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Tools for Gamemaking - Music Loops

A collection of snippets from music we've been working on; all made using the built-in synths and effects of Fruityloops, and 20mb of hand-crafted drum samples.
200 tracks, 100 minutes, 140 megabytes; three exciting modes of consumption!

Link 1: Loose (all the tracks stuffed into .zip)

Link 2: Mixed (all the tracks in a single .mp3)

Link 3: Slim (an assortment of the best tracks in a .zip)

Let us know if you'd like to use any of these in your own projects.
Feedback is appreciated!
In case you're curious, here are brief descriptions of each track, in the order in which they appear (alphabetical):

4floored_alt - drum loop; I really love 909 low toms

acidattack02d - generic sci-fi tension (named after a pretty awesome mid-90s Millenium Records comp)

acumen07b - started out trying to copy Acufen, ended up with this

add00c - drum loop; maybe a bit too busy

alienrobot02d - Morr Music-inspired percussion

anthem00 - authoritative?

aquarius3 - the first and most successful half of an attempt to sample "Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In"

arc01 - atmospheric; the snare is from a 909, but pitched down by an octave

arock00b - drum loop; it's so easy to get the kick nice and solid when there's no bass to fight it :)

backpain01d - vague menace

badass00 - drum loop; half-time 808 boom

bake01b - one of many experiments with heavily pitch-enveloped cymbals

barman01b - bass pattern copied from an MC Paul Barman song

beast04e - again with the menace; one of many attempts at a classic Goa Trance sawtooth bass

beatdown00 - drum loop; prominent marracas

bloc00 - drum loop; claps as hi-hats, based on a Bloc Party song

blockhead04c - dark and... brooding? one of many attempts at a sine-oscillator based lead

blueday01e - light and cheesy

blueprint04c - generic dark

blunt01e - a none-too-successful stab at micro-electro-house a-la Toolroom Knights comps

booka01d - heard a Booka Shade track with heavy bass, tried to achieve something similar; drums from Fausto Papetti's cover of Barry White's "Love's Theme"

boom03e - yet more vaguely futuristic, semi-tense background music

boss00 - another cheesy one; it's funny how hard it is to get two simple synth sounds to balance when they're in the same octave.

breath01 - drum loop; early experiments in reversed cymbals

brought03c - funkier than usual; one of many tracks sampling Andrew White's Who Got De Funk (Pt. 2), yet another favorite break

bstar01 - drum loop; based on a Binary Star song

buzzybeatle04b - love that whiney synth; sadly the rest doesn't really gel

camp00b - drum loop; attempt at a heavier electro (a-la Felix Da Housecat) type of driving feel

cede08c - one that worked out pretty well; not really acid but wishes it was

changeup02c - experiments in sub-bass

chase02 - more sci-fi background ambiance

chembie01 - boss-fight music; the drums are from Roy Ayers' Boogie Back

chipotle00 - outer space holding pattern (heavy on the sticks)

chipper02 - as close to chip-tunes as we're likely to get; fairly sparse drums

choral01c - weird, a bit sad; this is probably a classical piece accidentally lifted from memory

classick00y - drum loop; I really prefer DR-110 and TR-606 kicks to 808/909

cookies01 - a bit silly, a bit Dr. Who; drums from Brother Soul's "Cookies"

crapshoot03 - another dark-ish, sci-fi-ish mood

creep02 - experiment with automating each oscillator in a 3xOsc to play different chords

crucify04c - kick/tom pattern based on the Tori Amos song

csi00b - drum loop; pretty successful production-wise

damned01d - laid-back; the cymbal's probably from yet another favorite breakbeat, Sound Experience's "Devil With The Bust"

dank06 - a successful experiment with LFO-to-Env-Attack on the main synth; the rest doesn't really gel yet

deep01b - one of many tracks featuring midi-delay with pitch-shifted octaves... it's addictive@

desper03 - a strange beat; the fast-LFO-to-Amp snare is copied from an early Warp Records track (maybe Autechre)

destructo02c - more upbeat and cheesy pop-y stuff

dibstop00b - drum loop; a stab at dubstep-y half-time

DnBhangup3_01c - unsuccessful attempt at early-90s "jungle"; using Amen Brother would have been too easy

doob00 - drum loop; another one with busy perc

double00 - double-time experiment

downer01 - lounge music; the noisy lead is a favorite sound

drive00b - drum loop; sounds like an attempt at electro breaks a-la Y4K comps

drone01dALT - an experiment with a long sweeping decay monosynth sound

dropd03e - some nice sounds, the drums are a bit too weak though

droplets02e - another drum-n-bass attempt, this time in a modern High Contrast vein

dynamole03 - names after the Riverdale's song that inspired it; pop punk and chip tunes sort of crammed together

edan03 - bass pattern copied from a track off of "Beauty and the Beat"; I think Edan may have sampled it from a Hendrix song though so who knows

ellien00 - started as an attempt at Ellen Alien; ended up wherever the hell this is

englishindie02b - rhythm copied from a Bombay Bicycle Club song; another pop-punk-chip-tunes attempt

epoc00 - 808 + distortion = AWESOME

evilSynth02 - experiments with pitched percussion

fastbreak03 - attempt at classic old-school breaks style

fastcar05b - this honestly started as an attempt to copy the chord progression from the Tracy Chapman song; the wonders of tone-deafness

fastishAltb3_best - a stab at percussive techno; very old, hence sounds muffled and weak

filler04 - more background music for dark sci-fi

fiveohfive01b - a sad micro-ballad about a lonely robot

flambe02 - a rare occurance of a decent bass pattern not copied from someone else's song!

