Contesque 2: Level Name References — Winners!

11 Sep / by: M&R / 13 comments /

As you may know, the second (of three) N+ expansion packs was released yesterday. To our surprise, several gamers who post on the Xbox forum had finished the SP levels within hours (and they’re definitely not easy!) — congrats, guys, your ninja skillz are honestly amazing.

On to the Contesque. Thanks to all the participants in our contesque. Again, we know it must have been difficult because you’re essentially blindly guessing which references we didn’t use, but we hope it was at least fun in a silly way. We also hope you’ll come back for the next contesque, which will launch just prior to the release of N+ PDLC2, some time in October.


You can find the answers here.

It was really close! Surprisingly, there were no contesque entries after the pack had been released, so it looks like no one was up to the task of painstakingly playing through each level and writing down references. 😉 The winners are:

Geoffrey G.
Arun S.
And the top winner is:
Jason C.


Congratulations! We have replied to your contesque submission email. Please email us back so we can send out your prize!

Thanks again, everyone, and good luck next time!

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  • Gah! I moved last week and was without internet. I come back and I’ve missed the ENTIRE CONTESQUE. Bleh. Still don’t have internet at my place so I can’t buy it yet. Grr…

    Oh well.

    Congrats on getting out the next chapter in your fabulous game!

  • oh no, we were wondering why you didn’t enter! Sorry about that. The next one should take place in roughly a month, so hopefully you’ll be able to enter that one!

  • How many did the winner get right?

  • Yeah the map pack was great fun to complete, ive re done all the episodes 3 times to get all the gold and get high scoring times, i just hope for the next map pack theres a level thats so hard im going to go absoulutely crazy trying to complete it lol.

  • the winner had 4 right.

    @Oo Wo0dY oO: yeah we’re really hoping the last pack is a decent challenge…

  • Well, if the winner only got four, two isn’t too shabby. =D

  • damn! I shoulda had 4 right, but accidentally put down 8 instead of 9. It’s obvious halo wasn’t right because you have gone on record saying you weren’t a fan.

    oh well, I’ll get it next time.

  • awe… only got 2 right, oh well

    have fun with your levels winners!

  • Hey wait a minute – I also got 4 right :0

    But I’ve already won once so I’m not complaining xD Good luck everyone on the next Contesque? :3

  • Hmm, whoops, you’re right! Ugh, sorry about that, it looks like I made a mistake. Check your email, Droqen 🙂

    Fortunately that appears to be the only mistake, so that’s good, at least..

  • <3 Thank you here, too.

  • dying for a new update!

    robotology, or n1.5 related hopefully!

  • I actually used a random lottery number generator because I just didn’t know which number to choose, haha. I thought I might as well try my luck for the heck of it.

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