N+ Level Pack Contesque: Part the First

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Originally posted by M&R | July 16, 2008

The first XBLA N+ level pack, featuring 150 “easier” Singleplayer levels and 50 “regular difficulty” Co-op Multiplayer levels, is coming very very soon — by the end of July!
To celebrate, it’s time for another contest-like-event, or to use our newly coined term, a “cont-esque”!

We decided to run the contesque from the blog because it’s pretty simple, so here goes. This event is open to everyone, worldwide, who wishes to enter. The rules are straightforward: below is a list containing 32 level names. 24 of these are from the first N+ Level Pack PDLC, and 8 are level names which do not appear in N+ PDLC0 — level names we would never actually use for various reasons (style, cliche, etc). We’ll reveal these reasons with the winners, next week.

All you have to do is email PDLC0 [at] metanetsoftware [dot] com subject line: “Contesque 1 Submission” with the numbers of the 8 level names you think are fabrications. You can email the names of the levels as well, but please be sure to email the corresponding numbers.

The contest will be open for one week only, so get those submissions in fast! Only one per person, so make sure it’s your best guess. The top three will each receive a copy of N+ for XBLA, and the person with the most correct guesses will also receive a copy of the Official Xbox360 Magazine UK (Issue 35, July 2008) containing exclusive N+ gamerpics and themes, and an official N+ Moleskine notebook. You can see an image of the notebook and magazine here.


And now for the list, in no particular order:

    01. west enderson
    02. tread on my dreams
    03. the hammer of not bickering
    04. blue mineys
    05. the grayzor mountains
    06. out of the blue 3
    07. your ninja is in another castle
    08. ranks a rot
    09. I am comin’ to kill ya
    10. sudden valley
    11. supercalifragilisticexpialidoc-N
    12. the hills are, uh, live
    13. 88 gates
    14. billesque
    15. N-KOTB
    16. ninja’s first suicidal lust for gold
    17. superliminal monument
    18. what are we doing to pigs?
    19. subliminal 2
    20. little lost robot
    21. level in the shape of male reproductive organs
    22. ninja: impossible
    23. Droids ‘B’ Us
    24. the new star wars trilogy is AWESOME
    25. ocho!
    26. ”going next door”
    27. his name is N
    28. gauss darn it
    29. Level 5, Detention Block AA-23
    30. the grass is always grayer on the other side
    31. life support, for real this time
    32. electric jellyfish

You can see the level names from N+’s built-in levels here (scroll to the bottom of the page), if you think that will help you 😉

Check this page for the rules and FAQ.
That’s it! Good luck, everyone! The contesque is now open.
Use this link to email your submission.

p.s. Want your own notebook? Get one here! https://www.metanet.etsy.com

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