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Judging/selection for SUBLiME has ended; the maps which will be featured in N+ have been chosen.

Check them out here!

Thanks to everyone who submitted something — you’ll be getting a special thank-you from us sometime this summer.

comments ( 9 )

  • Yay! I got two levels in!
    Thank you guys so much for this opportunity.

  • I’m afraid to look…

  • Yes!!!

  • Didn’t get any maps in, but it was still fun. Thanks for setting this up.

  • Thanks for taking to time to make stuff!

  • oh baby! 5 X 5 was the one i submitted on the last day.. awesome

  • YAY!’

    One level! The first level that i made.!!!!!


    Snake Way

  • Yay for delayed response!

    Yay for getting in!

    Thanks :3

  • Awesome. Took me a month to figure out I got in.

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