2014: Year in Review

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Whew, what a year! It was one full of promise, anticipation, slight disappointment, readjustment, happiness, excitement and more anticipation. Some ups, some downs, and a LOT of work, but overall it was a good year.

It was Metanet’s 10th anniversary of incorporation! It’s amazing that a tiny team of two has survived this long doing what we love, and we are thankful every day that we are so lucky. We’ve come a long way in the past decade and are really looking forward to the next one. Thanks for supporting us and for playing our games, we’re so happy this game development thing is working out πŸ™‚


Happy Holiday Metanet Software 10th anniversary!

Happy Holiday Metanet Software 10th anniversary!


We were honoured to have been included in the beautiful book Every Day is Play, among some of the best and most exciting video game creators and artists around.


Everyday is Play p. 79

Every Day is Play p. 79

ps get this book, it’s amazing.


While we’re on the subject of things you may want to buy, we created a lot of incredibly beautiful merch you can get right now in our Etsy shop, plus we designed a bunch of cool prints over on Society6.


N++ stationery

Special Edition Pins:

Stickers, buttons and more!

Stickers & Buttons

It’s colourful, cheerful, stylish and is the perfect embodiment of the enthusiasm we feel for N++. Hopefully it’s infectious!


The bulk of our year has been devoted to developing N++, obviously. We started 2014 hoping to finish N++ in September, but as the months wore on we quickly discovered that was unfortunately impossible. We hit a few snags and rough patches, but also found a few things we loved so much we needed to work on them more. Accepting that we would have to delay was very painful for us and for Shawn as well — we had all initially wanted N++ to be a launch title for PS4, so further delay was hard to stomach — but we knew it would be a better game if we did.

And it seems that we’re on the right track — we were able to show N++ a bunch this year, and got lots of great feedback. The most rewarding thing is seeing people laugh and smile as they play, even as they die over and over (and over) again! We especially loved running a tournament at PAX to show competitive multiplayer Race mode. It was so good to see people play and really dig into strategies! Our favourite show this year was the PlayStation Experience in December — it was so friendly and welcoming, and so full of people who love games. The atmosphere and experience was wonderful.


The big news this year is that we received the IndieCade 2014 Special Recognition award for N++.


What an extraordinary honour! We are so elated and so humbled that other people can see what we do in N++. Thank you, this means so much to us.


So when is N++ coming? Well, we still aren’t sure. We are aiming at spring 2015, and are pretty determined to make it. Although we’ve finished a ton, there will be a lot of fun additions and surprises after launch as well because we won’t be able to finish them in time to get the game through cert. Hopefully we won’t hit too many more snags, because we are so eager to finally get N++ out to you. We have a lot to show you before launch that we are super excited about! We’re really looking forward to 2015, it’s gonna be a great year.

As always, to stay connected to all the news we’ve got, keep an eye on twitter, tumblr and this blog right here.


Let’s end this post with these incredibly cool stylized portraits of us that were drawn this year by the immensely talented James Harvey:



Mare and Raigan, by James Harvey


Happy Holidays to all of you from both of us at Metanet Software — we look forward to a very exciting 2015 and we hope you’ll share it with us!

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  • Happy 2015 Year!!

  • Thanks for a great year. I was not lucky enough to try out N++ as i live in Denmark and wasnt near any of those events, but there have been plenty of N2.0 on the menu.

    I, as alot of others in here, really looks forward for the game to release, and the PSN Giftcard i recieved for x-mas is already reserved for when this game releases!

    A few questions: Do you have an estimated price range? And have you put more thoughts into if you wanted a closed/open demo?

    Thanks for a great 2014, Happy holidays to both the team all the others N-Fans out there.

  • Happy new year!
    I LOVE your games and cant wait to play N++. please make it GREAT like previous Ns!

  • Me too Lolo but I can’t wait to play N++ on PC!! M&R You Rock!! And I knew the introducting colour will be in N++ On PS4 & PC Liked this year! Happy New Year !! 2015!!

  • Thanks everyone — happy new year!! πŸ™‚

    @nimoke: we don’t have a price yet (we’re going to worry about that after we submit a final build to Sony and wait for it to go through certification), and we’re still looking into an open beta.

  • Hey Mare or Raigan i want to see in introducting colour homing zap drone laser drone and chaingun drone and thwumps and showe thwumps OK?

  • P.S Happy new year!!!! 2015!!!

  • awesome game so far

  • Happy 2015!
    The year that N++ will be released in (hopefully)!

    Still as excited for it as when it was announced, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Please take my money.

    Also, please do keep us updated on a potential Beta version.
    I love to find exploits/glitches in games, so I would gladly help fixing them, if there are any ofcourse πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the good work!

  • I have new Introducting colour 2 – 3 Will be name Vulcan! The platforms will be orange color, background will be dark – red, enemies will be white or gray color and next as you wish hope you like my idea

  • Ahh.. The year 2015..

    The year that peace will finaly be made all over the globe, and global warming will be on retreat. The year Putin will make his debut on “Pranked” and tell everyone that he made the Kardashians series to prove how dumb the western countries is,, and the year where all hunger in the third world countries are finally dealt with.

    But if the above should just be my imagination, let at least one of my dreams come through: N++ at my tv screen, smashing my friends in races. And let me feel eagerness to grab the controller once again, even when all hope of completion of the episide is long lost.

    I know the first section is alot to ask, so thats why i put my hopes to you, metanet: Let at least one of my wishes come through. Oh, and by the way, if you can actually fix world hunger then dont, focus at N++, i want that more πŸ˜‰

  • @nimoke: I think you’re going to like 2015 — N++ will *definitely* be released this year!

    I’m afraid the news is less good re: world hunger…

    Thank you for a hilarious post πŸ™‚

  • In 2015 or 2016 N++ will be on PC!!!

  • When new blog? Today is February!

  • Remember! After making N++ For PS4 Try make is on PC Im waiting this 1 year!

  • Pootis; We get it, you want it for PC, but please, let them release the PS4 version first, let them enjoy a well-earned rest and then you can start your quest for getting a pc version. πŸ™‚

    Im sure they are interested in making it for PC, but they still have a PS4 version to release. So for now, lets motivate them on their current task, and WHEN (not if), N++ becomes a giant ps4 succes, im sure you will get what you need my friend πŸ™‚

    And regarding the “new blog post”; i have hopes that they are dragging it a little because there will soon be huge news, but its only my own speculations πŸ™‚

  • Well nimoke thanks, i will wait this on PC how can

  • Hey

    IsnΒ΄t it time for a little news for us humble minions? πŸ™‚
    Its awefully silent for us who cant attend the exhibition events πŸ˜€

  • You’re right, nimoke, it’s been a long time — we’re in the final phases of getting N++ ready for launch, so time has been tight. We’ll try to do a post soon though, to keep everyone up to speed!

  • Thats some great news! Hope the post will contain some news about the game launch details πŸ˜€

  • I downloaded n++ in my ps4 and it got stuck on the loading screen is there a solution?

  • Hmm, that’s weird. could you email us (metanetATmetanetsoftware.com) with more details:
    -does it happen every time you start the game?
    -if not, when did it last happen?
    -what patches have been applied (what version number of N++ are you running?)?


  • Im having problems with my email
    Ever since I downloaded the game(3 days ago)
    I was being stopped by the loading screen with the music in the background I first thought that it was normal but then I was waiting for a while almost ten minutes then I knew something was wrong with the game i exit the game then went back in and the same happened I uninstalled the game and installed it 3 times and nothing changed.
    The version is 1.03

  • Thanks for the help,have a nice day

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