N++ Holiday Development Update!

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Wow, it’s December already?! Time flies when you’re fixing bugs 😉

We just wanted to do a quick post to keep everyone informed about what’s going on with N++, and our development plans for the near future.


What’s new?

Right now we’re currently working on finalizing support for Steamcloud; this was a pretty huge job as the save file was originally over the maximum supported by steam (100mb), and involved completely rewriting the structure in order to separate the parts that would be uploaded (progress) from incidental stuff that can remain local (replay data). Kudos to Tatham for making this happen! We’re currently testing this feature in a development build so it should be ready for release very soon.

The other big task we’re wrapping up is porting the game to Mac. We’ve been running a closed beta for a few weeks, and we’re almost ready to release it into the wild. Rejoice, Mac users! Your time is nigh. We’ll post on twitter as soon as it’s ready, so keep an eye out.

In other news, we’ve added N++ to the Humble Store:
Humble Monthly subscribers get a discount, and you can contribute to charity with your purchase there, so if you haven’t bought it already you might want to check that out.


But wait, there’s more!

The *very* big news is that we’re currently nearing completion on a MASSIVE update to N++! It’s so big, it might as well be a sequel. This changes everything, so we think it’s fitting to also change the name of the game, to: N++ Ultimate Edition.

We’ve been working on this since the PS4 version of N++ shipped in mid-2015, and the great news is that we’re almost done. N++ Ultimate Edition will be a HUGE addition to the game — roughly doubling the size of the original version, with new levels as well as new colour schemes to funlock — *and* N++ Ultimate Edition will feature a new singleplayer game mode designed for veteran players! 😀

Here are just a few screenshots of some of the many many new colours and levels you’ll soon get to try:

We can’t wait for you to see them all!

The catch? you’re going to have to wait until early 2017 to play N++ Ultimate Edition. We’ll have more news for you as the release date gets close.

Our original goal was to make it happen before the end of the year, so that you’d all have something special to play over the holidays (other than The Last Guardian, that is!) but our other development priorities (making sure bugs are fixed, and implementing Steamworks and Mac support) required a few more weeks than we had planned, and since those are pretty crucial to your experience on the whole, we knew we needed to finish them first.

On the bright side, this means everyone has a few extra weeks to complete N++ before it gets even more challenging 😉 So you better get cracking!



To all of our wonderful players and fans, WOW, thank you! You’ve helped make N++ one of the 100 best rated games on Steam, which is hands-down phenomenal! We’re in the 99th percentile!! That’s amazing. We’re so happy you’ve enjoyed it so much.

Hopefully more and more people will see that enthusiasm and love and decide to give N++ a try, and then see what they’ve been missing. We think they’ll be pleasantly surprised!

We are so proud of N++, and so proud of our community, and we really can’t wait to keep making this game better and better for all of you 🙂

Happy Holidays,
Mare and Raigan
Metanet Software Inc.


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  • That’s a great news 😀
    Hope you have good christmas 😀
    esperanza/NyanCat_Polska :3

  • What are the system reqs expected to be for Mac?

  • Will it be coming to PS4??

  • Awesome 🙂 I hope the Ultimate Edition is coming to Xbox One as well at some point?

  • OMG. I can’t believe the insane amount of effort you’re putting into this already amazing game. I’ll be waiting to discover the new levels and the new mode. You’re awesome!

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  • @esperanza: thanks, you too! 🙂

    @ra: we’re not sure yet — we’ll double-check with Tatham.

    @Phil O’Neal: Yes, it’s definitely coming to PS4! All the new stuff will get there, so the game is the same across all platforms, it’s just a question of when. we’re on it though 🙂

    @Hawaiian: hopefully N++ will come to Xbox One. We’re trying to make that work.

    @Ninja: thank you 🙂 <3

  • Hey is there any news on the Linux release? Or am I mistaken in thinking there will be one?

    Also, have you thought about releasing on gog.com?

  • Thank you for making such an awesome game! One of my all time favorites! And for supporting it on all platforms

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you guys are crazy in the best possible way. Keep up the awesome work. Love it.

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  • I respect and appreciate everything you guys do But, no online = no buy for a lot of ppl including me.

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  • Retail on PS4 plz!

  • @Poodlyfloof: We’re still working on Linux, it’s coming after the Mac release.

    @Blake: cheers! We can’t wait to watch you playing the new levels 🙂

  • Will we be able to move door switches in the editor?

  • @Cryptic: wow.. sorry, we didn’t realize this was still a bug. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Unreal…. you two are amazing. Keep up the excellent work! N++ has broken my will repeatedly yet I keep coming back for more. Mysteriousness set to high, I’ve got more work to do.

    Will the ultimate edition allow you to view your deaths on a particular stage? Always love watching deaths on the title screen but being able to pull up a specific instance by stage would be incredible.

    ps- address is misspelled in the fields below this text box

  • @bloody: thanks! 🙂 Unfortunately we haven’t planned on adding any death-browsing features, but that’s an interesting idea. ps – We can’t see that field, and it’s weird since it must be a problem with wordpress itself… ?!

  • WOW, great work on this game 🙂

  • N++ Ultimate Edition? Why not N+++ haha?

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  • Wait, hold on, an update? More N++. But, but, I’m still getting my ass handed to me on the regular version. I haven’t even made it to user created levels. I haven’t touched the level generator. I still have panic attacks thinking about the levels (you know the ones) that have killed me umpteen times. The ones where you throw your controller down and curse the heavens while bits of my little pixel body get tossed about the screen.

    Now you are telling me more! No, no, I don’t think I can handle this. The level completion screen mocks me, daily.

    My partner has tried to get me to quit: “No, no Will, you know it is just going to frustrate you. Play something else. You still haven’t touched Uncharted 4, and that came with your PS4. It looks pretty.”
    “Ha! Uncharted my ass. I need gold, love. Gold!”
    She shakes her head and palms her brow as the rumble of Rival Consoles rises from the speakers.

    I’m sorry, but you’ll have to put that content update on hold for a few more months. I have to talk my therapist about this. Need to up my scrip.

    You two should take a load off sometime. Go travelling. You’ve already made the best platformer ever, what else do you need? To rub it in I guess. Make a fool of us for our inadequacy in the face of your game. Revel in the genius of your level design, your understanding of gestalt, bathe in the beauty of your minimalist creation. While us suckers die and die again, ad infinitum,

    Happy Holidays.

  • Any news on drm-free PC versions? Such as through gog?

  • @Garf: we’re trying to figure it out — because of the things from PSN and Steam that we use, there would be no highscores or level sharing in the DRM-free version, which is probably a deal-breaker for players…so we’re not sure that’s going to work, unfortunately 🙁

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