N+ Sighting in Tokyo

27 Oct / by: M&R / 5 comments / tags :

We recently ran into several copies of N+ (both DS and PSP) in Tokyo (at import stores in Akihabara), and noted that some of them had sold when we revisited the stores later on. We had assumed N+ DS/PSP would, like N+ XBLA, be sold worldwide — with any luck that will happen someday. For now, the idea that there’s some evidence of demand is a step in the right direction!

And a quick reminder: Halloween is just around the corner, and we suggest you think about an N+-themed costume! Contesque #3 is still open for about a week, so get creative and send jpgs of N+ costumes, crafts and art to PDLC2 [at] metanetsoftware [dot] com asap!

More on the continuing saga of Robotology soon…

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  • Is there a chance N+ for PSP will sell in the PSP online store? I’d love to just download it, UMD is such a battery drainer.

  • Unfortunately, there are no plans at the moment. That doesn’t rule out the possibility, however…

  • …Did you ever get my address to Atari?
    Maybe I’m just impatient, but it has been over a month….

  • Yes — we’ll look into it, a month seems like too long!

  • […] — we’re leaving tomorrow! This will hopefully be as inspiring and energizing as the previous trip. Sadly Jon won’t be there this time, but our friend Jason “6955″ […]

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