XBLA Awards Voting is Now Open!

03 Mar / by: M&R / 3 comments /

We’re happy to say you can now vote in the 2nd Annual XBLA Awards. Here’s how:

Voting is open from now until March 10. One week only! We just downloaded the voting application and noted that it weighs in at 37 MB, so it’s twice as large as N+, even considering all three level packs! If only there were an award for ‘Most Content in the Smallest Package’! N+ would be a shoe-in. Or is it “shoo-in”? Anyway, it would win 🙂

N+ is up for three awards (there’s more detail in our previous blog post), and we think we have a shot at Best Co-Op Multiplayer Game because of N+’s stellar performance in that arena. If you enjoyed N+, please consider voting for us! It would really mean a lot to us.


Get out there and vote, everyone — and don’t forget to rock it!

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  • Hi guys, look, I bought your game on xbox live a year or so back. I introduced it to 8 of my mates and we spent every waking hour (slight exaggeration) for about 6 months just playing the game to death. I love the level editor and think it got over looked by comparison to Little Big Planet (another game I have).

    I cancelled my xbox live subscription and because my 360 doesn’t like the internet N+ has reverted to a trial for me because I bought it on my old 360 which died and I never had the chance to transfer the license over to my new one.

    What I am getting at here is RELEASE THE GAME ON PS3 Already. My money is sat there waiting and all the guys that I crowded round my 360 to show the game have only got the PS3. I know their money is waiting for it.

    A interesting note, I came across a browser version of N the other week. I tested it on my PS3 browser and the only preventing it from working was the space bar needed to initiate the levels. If that were changed to left mouse click rather than space bar the game would work flawlessly on the PS3’s browser with up as jump. Such a minor change could bring a lot of attention back to your games and I would love to see you make said change if you aren’t going to release the PS3 version. Hell even if you just patch N take it down when N+ PS3 comes out I would be happy.

    If you guys can’t be bothered or don’t have time, send me the source code I would be happy to patch it for you. I would even host it if you don’t want to be bothered with that. (wouldn’t mind the extra ad’s if I’m honest).

  • Funny how comments sometimes come as jibberish.

  • Well the thing is dan is that internet version of the game is an illegal backwards engineered hack of v 1.2 most likely. SO I don’t think they will be patching the game to endorse an illegal copy!

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