Happy Holidays++

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Happy Holidays!

We have a last-minute gift for all you N++ fans: the Mac version is here! Tatham worked especially hard to get it out for the holidays, and he succeeded: it’s out right now! It’s a post-Christmas miracle 😀

Buy N++ for Mac here on Steam. Tell your friends!

There was also a small update, adding Steamcloud support (woohoo!) and a bunch of fixes. You can read more here.

In other news, N++ was selected as one of PC Gamer’s 2016 GOTY Staff Picks! We’re so honoured!

Here’s an excerpt from the post about it:

“I always have N++ minimised on my desktop. Sometimes I’ll stop and play it for ten minutes between doing other things. Sometimes I’ll boot it up with the intention of doing so, and get stuck for several hours, eyes glazed, repeatedly applying myself to a challenge that I will never overcome. There is frustration involved of course—sometimes immense, soul-crushing, I-need-to-have-a-lie-down anger—but with every death, the first leap I take alleviates that pressure, because this game in motion is simply beautiful. N++ can eat your life up whole, but it can also be a nice, temporary refuge. It’s a neat little toy, a stress ball, and I doubt I’ll ever own a system without it installed.”

Read the whole thing! It’s absolutely beautiful, and an excellent description of what makes N++ great — and why you don’t need to worry about trying to beat the whole game. It’s thrilling when people really get your game, and Shaun Prescott GETS it. Thank you Shaun, we’re so glad you love N++ 🙂


At this point, if you don’t already have N++, you gotta be chomping (champing?) at the bit — now get out there and buy it! Extra incentive: it’s currently on sale for a massive 50% off on both PSN (NA) and Steam.

Now’s your chance to see what the World’s Best Platformer really is, and practice up before the Ultimate Edition is out 😀

That’s it from us for now, but we’ll be back in the new year. We wish all of you all the best, and happy, healthy holidays.
Mare & Raigan

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  • Hey guys,

    I’m just getting a blank screen with BGM playing when I launch the game.

    Any help?

  • When I open up the game, all I see is a grey screen that gets darker when I click. I can still hear the audio, but I can’t play the game. What’s going on guys?

  • Same happened to me, Nigel. After restarting the Mac, everything worked fine!

  • That issue should be fixed now, if you’d like to give it another go!

  • Yay! It’s fixed!

  • I just completed an all gold solo row, my Internet got disconnected in the middle of it, I restarted the game with my connection working but half of my progress was not saved 🙁
    Also the all gold indicator on completed levels and episodes doesn’t show. The game doesn’t scale well with super high retina resolutions (2880*1800), and there isn’t a quick way out of full-screen!

  • My game gets super laggy, like 30 fps, for no reason and I don’t know why.

  • sorry some of you are having issues — the best way to report them is to go here: https://app.assembla.com/spaces/nplusplus/support/tickets and log a ticket with screenshots, your log, your system specs etc. That way Tatham can take a look asap and we can figure out what the problem is. thanks!

  • How long until Linux, please?

    I’m eagerly waiting.

  • Awesome, glad you’re excited! It should be ready soonish, but we don’t quite know for sure yet, so we haven’t announced a date. We should have more info shortly.

  • I just found an old animation I made many years ago, and wanted to share it with you guys. http://fav.me/d4ik24s You don’t even need to pub this comment. I made this anim in 2011. Wow.

  • I’m Playing the flash game from the site in exe format. I dont like the responsivity from my usb logitk keeb, the crappy lofi sfx cos they are noisy, 8bit is gd for c64. The fact its like a grey version of mario, and that i van play a levrl 80 times and lose. If the SFX or audio were good i’d say 80 is ok.

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