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A few years ago, at Slamdance, we were introduced to a game we liked very much, called Rumble Box. A beat-em-up game with characters made of cubes and spheres, cel-shaded graphics and a cool mechanic whereby the parts of your bested opponents assist you in your climb to the top — what’s not to like?

Today we noticed something awesome outside Metanet’s office space, where some construction is taking place. Yes, it’s a Rumble Box. We laughed and laughed. And took photos. Kudos, Joe and Patrick, thanks for a great game.

In Contesque 3 news, yes, we’ve finally decided on some winners. And let us just remind you, this Contesque is still open! Get those artistic endeavors in to PDLC2 AT metanetsoftware DOT com and you could win your choice of N+! We intend to keep sending out copies of N+ XBLA, DS and PSP until we run out.

Our winners this time are:
luke s.

Congratulations to both of you — we’ll email you so you can tell us which game you’d like to get.

Thanks to all those who entered. Please, keep those entries coming, there are more free copies to be won!

Finally, there was some recent trouble with the level servers for the DS and PSP versions of N+: unfortunately Silverbirch — the developers behind the handheld versions — are no more, and as a result have closed their offices…and the level databases along with them! But don’t despair! Some wonderful people at Atari have agreed to take over hosting the servers, and are currently in the process of transferring everything. The servers should be up and running again in a week or two, so huge thanks to Atari for saving that otherwise unhappy situation. Hooray!

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  • Always good times when the developer of a game presses the big, black power button. :/

  • Just so you know, I’m Luke S.

  • Please remove the unneeded third / after the http: in the links to the images. It makes them unuseable.

    I wish I wasn’t too lazy to make something.

  • well, its been 1 week….
    2 weeks….
    3 weeks….
    on the fourth week, and still nothing! whats gonna happen to this game? it’s sad, actually.

  • It’s still an ongoing operation — since N+ DS/PSP is being launched in Europe in March, I would assume that the servers will be up pretty soon!

  • What is the status of the servers? Are they still not up and running yet?

  • AFAIK they are up in general, but apparently just went down starting last monday? We haven’t heard back definitively yet.

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