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Originally posted by M&R | June 20, 2008

Maybe that title is a bit misleading.. there’s no huge news to report these days, but a few smaller things happening that we figured we’d share.

Robotology-wise, we’ve been porting our simulator over to C# (from Actionscript 3); we’re still not sure what language we’re going to use for the final game, but we’ll definitely be using C# for prototyping from now on.. it’s pretty awesome!

So far it looks like we’re about 10x slower than Box2D, which (hopefully!) shouldn’t be a huge problem — mostly this speaks to the skill of Box2D’s author Erin Catto. There are still a frustratingly huge number of things that need to be added or improved, but we’re slowly slogging through them.. a better Robotology post should be coming soon.

We just submitted three downloadable levelpacks for N+ XBLA (one of which is free), we’ll be posting with more details as soon as we get a launch time. In total there will be over 750 new levels! The multiplayer maps in particular (over 300 of them) are a lot better than the ones that came with N+, since we’ve had more time to learn what works. We made sure to include more co-op maps, since they’re apparently quite popular.. these ones are even harder, so start practicing!

There’s also a small bonus in each pack which will remain secret for now.. or will it?!

The handheld versions of N+ are coming out in August; we’re really sorry about the repeated delays, however they’ve definitely been worth it as the games have steadily gotten better with each revision. Here are a few new videos to make the wait even more agonizing https://www.indiegames.com/blog/2008/06/trailers_n_ds_and_psp.html

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  • I sure hope you don’t decide to do it in C#, and limit yourself to Microsoft like that.

    I use linux and really hope you plan on supporting it and other OSes.

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