What a Mess.

31 Aug / by: M&R / 5 comments /

Bear with us here, everyone — our webhost just had a server crash that coincided with the failure of a bunch of hard drives, so we lost a lot of content and use of our site for like 5 days. It’s been absolute hell.

The host’s most recent backup of the blog is old, but fortunately we’ve backed up the posts, and hopefully the database itself (but that’s back in Toronto, and we’re still out in lovely Seattle) — if we don’t have a workable copy of the db, we’re going to lose all your comments, which is terrible.

We’re still getting file permissions sorted out with the host, so we might not get to upgrade and restore the blog today, but stay tuned, we’ll get to it as soon as we can.


In the meantime, we’ve been trying to post this all week: N+ DS and PSP were released on Tuesday! We’ll have more on that soon.

We’re flying out in an hour or so, so we unfortunately won’t be at PAX today, but it was great fun and we’re so glad we could make it out this year. Hope to see you all again at next year’s PAX!

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  • Use google cache, the most recent blog post was up with most of the comments…

  • What is the N+ DS release date for the United Kingdom? I’ve been waiting so long! XD

  • yeah we’ve got the text, but we don’t know that there’s a way to restore/add the comments… we’ll look into it.

  • Woo, back online!
    Now get back to Robotology, I wanna walk on robots!

  • sorry for your loss. losing content is one of the most sickening feelings.

    anyways, i bought N+ for psp, and was surprised how fast i unlocked all the stuff. whats the deal with that? did they think they needed to do that so that the average gamer wouldn’t get frustrated or something?

    anyways, i was worried i wouldn’t like the way the game handled, but in the end, i have been getting used to it alright.

    i was disappointed to find that the game doesn’t automatically save replays, and it also doesn’t let me save replays for levels that i downloaded. thats a bummer.

    i am DEFINITELY playing on pure though. i mean, its cool theres a graphical update or whatever, but i just like the classic look too much.

    the music is good too, although a custom sountrack feature would have been cool too. oh well, not important.

    im loving the game. my only real complain is how slow the menus run. but its bearable.

    and for the price of the game, wow, what a steal.

    although in the end, the free version of N is the best.. you can’t deny it. but having a portable version is going to make every trip i ever go on in the future just THAT much better.. so i thank you guys so much for that. :p

    i’m still counting on a PSN version some day in the future (please)… because.. believe it or not, i don’t have that many buddies with psps to play local multiplayer with.. and some online co-op on a 1080p hdtv with crisp pure lines… THAT would be something to behold. also, i was hoping to see some spinning lasers, which didn’t find its way into the psp version i guess, unless i just haven’t gotten there yet. :p

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