flurm02c - more High Contrast apeing; the lead bleepy/sweepy part features some oft-used single-repeat 16th-note slap-back style delay

fog00 - drum loop; nice kick, boring everything else

formu00x3 - more vaguely dark generic electronic

fresh01 - experiments in funky basslines

fsf00 - drum loop; 4-on-the-floor is so overdone, the alternating kick/snare "2-and-2" beat is a lot harder to get working well

genmid01b - failed attempt at something based on a General Midi song

giveitup02 - old, silly synth+break experimenting, in the same vein as "cookies01"

goodfolks04c - one of the most successful tracks; inspired by "Follow Me" (Buck 65 w/ Sage Francis) and "Work the Angles" (Dilated Peoples)

groovin01 - cheeseball experiment with programming a decent ride cymbal; yet another sine-osc lead

growup01b - more pop-punk-ish stuff; reminds me a bit too much of The Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me"

gui02b - an attempt at whatever sort of house/techno subgenre Gui Boratto makes; the lead is based loosely on a part from his track "Les Enfants"

hallways02c - more cheese; the flute-y backing pad is interesting though

hangup3_01e - laid-back but a bit evil

happy01 - music for imaginary video games: sunny green hills theme

happysoul_02b - drums from yet another classic breakbeat, this time Dave Cortez' "Happy Soul With a Hook"

harm01c - another attempt at two harmonious synths in the same octave... it's tricky

harpeg05 - Halloween vamping

haunted02 - another spooky/scary sounding track; drums from Bad Bascomb's "Black Grass"

heard02 - more manic breakbeat+synth stuff

heavy00 - drum loop; distortion and phasors

hobo01c - pretty successful experiment with call+response snares; another attempt at modern drum-and-bass

hog03c - meh

houseorgan01b - one of two attempts to coax a decent "house organ" sound from a basic synth; it turns out the original is sample-based... damn you, Korg M1

howwedo04c - started out trying to mimic the style of Mt. Sims' "How We Do"; didn't really get there

howyouget03 - a pretty successful freak-out lead; another breakbeat+synth track

idle02b - I could listen to the drums from Little Richard's "The Rill Thing" all day... they're ridiculous

ihope01d - another stab at ye olde melodic drum-and-bass; another attempt at High Contrast that ends up closer to "Such Great Heights"

imgonna04c - a hard-boiled robot detective hits the streets

impeachford00b - some chords and some Skull Snaps

impending02 - urgent, menacing, frantic... sadly the drums are a bit too weak/washed out

infect03b - okay, second use of "Impeach the President"... I'm cut off! I do love a good deep sawtooth though.

inthecarhole03y - a sort-of cover attempt of Weezer's "In the Garage"

isection00 - drum loop; based on a track from the game Internal Section's soundtrack (by Shinju Hosoe)

japrobots00d - it's pronounced "Ja-Probots"; based on something by Japandroids

jbs_03b - more breaks and synth; at attempt at the classic mid-90s XL Recordings nasal-y midrange bass sound

jeeps02 - swoopy, loopy

jigga04d - more synth+break weirdness; Amen Brother's hidden in the background

jumper04 - the drum pattern is based on the Sleater-Kinney song

kinney05 - not sure which Sleater-Kinney track inspired this, but they'd probably be embarrassed/ashamed of the generic electronica that resulted

klutz01b - more drum-and-bass experimentation, this time trying to mimic something by Klute

knifey01c - drum pattern; weird off-beat shifted thing based on a pattern from early The Knife

knightly01d - inspired by the Toolroom Knights comps

koirg02c - chirpy insistant lead

laughter01d - laid-back and happy, maybe a bit melacholic

lectra00 - techno dabbling

letup01 - based on a backwards sample of "Everybody Let Up" by the Apples in Stereo (their response to the Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping")

lost01e - atmospheric, happy, upbeat

luncho02 - one of very few successful attempts at pitched cymbals

lurch02b - mechanical electro

lurker05 - racing down dark rain-slicked city streets

mayonegg03d - a sort-of cover of The Smashing Pumpkins' "Mayonaise"

megalith00b - drum loop; yet another amazingly solid kick, the kind that never shows up in a more finished track

mellow01 - the pads are chopped from some famous ambient electronic work; snare and claps sometimes swap patterns back and forth, a fun trick

military04b - imagine a chorus of Russian soldiers shouting "hey!" at the very end of this, and it might make a bit more sense

mute01 - insistant angry synth

nastysynth04c - some Goa-inspired sounds, a classic "gated bandpass drone" and another appearance of Love's Theme

needsbreak02b - for some reason this reminds me of the soundtrack to the first Gabriel Knight game

