then I realised that “N” is a common letter…

  • Oh nevermind… it’s changed back :S how bizarre… it was linking to some meditation spiritual thingy website yesterday o_O

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  • HOT DAMN! The new graphics look SO MUTHA FRACKIN SEXAY! *Humps monitor*

  • So you say the DS version is still in the making, can you even roughly say how long we’ll have to wait? Like one month or rather three months? I don’t mean seeing “Gold status” but having the game inserted into my handheld, because that’s what count’s for me obviously 😉

  • I think the plan is sometime around March, however this isn’t for sure.

  • Hey!

    The N-ew version looks fantastic!
    Oh, by the way…
    Is the N 1.5 still coming out?
    I kope Mare and Raigan will make an updated version [possibly freeware] for N 1.4
    Thanks, Guys!

    You did great job! 🙂

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