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Update! Things are busy around here as we pour our efforts mainly into N++.

Fortunately, Golden Gear have been fixing some bugs in N v2.0, and this week we were able to find the time to create these new builds and get the online version up and running on The Way of the Ninja. Here’s what’s been fixed:


fixed in this build:

    – When maximized, game window is not centred
    – Beating the last episode generates an error message
    – The pause key cannot be used to unpause the game
    – no timebars in replays
    – replays stop after the last player input
    – the “new highscore” message only shows if you get the #1 score, rather than when you get on the high score list at all
    – arcade mode can be resumed from the last level you started if you lose due to time out
    – if your time remaining exceeds 999 seconds, the decimal point in your score is misplaced
    – large scores do not appear correctly on the high score list
    – coop scores being cached locally and used to check whether a new single player score is higher than previous effort
    – playing coop and entering no input at all for one or the other during the entire run causes an error if the other player beats the level
    – news xml throws an uncaught exception if it ever fails to load
    – typos on the Story page
    – replaced “speedruns” with “highscores” in the help section to be more consistent with language elsewhere
    – new searches don’t reset to page 1
    – the fps meter and debug fields block mouse events
    – the bottom pane on the favourites page is shown even when no level is selected, leading to various issues

Thanks Golden Gear!

Also, the fully-featured online version of N v2.0 is now available for play on, here:

The downloadable version is here. (we modified the website a little to make it easier to navigate)

There was already an online version at Kongregate, but if you play online at The Way of the Ninja, you can create an account and log in, plus create levels and download them from the database, just as you can in the downloadable version. The fun part is that you can do this from any computer anywhere, and save your progress “in the cloud” (as long as you’re logged in). Exciting! It’s next-gen! The cloud!

Even more exciting? now you can send links to levels you’ve made via email or your favourite flavour of social media. Give it a whirl with a really quick level made early on to test the database: Pretty As A.

Tweet levels to @metanetsoftware, we’d love to try them!

Ultimately we’re hoping the online version will help N v2.0 be a bit more future proof than past versions have been.


So enjoy, and we’ll be back with some N++ related news soon!

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  • Wow! A lot of fixes and improvements on this new build, thanks for the hard work. I can see how most of the highscoring bugs are gone. Also thanks for listing them, so we can cross them out of the buglist!

    Im trying this one out right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh btw nice new design for the web.

  • I found a little bug, not that it matters at all though. After logging in, the “logged in!” notice stays onscreen forever, rather than going upwards until it dissapears (only noticeable in fullscreen).

  • How to update to this version and not to overwrite my progress because I’ve already completed every episode? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @pyXelr: did you create an account? If so your progress is fine. if not, create an account before you update and it should be saved to your profile!

  • Is there no way to review your runs for each episode, as was possible under the “highscores” option in N v1.4? Also, is there any way to decrease the delay between finishing an episode and starting the next one?

  • You need to fix your saving system, i work on my levels for so long only to have them revert back. (i save it a few times then quit, come back and all the work is lost. This is the level editor btw)

  • @Seph: Sorry, there isn’t. what kind of delay are you experiencing?

    @FirePhoenix11: Can you email us your username? we’ll look into it. Did you save and publish, or just save your levels? Either way, they should still be saved to your account…

  • About the level editor/database: as a precaution, you should be able to dump your level to text format (PGDN from the ESC menu)… sorry about that!

  • ow it’s so cool to see those fix ^^
    right now there’s still 2 things that could be really awesome:
    1) Arcade mode online highscore
    2) When I put the game on fullscreen there’s light grey lines between adjacing tiles and it disturb me a lot…
    Again, thanks for this v2.0 it’s just awesome and get better and better with the fixes.

  • Hello, thanks for this game, but I have a bug with level editor. Placed ninja and drones we can see only when I’m in editor mode. But when i’m testing level my ninja and drones desappeares.

    In editor mode:

    When testing:

  • M&R:

    Good job with the bug fixes, well done. I’ve updated the list of bugs on the forum to match what you’ve done.

    2 major bugs outstanding:
    – you still can’t see your own score after you beat a level with a lower-than-personal-best time or after you die
    – arcade mode is still pointless because if you die you can quit (Q) and click resume game to reset the timer

    2 new bugs introduced:
    – you can’t playtest levels anymore (see Good_Smile’s comment; also throws up actionscript error)
    – you can’t see 2P scores anymore

    plus a bunch of smaller bugs on the forum topic.

    p.s. V2 ARCADE PRIZES. After a 1.5 year wait, I’m expecting nothing less than a free flight to Toronto to see you two. Or something of that sort.

  • Thank you for fixing all these bugs !
    But it would be really nice if we could play the level we created without having to publish them (I’m not talking about testing them), sometimes I create levels just for training purposes and I don’t necessarily want them to be published.

  • I want a flight to Australia to ride ska’s pet kangaroo.


  • Hi M&R, I have a suggestion related to N2.0, though not directly connected with the program itself.

    We’d all love to have a way of downloading the scores easily, since the current way it works (relating players with ID codes etc) is harder to code. The reason would be to be able to code a program to download the scores and elaborate different sorts of rankings, just like we did with N1.4.

    Remember that page you set up back in 2005-6 for jg9000? Well, it would be pretty much the same idea.
    I’ll be looking forward to your reply ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Eddy

  • Hello! Thanks for v2, is fantastic!

    Now I am trying to use the level editor, but (like Good_Smile) when i press TAB to test my level, my ninja and drones disappears.

