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Basketball Prototype
(click inside the box to set focus)

tab: toggle between EDIT and PLAY modes (starts in EDIT mode)

1: toggle between edit geometry and objects mode(starts in geometry mode)

Editing Geometry
click: place circle
a: hold (and click) to connect geometry (forms a lineseg with previous circle)
+/-: adjust radius (hold shift to adjust in larger steps)

z: hold and click+drag to move geometry
x: hold and click+drag (vertically) to change geometry radius
e: hold and click to delete geometry
space: hold with z/x/e to extend selection through verts (i.e select chains of segs)

Editing Objects
click: change ball starting position
q/w: hold (and click) to place basket
e: hold (and click) to delete last placed basket

1: toggle pause (starts paused)
2: toggle shot preview
click+drag: pull back and release to throw