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Yes, your prayers have been answered N+ fans, N++ is coming to Xbox One!

We are so excited to finally be able to announce this news! We’ve been trying really hard to make it happen from the start — it’s been a long journey getting to this point, and it’s not quite over yet, but we’re aiming for a summer 2017 release. We know how much players on Xbox360 enjoyed N+, and we think you all are REALLY going to love N++ 😀 It’s almost time!

We’ll keep you posted on all the details as we get closer to launch. Exciting! 😀

ps that gorgeous art above is by the incredibly talented Federico Leandro Rodriguez.

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  • Woo!

  • Finally 😀 thank you so much for making this happen. Are we going to be able to preload / preorder it on the Xbox Store?

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  • Hi dear Metanet! Simply you guys rocks!

    I contact with you because a persistent and frankly frustrating bug. In PS4 version music is making serious troubles with the game and I’ll try to explain (maybe you are aware of it but I needed to contact):

    When playing any single level (I mean metanet levels in form of individual menu pressing ‘triangle’ or any user-level) every time the song change it crashes the game for a time compressed in 30 seconds to 90 seconds in where the game frizzes and nothing you can do, no buttons works and the scene is freeze.

    The bug make the game almost unplayable because if you’re playing userlevels it occurs every time the song changes (making the volume 0 it occurs also) and highscoring single metanet levels too, so the experience is frankly disturbating and desesperating.

    Also, if you try to change the song manually before it finish and change it crashes too (it freeze with the music dropdown menu active and then the game freeze and never back) and this time you need to exit the app, close it and re-start.

    Sorry my poor english, but just wanted to contact with you because I love so much this game and I hope this is solved when the n++ Ultimate Edition is up the ps4.

    P.D.: It is possible to clean the highscores from cheaters and hackers too?


  • Speaking of Xbox… do you guys think you could put controller support on the Steam version? The game’s UI was pretty much designed for a controller, and PC people have to live with the shift buttons instead of triggers. (Plus (plus) a controller would feel like a new way to experience the game)

  • Congrats!! I love how Metanet is following up on promises to bring N++ to more systems. Xbox One players are certainly in for a treat. Once the dust settles from this awesome move, please set sights on switch.

  • @Hawaiian: good question — we’re not sure! I suspect this is something that Microsoft will talk to us about when we get closer to launch 🙂

    @zoasBE: thanks for reporting this, I’m really sorry that it’s happening. We’re still in the process of finding a programmer to help us with the PS4 version of N++, and this bug is definitely at the top of our list. In the meantime, I recommend muting all songs (press Square while in the music menu) except for: Acronym – 16 Cygni, Polar Intertia – Parallel Transport, and Zzzzra – Conclusion. Those songs are all 10+ minutes long, so they will hopefully minimize the number of times that this bug happens. I’m sorry we can’t do any more right now, but when we port Ultimate Edition to PS4 we will fix it.

    @Nigel: The Steam version of N++ should already work with 360, PS4, XB1, and Steam controllers — and we definitely agree, it was designed for a controller and feels much better with one 🙂

    @Adam: Thanks! We’ll see what we can do 😉

    N+ is my favourite coop experience on X360, and soon I can play its sequel. Squeeeeee! 😀

  • Hmmmmmm, yeessssss.

  • Finally bought a second controller and got Platinum trophy with my professional brother! 😀
    Please give us a release date for Ultimate Edition on PS4?!

  • Hi M&R! I’ve been an avid N player since v1.4. Do you have any information to share about the release of N++ to the Linux platform? Thanks!

  • I know you’re busy with XB1 support, but could you please finish up the Linux release (it’s coming soon, right)? I’m REALLY sick of having to use Wine to run your game – controller support and a bunch of other stuff is broken in there.

  • PS4 version, where are you?

  • Do you have any more news on a release date for xbox one? I really want to play this Game!

  • Linux support, please.

    Tahnks in advance.

  • Wow!…looking forward on this when is the release date?

  • N+ was awesome and I will love the play the next vrsion.

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