Contesque 1: Level Names
The Fakes are highlighted in White:

01. west enderson
A combination of "west end" and "wes anderson"; west end is a popular end of London, England, and Wes Anderson is a fantastic director of great movies. Also players move through the level from east to west / left to right.

02. tread on my dreams

The tread series of N+ levels includes "I'd rather be tread", among others; the basic idea is to copy or evoke a phrase which uses the word tread, or a word that rhymes with tread. Levels in the tread series visually resemble tire treads.

03. the hammer of not bickering
A quote from the movie "Mystery Men" which we at Metanet find funny. There are a lot of good lines in that movie:

04. blue mineys
A reference to the blue meanies from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine movie (, and also refers to the way that, in the level, zap drones (which are blue) are fulfilling the function that mines tend to.

05. the grayzor mountains

A reference to one of Metanet's favourite Penny Arcade comics, featuring Mr. Period: Hilarious! The level also features mountain shapes, and is, of course, gray.

06. out of the blue 3

Preceeded by 'out of the blue 1 and 2', this series features zap drones hidden behind bounceblocks, which appear from out of the blue -- well, sort of. Also, they're blue, so it's sort of like the blue out of something... anyway, it made sense at the time.

07. your ninja is in another castle

A classic phrase referencing one of everyone's favourite games, Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

08. ranks a rot

A possibly-Scooby-Doo-related phrase which has recently grown in popularity but which is pretty dumb, unfunny, and just plain not good enough. It won't get past the quality control filters here at Metanet!

09. I am comin’ to kill ya

A quote from Simpsons episode 9F22, Cape Feare: "slowly and painfully" -- though for the ninja, it's more like quickly and painfully ;)

10. sudden valley

A reference to Arrested Development, one of both Mare and Raigan's favourite TV series'. "Salad dressing. But I don't really want to eat it." It is also a reference to the level's tileset.

11. supercalifragilisticexpialidoc-N

Though we are fond of emphasizing the N in level names, such as "N-diana Jones", "brain N-eurysm" and "obsessio-N", we don't throw in "N" where it doesn't belong. Plus, this level name would have been preposterously long!

12. the hills are, uh, live

A reference to "The Sound of Music", mainly based on the commonly-known phrase "The Hills Are Alive", rather than a fondness for the source. The level features electric gates placed on top of the level's tiles, which are arranged so as to evoke hills. Hence, they're "live" in an electrical sense.

13. 88 gates

A reference to Queasy Game "Gate 88", which is awesome. This level features a whole bunch of electric gates.

14. billesque

Newsradio (a great TV series) reference: One of a series also including "billilicious" and "billbastic".

15. N-KOTB

Metanet doesn't like NKOTB, not now, and not when either party was in grade 5 or whenever the group debuted. Of course, if you didn't magically know that, you were pretty well screwed with this one as there are no other hints.

16. ninja’s first suicidal lust for gold

A level in a series of "ninja's firsts" which includes "walljump", "descent" and "set of safety pits". These levels tend to introduce a concept to the player.

17. superliminal monument

The superliminal series is long standing, extending to the very first versions of N. The tiles in this series reference N, N+ and the Metanet logo very obviously, hence "super-"liminal rather than "sub-".

18. what are we doing to pigs?

A one-off from "The Daily Show", a TV show we at Metanet enjoy a good deal. This segment had a completely amazing, very memorable themesong. This level features an approximation of a pig's silhouette from the logo for the McPork, which we saw in Japan at TGS last year. So funny.

19. subliminal 2

There is a series of the "super-"liminial, but never "sub-". We're just not that subtle here at Metanet ;)

20. little lost robot

a reference to an Isaac Asimov short story. His work is fondly re-read every few years around here. This level features a tileset illustrating a robotic face.

21. level in the shape of male reproductive organs

Too controversial, would never pass the censors. Funny thing is, we did name a level this, just for fun, but thought the better of it before officially submitting. That level is now called "anatomy of a level".

22. ninja: impossible

One of two suggested "better" titles for N+ by a player on the Xbox forums. The other was "ninja school". We thought they deserved mention :)

23. Droids ‘B’ Us

A reference to the classic game Space Quest 1. Such a good game, although we hated the frequent, instant deaths -- is that irony?

24. the new star wars trilogy is AWESOME

No, it's not.

25. ocho!

A popular catchphrase around Metanet's office, for no real reason. Or many. It's hard to tell sometimes.

26. "going next door"

A reference to "Spaced", a British TV series we thought was great fun, and very well written. In the series, it is a euphemism for death, which is of course very appropriate for N+.

27. his name is N

A popular misconception. No, it's not. The ninja is without gender, and N refers to "the way of the ninja", not to the ninja.

28. gauss darn it

A "hilarious" pun ("gosh" darn it). This level features a gauss turret, hence the name. We like puns!

29. Level 5, Detention Block AA-23

A "Star Wars" reference, but not to one of those new prequel crap-fests -- a reference to the classic, original series, or as it is also known, the only series that really exists.

30. the grass is always grayer on the other side

Wordplay based on the common phrase "the grass is always greener on the other side" -- we replace colours in common phrases with "gray" a lot, as in "somewhere over the graynbow", "all the leaves are gray, and the sky is gray", and many more.

31. life support, for real this time

Life Support is a level from the N+ original Co-Op levels we intended to be a lot harder than it is -- clever players found shortcuts. We challenge you to find them in this one!

32. electric jellyfish

A level from the built-in levels in N+. So this was sort of a trick -- it won't appear in N+ PDLC0 because it has already been used. Gotcha!

And, a quick summary of the wrong ones:
08, 11, 15, 19, 21, 24, 27, 32