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27 Oct / by: M&R / 36 comments /

Okay guys, the new server is now servin’ up delicious content for everyone on all of our sites. Let us know if you notice any unusual sloth or pages not loading — there are always a few bugs to work out. Our mail server was down for a few days, if anything bounced please resend!

Also, we finally added “coming soon” pages to and Check ’em out!

That’s it for now — we’re still trying to get something substantial done for the IGF deadline. More on that next week!

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  • 😀


  • …what’s Office Yeti? I feel left out. 🙁 😛

  • @Simmo

  • The Robotology website looks pretty nifty.

  • I hope those sites will provide more information about the games.

  • @Purple: thanks!

    @EdoI: Nope, that’s it, forever. 😉 Ok just kidding.

    They’re just “coming soon” pages for now, but the sites will be expanded when we have time, and more to show. Check out for an example of a “finished game” site. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

  • I glanced through the IGF entries for this year and didn’t see anything from you guys.
    Did you not manage to finish anything in time? =(

  • nope 🙁

  • Oh, sad. =(
    Well, there’s next year, right?

    …That’s what I told myself. But I said that last year, too. Dx
    Granted, anything I entered would not be very substantial, but I can enter the student division and not have to pay an entry fee…

    Well, I hope you get something put together in time next year!

  • Coolness!

    P.S. is anyone else noticing thaat I can’t connect to I dunno, but it apparently doesn’t exist.

  • iphone app anybody of n game?

  • @malde: hm, crap.. seems to be gone?!

    @thomas: probably not, it just won’t work — we’d rather make a game specific to iphone.. maybe next year?

  • @Malde37: The forums have been down for a few days. To get the latest join us in IRC at, channel #n

  • if there’s a problem with hosting, we might be able to host them on

  • There is a temporary host up working just fine right now. You’d know this if you got on IRC every once in awhile. 😉

  • N Wont allow me to creat a new users
    it says there is a server error

  • We’re scared of IRC! 🙁

  • @Matt: we just tried making a new user and it worked, please try again and let us know if it still doesn’t work.

  • i know this isnt the place to ask but, almost 2 years ago you guys sayd N+ was comming to PSN. what happened? i hope it wasnt canceled, i really liked the downloadable flash version of N.

  • Just as a heads up, the forums have been up and running at for a while now, and will be there for a while until a brand new domain is ready, probably towards the end of this month (i.e. therealn is not coming back up.)

    And M&R should totally join us on IRC! There are about 30 idlers there at any given point in time, usually, so if that’s your plan you won’t be alone. 😉

  • Oh, and when I say that is not coming back up I might just be entirely wrong. Either way, we’ll keep you updated!

  • Has anyone else noticed that the latin text under the logo on the robotology site changes every time you refresh the page?

  • Dunno if anyone else has noticed this (not lurking the forums as often as sometimes) but congratulations on Nuovo judgeship, Mare!

  • Knock knock?

  • ^ casts Resurrect Blog (lvl 9)

  • Who’s there!?

  • i love the n game… and i bet next game is goin to be superb…

    all please check out these fan art, 3d model thingy… and do reply to that 🙂

  • As an update on what Yanni siad, the forums are up at That’s a permanant address.

    Also, what’s with the major blog inactivity? I hope things haven’t come to a standstill 🙁

  • (in response to the whose there)


  • Metanet who?

  • Metanet needs to release a post because I’m resorting to knock knock jokes to entertain myself on their blog.


  • Lovely.
    Can’t wait.
    You’re awesome.
    No more to say.

  • Hey, guys, if you wanted to toss in a prize for the seventy-man ADMINISTRONG contest, which is probably the biggest contest in the history of N, we would gladly receive it. I never thought to ask! ^.^

  • @iangb : thanks! It was such an honour to be part of the judging panel.

    @SlappyMcGee : who can we email to chat about that? We’d be happy to contribute something!

  • Well, I am running the show, I can be found at [email protected], or, as always, you guys can contact LittleViking and he’ll get back to me. I’ll hit you guys up with some linkage here: is the sign-up topic, which also details our goals and the prizes we have yet, and is the ongoing first round, a basic round devoted to collaboration. Thanks!

  • Sure this was since 2009, (yes I checked!) But I still am baffled about Office Yeti: What’s the story? When’s a yeti in an office? Why? No, really, Why? When’d you think up THIS game? What happenened to “The Next Game”?

    May the Yeti be with Us all — otherworld99

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