N++ Contesque: Steam Trading Cards!

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It’s that time again…time for another N++ contesque!

As you may know, we’re working on porting N++ to Steam, and the release is coming soonish. In order to help make the Steam version of N++ more awesome, we want to support Steam Trading Cards. We’re working on some art for that, and we’ve heard that some of you want to help, so we thought: let’s do this!

And so, the N++ Fan Art / Steam Trading Card Contesque was born.

Here’s the deal:
Send us your N++ Fan Art, Abstract Art, Pattern Designs, Whatever. You can use assets from the game or draw your own renditions, we just want you to be creative. We will choose the art we like the most and use that in some way for the Steam Trading Cards, for the Cards, Emoticons, Badges, Backgrounds etc — wherever it works best. If we use your art you will receive the adulation of your peers, credit for your work, and a copy of N++ that you can keep for yourself or gift to a friend.

How to Enter:
Please refer to the Sizes and Resolutions below. You don’t have to send everything — if you just want to make a set of badges, go for it. If you want to do a card and profile background, but no badges, that’s cool too. You may enter as many times as you like!

We prefer layered .psd or .ai files so we have flexibility, but we’ll take high-res .jpg or .png as well. Email your submissions to: metanet AT metanetsoftware DOT com, subject line “N++ STC Contesque” by August 9th, 2016. Please include your name or username or however you’d like to be credited.

Sizes and resolutions:
Large card images, 1920x1080px acts as “zoomed in” version
Small card images, 206x184px placed in the frames, acts as a view into the large image
(if you only send one of these, send the Large)

Badge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and foil badge.
80x80px PNGs with a transparent background

5 Emoticons at both 18×18 and 54×54, both transparent PNG

Profile Backgrounds:
1920 wide with variable height
Steam guidelines:
Do not use screenshots or images not tailored to the space
Do not include game logos in the backgrounds
Do not use bright imagery, backgrounds should not distract from the profile content
Use dark imagery that blends into black
Use the full image space, images behind the profile content may be toned down, but should not be removed.

Be creative! Some of our favourite fan art is very abstract. We’ll probably do some stuff with the entities, ninja and logo — you should do something super cool we’d never think of!
Check out nplusplus.org to see the style of the game and our tumblr to see some of the things we’ve done: https://metanetsoftware.tumblr.com/
We’re not providing more assets because we’d really like to see where your imagination takes you. Good luck!

A contesque is a contest-esque event that is much like a contest, but can’t be called that for legal reasons. This contesque is open to everyone of any age, worldwide, and by sending us art you are giving us the rights to use it as part of a Steam Trading Card or associated art (eg Profile background). If we do use it, you’ll get the rewards specified above. Either way, you get our thanks for being awesome. N++ and associated IP remain (c) Metanet Software Inc.

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