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Happy 15th, Metanet Software Inc!

29 May / by: M&R / 17 comments / tags : ,,,,

Our little company is 15 years old this year and we could not be more proud. Actually, technically, we’ve been around even longer: We founded Metanet Software in 2001, shortly after we met, when we discovered that we both loved games and wanted to take a chance and make them. We incorporated Metanet officially in […]

Metanet Software’s Design Library

21 May / by: M&R / 3 comments / tags : ,,,

At Metanet Software, we love games — and we also love design books. We get a lot of inspiration from tons of different art and design books, and we think you can see that in our games. Since the early 2000s, we’ve spent hours and hours in bookstores and libraries poring over pages: bright colours […]

2014: Year in Review

24 Dec / by: M&R / 24 comments / tags : ,

Whew, what a year! It was one full of promise, anticipation, slight disappointment, readjustment, happiness, excitement and more anticipation. Some ups, some downs, and a LOT of work, but overall it was a good year. It was Metanet’s 10th anniversary of incorporation! It’s amazing that a tiny team of two has survived this long doing […]

Special Recognition

10 Oct / by: M&R / 23 comments / tags : ,

We are incredibly honoured to announce that N++ was given the Special Recognition award at IndieCade 2014! EDIT: check out photos of the award. The Special Recognition Award goes to N++ – "A true work of art" developed over a decade. — IndieCade (@IndieCade) October 10, 2014 We are surprised and elated — it’s incredibly […]

A Tiring October

31 Oct / by: M&R / 25 comments /

We’re back from Indiecade and have had a hectic month full of meetings and scrambling to accomplish something. It’s been busy, but not as busy with game-development as we’d like, so we’re a little behind. Down, but definitely not out.   This was our first time at Indiecade, and it was great to see all […]

Blogathon Part 2: Deep Space 9

09 Sep / by: M&R / 16 comments /

Office Yeti!

Blogathon Part 1: Alex Austin in Miracle World

08 Sep / by: M&R / 11 comments /

For those of you just tuning in, this is the second part of our spectacular series of daily blog posts; the first part (part 0) is here. Yes, daily updates.. it’s exciting! Today’s post was really meant to precede the events on which it is based, however we unfortunately weren’t able to find time while […]

N Other News…

19 Jan / by: M&R / 7 comments / tags :

A few years ago, at Slamdance, we were introduced to a game we liked very much, called Rumble Box. A beat-em-up game with characters made of cubes and spheres, cel-shaded graphics and a cool mechanic whereby the parts of your bested opponents assist you in your climb to the top — what’s not to like? […]

Robotology: Metaphysical

19 Aug / by: M&R / 14 comments /

Apologies for the continued infrequency of posting, it’s been non-stop deadlines for the past several weeks. woooooo! exhausting. By mid-September we should be able to move N+ work to part-time and return to Robotology in earnest.. finally! Writing this post is somewhat frustrating as it just serves as a reminder of what we should have […]

Robotology, the end of the end of the beginning of the story thus far.

12 Jul / by: M&R / 9 comments /

Assuming you’ve read the first post in this gripping two-part tale, we’ll just get straight to the goods: how things went. After some very brief tests, we rejected (1) methods altogether. To be fair we didn’t really give them an honest chance, as past experience with (1a) made us feel that that sort of system […]