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Metanet Software Inc. is a boutique game developer based in Montreal, QC. It was founded in 2001 by Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns, two multidisciplinary designers who met at University of Toronto. They focus on revisiting the great designs of the past and re-evaluating them from a fresh perspective, making games which are engaging, innovative, intriguing and most importantly: fun. Metanet have just completed the N series of games, which includes N (2004), N+ (2008) and finally N++ Ultimate Edition (2017), and are currently prototyping new development projects for release in the next few years. You can find out more about our projects in the Dev menu above.


our team

Mare Sheppard

Mare Sheppard is an artist, designer and programmer and is one half of Metanet Software Inc., a boutique game developer based in Toronto which you'd probably know best for N, N+ and the recently released N++. Mare finds a lot of inspiration in print, industrial design, architecture and fashion, and her goals are to incorporate more of those ideas into games, and to continue to explore and expand the medium.

Raigan Burns

Raigan Burns noun (1889): a set that is closed under two commutative binary operations and that can be described by any of various systems of postulates all of which can be deduced from the postulates that an identity element exists for each operation, that each operation is distributive over the other, and that for every element in the set there is another element which when combined with the first under one of the operations yields the identity element of the other operation.


Known for her sharp attention to detail and beautiful singing voice, Cammie is a dynamic robot who helps us make merch.

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Behind every great company, there is an adorable fluffy creature that fuels its creative process.