    I have this error:

    RangeError: Error #1125: L’indice 0 non รจ nell’intervallo 0.
    at simulation::Simulator/APP_EnablePlayer()
    at editor::Editor/Tick()
    at com.metanet.screens.editor::EditorApp/handleEnterFrame()

    indice = index
    intervallo = range
    (in italian)

  • I just downloaded this (just finished my residency and I finally have a bit of time!), but when I try to activate my account, I get a 403 Forbidden error page. Any thoughts?

  • I tried to create an account but I also get a 403 error. I am really only trying to get access to NED. Why do I need to have log in just to use the editor?

  • Please tell me you’ll release N++ on Nintendo 3DS via eShop, please, I need it!

  • Does N break if you (Mare and/or Raigan) beat the level on the main screen?

  • 403 Forbidden error seems to be fixed. Thanks y’all!

  • When I try to test run a level I’m creating, I’m given an Actionscript error:

    RangeError: Error #1125: The index 0 is out of range 0.
    at simulation::Simulator/APP_EnablePlayer()
    at editor::Editor/Tick()
    at com.metanet.screens.editor::EditorApp/handleEnterFrame()

    I see I’m not the only one having this problem. If it were fixed, we’d all be ever so grateful.

  • M&R:

    no blog post for July, disappointing.

    your to do list:

    1. v2 arcade prizes
    2. fix remaining bugs in v2.0
    3. implement suggested features in v2.0


  • Just wondering… why is there no boss mode in v2.0? Kinda annoying ๐Ÿ™

  • Have you considered online multiplayer (via internet), that way we (the users) can do multiplayer without having to use the same computer?

    It’s just an idea, but it’s possible.

  • when I hit the ~ key nothing happens.

  • Dear Mare, Raigan
    -The Editor doesnt work :s I get same error msg as above.
    -There’s still a long, long list of little bugs incl aesthetic ones to fix -we’d be happy to compile one for you..?
    -It would be great if you could manage to increase Highscores table to 20 -otherwise its kind of demotivating to not be able to get your name shown even if u do well, as u get beaten by the few super pros. (Also I’d like a separate msg for 0th score)
    -Pity userlevel ratings are only out of 5stars (-feels harsh to give decent maps 3 or 2 stars)

    Many thanks!! though

  • PS. Andrew (or someone), a good bug list has already been compiled on the last pages of this thread (thought i’d put the link here, as its not in the troubleshooting section)

    And about increasing the highscores table ,I do believe players would love it if suddenly they saw that it has been enlarged

  • I want to create my own levels in editor mode and I love doing it except I am not able to test my own level. I press ‘tab’, as it asks of me, to test the level except all i get is a blank screen… This is very frustrating as i have to publish it in order to play my own level. Then I find out the flaws afterward and can’t delete it then. I also can’t figure out how to change my username.

  • At first, thank you very much for the new version N_v2! I enjoyed the original one a lot and was able to play through v2 quite fast. But now I’m curious about the fact that I finished episode b9 but there is no line c coming up, though one more color is missing. Does anyone know if there is any hint to unlock it or is there simply no line c ? Keep up the good work guys! N has always been one of my favorite games ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • this game is highly addictive, I’m thrilled its out on PC, nintendo and play station platforms however I think you should really consider giving this game a go on android, iOS and windows phone platforms. the lack off controls makes it perfect for touchscreens and you’d also be gettin alot of money in your pockets to support your project!

    Thank You anyway for this amazing game ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Have you guys done/thought of doing an app for this game? I used to play this game loads, but I’m lately using my tablet more than my PC now. Your game is amazing!

  • @Kathy: Thanks! Unfortunately the answer is “yes”, followed with “..but we don’t think it will work very well”. We wrote a comment about our thoughts here:

    We’re certainly keeping iOS/touch devices in mind for future games ๐Ÿ™‚

  • to thatgame for Android!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I can’t open the level editor for v2. I’ve pressed the ~ and | keys, and neither keys open the editor.

  • @Scourgewolf: The editor is out of beta and not hidden behind keys — you just have to make an account (it’s free!). Then it’s one of the tabs in the levels menu.

  • I receive the same error message when trying to test out a homemade map. I press tab, get an actionscript error and a blank map…No ninja, no enemies.

    RangeError: Error #1125: The index 0 is out of range 0.


  • Our programmer is still looking into this! Sorry, it’s a bad bug ๐Ÿ™

  • My level didn’t save!!!!!!!! PLEASE fix this. I worked very long on it, and did ctrl-s as well as save through the gui. Then i did quit and save, then publish — only to see it revert to what it was several days ago. Also, is there a way to get that edited level back?

  • @nanepiwo: we’re really sorry! Andrew, our friend who programmed the menus, has been really busy releasing a game of his own (Fate Tectonics, it’s cool!), but this is at the top of his list as soon as he has time!

    Both of us are very busy right now trying to get N++ finished; sorry about this! :/

  • Now that N++ is out, is there a chance we can get the programmer looking at that action script error that pops when people tab for level testing?

  • When i press tab to test my level this happens.
    RangeError: Error #1125: Indeks 0 jest poza zakresem 0.
    at simulation::Simulator/APP_EnablePlayer()
    at editor::Editor/Tick()
    at com.metanet.screens.editor::EditorApp/handleEnterFrame()
    And my game frozes

  • Heya, folks.

    Having some trouble accessing the level editor. Using the downloadable version (2.0), and running this from an Acer laptop.

    Pressing ~ or | doesn’t bring up the level editor, nor does pressing 5 when Num Lock is active bring up the level unlock panel.

    Any fixes?

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