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Wow, July’s come and gone and we haven’t kept you up to date — sorry about that! This summer has been really busy with N++, as well as lots of other random stuff, including attending a friend’s beautiful wedding out of town. That was a short but refreshing break — it’s helped us stay positive during the arduous middle of developing this game.

When you’re working with such a small team, there’s always a lot on each person’s plate and things often get temporarily overwhelming — sometimes you just have to put your head down and get things done; anyway now that things are (mostly) under control (hooray!), we should be posting more regularly to keep you all up-to-date on the latest progress.

We are, as usual these days, working on N++. This has been going pretty well, however we’re a couple months behind our initial schedule; there have been the usual “things always take 3x longer than anticipated” delays, as well as some exceptional circumstances, both happy (our programmer Shawn and his wife had their first child!) and sad (a collaboration with one of our graphic design heroes fell apart after a few months).

But the good news is, we’ve finally rounded the curve and we can see the finish line clearly… now we just need to get there. Easier said than done, of course!

We’ve been dying to post some info/details about the game, however we’re still waiting for the official announcement from our mystery partner company (which will happen sometime in the next few weeks) before we can spill any beans; we promise it won’t be too much longer!

Right now we’re trying to get something playable ready for PAX, however it’s going to be close… in the best case scenario, you can come play a demo, and in the worst case scenario, you can stop by our booth to chat with us and pick up some N++ stickers and buttons!

More news really soon! Thanks for your patience; we think it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

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  • I can’t stress enough how much I want something akin to the xbox360 N+ on PC. Please!

  • I want to play…. NOW!!

  • Hi, regarding 2.0, could you please show the score/time somewhere on the screen after finishing a level (and dieing, too)? I see absolutely no reason not to and it’ll take you like 10 minutes.

  • +1 for vankusss’ comment. I would put that bug at the top of my list if I had one. Its simple to fix, yet it really hinders highscoring. Not knowing what time you did after completing a run or dying discourages a lot, as you don’t know how fast you are going. And of course makes testing innovs much harder.

  • +1 for vankusss.
    +1 for Eddy.

    I also think this bug is of the greatest annoyance to us players. There are several innovations I would like to test so I can put better scores on the board. However, I can’t test any of these innovations without knowing my frame count after successfully pulling off a run with a slightly different method of completion.

    It would be great to have it implemented in such a way that shows not only the time left but the total frame count in the upper corner as was done in NReality. See picture:

    You can see the total frame count for the run on the left and beside it the current frame count mid-run. There is also a timer, which is also helpful as it gives the big picture. Both are very useful tools to highscorers.

  • I [s]2nd[/s][s]third[/s]fourth vankusss’s/EddyMataGallos’s/kkstrong’s suggestions.

  • bbcode didn’t work I guess.


  • I fifth the suggestion. Knowing the frame count or score upon death allows the discovery of even the most minor innovations in runs. And the easier it is to find better highscore routes, the more motivation there is to replay maps.

    The other main bug is the current inability to playtest maps while editing them. That function was broken in the update, so now if I’m mapmaking I will use the old version of 2.0

    I hope donates motivate.

  • hey everyone,
    The programmer (Andrew from Golden Gear) who was helping us with N v2.0 just had his first child last month, but as soon as he has time the time-display thing (and playtest bug) are at the top of the list!

    Unfortunately we’re really, really busy with N++ — like, one-or-two-months-behind-schedule-busy. But rest assured that this isn’t being forgotten!


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