The Year of N, For Real This Time.

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So we have big news. Big exciting news. We’re working on the absolutely final iteration of N: it will be called N++

N++ follows in the tradition of N+ and improves on it; it’s a bigger, better, more fully-featured version, with everything N has, plus plus:

New levels, new graphics, new sound, new game modes — N++ is an aspirational re-interpretation of the game, and we’re putting everything we have into it. We are using it as an opportunity to try out some new ideas we’ve been playing around with, to refine some existing game modes/mechanics and to finally perfect global level-sharing.

We can’t announce which platform N++ will be on, or when it’ll be released, or really anything more specific than the above yet, but we really can’t wait to say more, so check back for exciting news soon. In the meantime, we’ve carved out a web presence here with the logo, and will update periodically:

In other news, we’re currently wrapping up the final free web version, N v2.0, which was recently in beta (the beta will be closed very soon, thanks to everyone who played and helped test it!) — the full version will be released shortly (we’re still in the process of adding some security/anti-cheat measures).

So what’s the difference between N and N++, and why might we want to do both? Well, N v2.0 will be the best browser version of N — we’ve taken it as far as we can within that (somewhat limiting) framework. N v2.0 features some new and some classic levels, local 2P co-op, level-sharing, highscores and some new “fun-lockables” (TM), including Arcade Mode, which is activated when you beat a column of episodes. It is still and always will be free, and we’ve taken on the job of hosting levels and highscores for every user, also for free. N++ will fill a different niche, and allow us to explore some avenues we’re excited about that don’t work in the web version.

We’re going to do the best we can to make N v2.0 and N++ great so we can finally feel like we’ve done it right, and move on to other games. It’s a huge challenge, but we’re finally ready for it. We hope you’re ready too.

So that’s it! Welcome to the year of N.

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  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, WILL THERE BE A ONLINE MULTIPLAYER? because i want to play with my friend online, and you said it will be local :'(

  • Crossing my fingers ten times over for a PC release. I love N+ but I just don’t have time to dust off my consoles anymore. On the other hand, my PC is always with me.

    (But whatever you do, I’ll probably buy it anyway!)

  • Release it on Steam pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!

    With Coop, editor and level-sharing, me and my friends could be playing it for years!

  • oh my god!
    I remember there was a rumor back then that a psn version of N+ was in the making, but was never released (or was just an idea to begin with).

    As a big fan of the series, I`m hoping this version becomes available to PS3 this time, but it won`t stop me from playing whatever platform it`s on!

  • Waited for so long, Please don’t disappoint! release it!

  • Xbla I hope. *cross fingers*

  • Pretty good news, thanks for keeping us updated. Just in case this matters, I also support it to be released on PC as well.

  • PC is the way to go. The steering is perfect on the PC/Mac – and customizable, more options. And everyone has a PC/Mac. Not everyone have an Xbox or a PS3.

    I’m rooting for the PC/Mac version so hard, I could very well be the world tree. Thanks for the update!

  • Ohhhhh i love this game, really. i am waiting for a long time this game. I hope it for Psvita or Nds or Ps3. Pliszzs is Pc.

  • Could you please release this version on the ds/3ds in Europe? I’m really disappointed the last game wasn’t

  • waow, this is some great news!
    I’m as much interested in the final release of N2.0 than in the exciting idea of N++
    There is just one thing which definitively upset me… I really want a downloadable version of N2.0, to play when there’s no internet, to carry everywhere, etc.
    Everything else is just so perfect, thank you for keeping creating great games!

  • Sweet. I would like XBLA again, but only if you get the level sharing sorted out. I never got to share any of my levels other then with a handful of people on my friends list. We need public sharing and auto map downloading when you join a game.

    If its for PC instead (since microsoft is picky) I wont mind, but There needs to be support for game pads to have it work flawlessly (the 360 pad in particular). I love the controls in N+. N, with the keyboard, is not really fun to me.

  • I tried to understand thousand of collisions detection tuto on the internet, and finally I came here. You’re the best. Just the best. You are awesome… And sorry if it’s not related to the article but seriously.. I love you <3 ( I'll donate 50€ for you tomorrow in the morning )

  • monthly reminder: v2 arcade beta prizes. also, if you could let us playtest the v2 editor before release pretty soon, that’d be cool.

    this had better be good. πŸ˜›

  • so excited for this. put it on whatever platform and I’ll get it.

    N+ XBLA was by far my favourite version thanks to the online multiplayer. it was certainly flawed (those rockets, augh!), but it was probably my single favourite co-op multiplayer experience from thie gen. here’s to hoping it lives on in some form in N++.

  • Steam would be an excellent portal for N++, if it’s a possibilty. I wish you the best of luck, I’ll definately buy the product whatever happens (unless it isn’t on PC, I don’t do consoles.)

  • Please, please, PLEASE release this on the 3DS eShop. I need it!

  • Thanks so much for all of your support and feedback everyone!!

    I’m afraid we can’t answer too many questions about platforms/etc. since we’re still in the process of figuring it all out — we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we can say something, and we’ll definitely take your comments/requests into consideration.

    There will be a downloadable version of v2.0, we’re still waiting on the anti-cheating stuff to be complete before we release it; we had wanted it finished before we had to start on N++ stuff, however that didn’t happen and so now we’re working on both at the same time… not ideal.

  • YES!

    N+ has given my friends and I SO many hours of hilarious multiplayer gaming. It was brilliant in its simplicity and addictiveness. Admittedly the N+ multiplayer drinking game we created has claimed a number of casualties over the years, but that only makes it better! πŸ˜‰

    Please, please don’t make the mistake of making it too feature rich at the cost of the soul of the game.
    Make sure the difficulty is still frustratingly high and sporadic, fix the saving issues and then fine tune the multiplayer code and you’d have an almost perfect game. It doesn’t need 32bit colours, 3D graphics or even a story. Its charm trancends all of that.

    Ninja likes gold… go get ’em. πŸ™‚

  • I also think having N++ on XBLA and 3DS would be good. Good luck with finishing N v2.0 and making N++, and thanks for these frequent updates!

  • “There will be a downloadable version of v2.0, we’re still waiting on the anti-blablabla…”

    Thank you very much, sir. Waiting for both of them. Gonna lurk around for news and I hope the best for your team. See ya soon!

  • M&R:

    why no blog post for April? keep us updated, even only if as a motive to stop yourself from procrastinating πŸ˜› oh, and v2 arcade beta prizes please, come on…

  • Oh my lord, I cannot describe how much I would like an update of N for PC (all OSs please?). I adored the legacy versions, and I never got the chance to pick up N+ seriously. Having N2 or N++ come to the PC would be an absolute delight!



  • For the love of all that is holy, release Nv2.0 PLEASE!!! I want to add it to my arcade machine, multiplayer would be sick.

    The longer you wait, the longer it’ll take to finish, especially when you’re now working on N++.

  • Okay, you can update now. πŸ™‚

  • Steam w/ big picture support!

  • When are you going to release N-3D? I can’t wait!


    but please, as I devoted months of my life to n+ I need n++ to be on the ps4. And I will buy any dlc and play nonstop until I reach at least the top 50(in the world).

  • Steam has been great financially lately for smaller developers, with less overhead than console dev kits. Even if it takes a kickstarter, I’ll put down my money now for a Steam release! Hell, just give me N+ on Steam and I’ll shut up.

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