N++ PC Beta Sign-ups are Now Open! Plus, EU Summer Sale!

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Yes, you heard right, not only is N++ coming to Steam, PC Beta Sign-ups are now open.

If you have a Mac or Linux machine, you can request for us to keep you notified about those versions via the form above as well — they won’t be ready at PC launch, unfortunately, but they ARE coming.


In other news, it’s time for the SCEE regions to get The World’s Best Platformer™ at 50% off!
Click here to buy N++ on PS4 in the EU/AUS/UK/NZ/etc
It is a steal at that price, and if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to grab it!


And finally, don’t forget that our N++ Steam Trading Card Contesque is still open:

You have until August 9th to send us your art — it could be featured on the N++ Steam Trading Cards! If it is, you’ll get a free copy of N++ (you can choose whether you want the PS4 or Steam version).


Whew…that is a lot of news for one week!

We just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has played N, N+ and N++, and who has kept their excitement alive to this day — we are so thrilled N++ is finally coming to PC, Mac and Linux, the place where it all began 12 years ago with N. We think you are going to LOVE what we’ve added to N++, those plusses denote some huge things. We can’t wait to get this out to you!

ps tell your friends! 🙂

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  • August is giong to be a Blast!

  • I’m afraid of whats next to come cause I’ve played n+ and it was hard, So I can only imagine whats next to come

  • So glad N++ is coming to Steam, you guys have made me so happy I don’t even!

    Worryingly however if you search for N++ in the steam client the game doesn’t actually appear in the search results. I managed to find it eventually by searching N plus but even then it wasn’t the top result…

  • Haha, don’t worry, we made N++ both easier and harder — so there is more for everyone of any skill level to enjoy 🙂

  • I signed up already, I happened to stumble upon it in the news thing on steam, since I check it on my wishlist all the time out of sheer hype!
    I can’t waaait!

  • I wish this was on PS Vita. 🙁
    I don’t have a PS4, so my only option is to wait for PC release


    On a serious note, what can we expect from the PC version?

  • when you sign up for the beta only to find out your pc doesnt support open gl 3.3. the beta was to test for minimum specs and i alreadly failed :^(

  • Sorry about that Bry :/


    @van: you can expect The World’s Best Platformer 🙂 it’s perfectly smooth and expertly tuned so you can use your momentum to fly around levels solving the puzzle of how to get to the exit alive in a world that wants very much to kill you!


    You want bullet points? You got it:
    -2,360 brand new hand-made levels
    -Custom Levels, Level Editor & Global Level Sharing worldwide (cross-platform)
    -Leaderboards and replays for every level (even the ones you make)
    -Local Co-op Mode (up to 4 players)
    -Local Competitive Mode (up to 4 Players)
    -63 tracks by top electronic artists
    -over 50 color palettes to customize the game’s look


    We’re so happy to be bringing N++ to the platform where the series began 12 years ago with N. Wait until you see how much has changed!

  • Hi, were the codes for N++ beta limited? I’m asking because I haven’t received any. I know it’s kinda late, I asked you about this on facebook, but I haven’t recived response 🙁

  • Hmm, the system shows that you were emailed — did you check your spam?

    email metanetATmetanetsoftwareDOTcom and we’ll resend

  • Ok. Mail sent.

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