Contesque 3 Official Rules:
  1. Open to everyone, worldwide. Yay!

  2. Submissions should be emailed to PDLC2 [at], subject line "Contesque 3 Submission", and should contain your entry in the form of an image or a link to an image online.

  3. We may give free copies of whichever N+ to whichever individuals who send us the best, most innovative or most awesome contest entries. Our favourites will be allowed to choose which version of N+ they would like to receive.

  4. One entry per person. Duplicates will disqualify entrants, so please be careful.

  5. Contesque is now closed, thank you to everyone who entered. The "winners" have been posted on Metanet's blog, and contacted by email.
Contesque 3 FAQ:
  1. Why a creativity contesque?

  2. Creativity rocks!

    We love to use our creative talents to create games, levels, merch and especially to reference geeky subjects within games and levels, like we've done in N and N+. Now it's your turn to shine! We know fans of N and N+ are immensely talented, and we want to see what you can do.

  3. Why are you giving away copies of the game, and not the new level pack you're promoting?

  4. We asked about what it would take to get codes for free copies of the new level packs, but Microsoft's system is not set up to do that, so it would require a substantial initial fee plus a per-code cost which meant it could cost up to 20 times the actual cost of the level packs to give them away, which we felt was ludicrous.

    Instead, we're hoping winners will take this opportunity to share N+ if you already have it -- why not give your copy to a friend? They'll probably want to kill you after they become completely addicted :) Everybody wins!

  5. Contesque?

  6. Yeah, contesque! It means "Contest-esque", and is used to describe the contest-like-events we have here at Metanet. Wordplay is one of our closest friends ;)

  7. Are you planning more contests -- er, contesques?

  8. Oh yes, as many as we can. Keep watching our blog for more!

  9. Where can I get my own awesome N+ buttons and stickers?

  10. Right here, at the Metanet handmade merch shop on Etsy: