It’s The Final Countdown!

10 Jan / by: M&R / 14 comments /

At long last N+ XBLA is finished the final certification process! Woo!

We’ll post as soon as we hear about release dates/etc.. in the meantime, why not check out Nick’s blog?

(note: the handheld versions are still firmly lodged in various stages of development)

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  • Congratz!

  • Great news! Can’t wait to play it.

    A thought: Keyboard works really well for N for changing direction at a moment’s notice so I’m a bit worried about the controls for N+, especially with that shitty d-pad on the 360’s controller (the analog stick will probably be a better choice, and I can’t see that ever reaching the lofty heights of the left and right arrow buttons as far as ease of use is concerned).

  • although any news is good news, all I have is a DS, come on handhelds!

    maybe a friend of mine with a 360 will get it…

  • Sounds goooood.

  • congratulations! 😀

  • Yay! been checking back every day (sometimes twice) to hear this!

    good job :)!

  • having the final countdown blaring by accident at 3:30 AM is a great way to surprise your tired parents.


    anyways congrats.

  • Finally some new news, been waiting forever! Ive got my microsoft points ready, you better release it before i spend them! 😛

  • Is there any chance of a PSN release?

  • Online level sharing? Who says the PS3 is the only system to allow user-created maps?

  • your comment makes no sense, all versions (360, DS, PSP) will allow level creation and online sharing as far as we know

  • for the foreseeable future it will be XBLA/DS/PSP. who knows what will happen in a couple years, however we’ll probably be more interested in getting our new games out on other platforms.

  • Sweet!

  • I just meant people were making a big deal about Unreal Tournament being the only game to support user-created maps, when N+ is coming out right behind it!

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