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Last year, we collaborated with Richard E. Flanagan, of FRACT fame, to make some super cool videos that will help you get a sense of what N++ is. Richard is an incredible, multi-talented designer and has a great sense of style, and working with him on this project was just plain awesome.

The concept for these videos was to create a fusion of the Wipeout 3 Team Intro clips (see the end of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6OTYMNUdSs) and the Team Fortress 2 character type intro videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiV_X15OWYM), injecting some of N++’s clean minimalist style.


These 6 short videos will help give you a taste of what you’ll be tasked with avoiding in N++, our momentum-based platformer coming to Steam this Thursday, August 25th.

We decided to showcase some of the enemies which are new in N++ (Deathballs, Evil Ninjas, Micro Drones, Laser Turrets and Toggle Mines), and one classic you might remember from the earlier games in the series, the rocket. The videos are really about how different N++ can feel depending on what you’re doing and what each level is like. Each vignette has a different โ€œtoneโ€ in terms of music and sound, to show each enemy’s personality and character.

And the music! The music in each of these videos is so good…maybe you better just start watching them ๐Ÿ˜‰ We recommend using headphones so the sound is really immersive.

This is the unrelenting menace we call the Deathball.

Rockets: fast, fluid, remarkably prescient, and always watching.

Micro Drones: these bite-sized variants of Zap Drones are twice as fast — and twice as deadly.

The Evil Ninja is a parallel-world version of you that went very, very wrong.

Laser Turrets fire a deadly blast that never, ever stops.

Toggle Mines are two sides of a very dangerous coin.

Check out our tumblr for a behind the scenes look at how each video was created:
Micro Drone
Evil Ninja
Laser Turret
Toggle Mine

Hope you enjoyed this look at the enemies of N++, and it helps tide you over until Thursday!

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