NES03 - an attempt at something with a similar feel to Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros theme

nowhere06e - PWM PWNs!

odyssey01e - more modern-ish up-tempo stuff; there's a definite proclivity for rimshot/stick sounds

OL02d - playing with acid-inspired odd-length patterns fighting each other

overheard04 - a failed attempt at Goa

pab02b - can't find the source of the guitar chord.. I think the song is called "Pablo" but that's just a guess.

passive04b - another attempt at house organ

passtime0c - drum loop; cowbell and backwards snare

pastense01c - another semi-cover, based on Ned's Atomic Dustbin's "Past Tense"

petard02 - more electronic menacing atmosphere

plume01d - slidey twinkly ambience

plumpy02d - snarling tension

poetic02c - robot lullaby

posse02d - there's a long story here; the lead phased part is based on an amazingly great track by Jason Fraser, a friend of a friend

postmodernage2b - more copyright infringement; another experiment with shifting a rhythm by a beat. old, hence the poor sound quality

process00b - vaguely inspired by Radioactive Man's "Airlock"; the pitched kick really turned out well

pulse02b - more experimenting with 909 toms, and sidechained cymbals

pylo00b - based on a song from the soundtrack of the game Pylo Nouveau

queen02 - more angry-sounding electro-ish stuff

ramones02 - upbeat bit-pop

rampup04 - again with the angry

rhoomba03d - experiments in bassline programming; triplets and beyond!

rider01 - droning thumping evil background

riffer01c - another stab at electronic pop-punk; the distortion on the pad/guitar sound is wonderfully creamy

ringer04b - failed ringmod overdose attempt

robot02 - the bassline started as an attempt at something from the Oni soundtrack

rollies00 - drum loop; lots o the toms

rotor01c - decent drums; yet another chirpy lead

rpeg06x - synth+breaks+bandpass lead; the stuttery pad turned out not too shabby

saccharine00c - another track that for some reason evokes Gabriel Knight

saudade02c - bold percussion and another sub-bass experiment

saur01b - another rare original bass pattern success

saw05b - spooky, evil, creepy

scarling00d - based on some Scarling song... not sure which. anther experiment with shifting patterns back and forth by a beat.

scary02 - minimal drums, modelled harp, growly bass

school04d - really happy with how this is coming along; one of the few tracks with more than 2-3 simultaneous synth patterns

sequence05c - for some reason 4-on-the-floor is only convincing when other people do it

shangrila05e - more synth+breakbeat styles

shithouse02 - busy perc; sort of crap?

sidechain01b - that robot is very upset about something

siva01 - slinkey bass and punchy drums

skimmer06b - my FAVORITE gated-bandpass-lead comes in about halfway through; drums from Alan Moorehouse' "Soul Skimmer"

slidey03 - organ tones and a strange impatient drum pattern; the sawtooth bass-bomb sound is another favorite

sloanvoc02 - another electronic pop song; more sidechained cymbals

smbtwo01 - not sure what part of SMB's soundtrack this is based on; more pitched drum experimenting

soda05b - complex cymbal programming, inspired by Ms. John Soda (possibly something from Morr's "Blue Skied an' Clear" comp)

soft_tesy3 - a pretty decent beat, based on some samples of The Soft Machine

stdio01 - drum loop; experiments with adding some siney bass

strut07b - another track that really came together well; the wailing shredded lead strangles itself in a really nice way

sun02 - the second half of the ill-fated attempt to sample "Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In". the bass is interesting at least.

takeoff00 - drum loop; another decently-punchy kick

tech3 - sticky techno

technical01d - more deep sawtooth bass

teleportation05 - a cover of Man With No Name's "Teleport"

thehunt01c - more frantic chasing through dark city streets

thinny02d - another appearance of "The Devil With The Bust"; production is a bit poor/washed out/thin

thumper02 - sub-bass based on something from the second disc of "Deeper Shades of Hooj Vol. 2"

tip01 - inspired by Warp's AI comps... not nearly as good though!

tommy03b - lush, dark; the chopped pad is another favorite sound

tompany02f - some more 909 tom-foolery. ha!

toolroom03 - another attempt at the style of Toolroom Knights

totalCrap_best - another old poorly-mixed track; the main ringmod drone is nice

tranny05c - more Goa flashbacks

trente01 - laid-back and a bit sad; inspired by Trentemoller

tried02c - another success in the field of drum programming; the chords aren't bad either

tron03c - more acid-inspired wonky rhythms; the new Tron soundtrack was a bit disappointing

tune01c - a plaintive cyber-harpsichord, a distorted break and some sort of screech

twelve01 - drum loop; some subtle perc happening

UDM02b - another attempt at an odd kick/snare pattern

veggie02 - sounds like a veggiesaurus

walked02 - Joy Division's "Walked in Line", backwards

walking03 - sawtooth walking at a decent clip

wept02c - tragic soundscape

whingey03c - maybe a bit too wobbly

whogot02 - a fairly fleshed-out synth+break exploration; "Who Got De Funk" features prominently, along with saw-bass and some spacey pads.

workout00 - sparse, simple... silly?

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