N++ is coming to Xbox One on October 4, 2017!

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YEAH! We made it! It’s been a long journey but we are through cert and ready to release N++ for Xbox One. The dream really IS real, and you’ll be able to play it in just under two short weeks.

You are going to love it, Xbox One players — it takes everything that rocked about N+ and brings it to the next level. 4340 levels of incredible, hand-crafted and finely tuned levels across a gigantic Solo campaign (and brand new Hardcore Mode if that’s too easy for you), intense eSports-ready local competitive multiplayer and ingenious local co-operative multiplayer that will have you and your friends alternately praising and cursing each other for months. Or years! This game is so huge you could be playing it for a very long time — but with 100+ glorious colour schemes and a blistering 63-song soundtrack, it won’t ever get boring! 🙂

Like a finely tuned machine

We are so thrilled that Xbox One players will finally get their chance to see what all the fuss is about. Get ready to have your minds blown! Start the countdown!


And a little news for PS4 and Linux players: we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re going to be finishing these version shortly and will have them out by the end of the year. Hooray!

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  • Although it is good news that progress is being made, I must say that it is a little frustrating that XBOX owners will be able to play the enhanced version before PS4 owners, the ones such as myself who have supported the game on day-1 by purchasing it. However, sales of the XBOX version may help Metanet fund the last cycles of development for the PS4 and Linux versions, so perhaps that was a business decision that was necessary, albeit at the expense of provoking anger for a subset of its core players.

    What’s more frustrating is that it was announced back in December 2016 that the Ultimate Edition was coming and the ETA at that time was “Early 2017”. Now, nine months later, after being ported to Steam and XBOX, that ETA is now “by the end of the year” for PS4 and Linux. In all honesty, it’s tough to be hyped about a release date that’s more than likely to be pushed back to 2018, if history serves as a precedent. Can you at least promise that the Linux version will not released BEFORE the PS4 version ? What’s your level of confidence that it will be released before December 31, 2017 ?

  • My stepbrother’s gonna be psyched to hear this!

  • Awesome to see this. focusing on more platforms is the way to go!

  • Correction: Meant brother-in-law, I’m a big stupid poopyhead.

  • Finally. It’s been worth the wait.

  • Will the Xbox One version be a “Play Anywhere” title?

  • Metanet. Please. Linux port WHEN? It’s been “Soon” for at least a YEAR now.

  • @Scott: The XB1 version is limited to only XB1; the PC version is available only through Steam at the moment.

    @Joshua Barrett: I’m really sorry about that; we only have a single programmer and as higher-priority issues arose (UE, bugfixing UE, XB1) Linux kept getting bumped off the top of the list. Once UE is out on PS4 there will be nothing else left standing in our way — it should happen in 2017.

    @morggo: we really value our PS4 fans as they were the first people to support us, and we’re frustrated with how things have panned out with UE on PS4. Unfortunately — and as you suggested — our problem was that the XB1 version had to take priority over PS4, or else we risked running out of resources before the XB1 port was finished, which would have been disastrous. As I mentioned to Joshua, now that XB1 is done, the next item on our agenda is getting UE out on PS4 ASAP. Thank you so much for your patience and support, I’m sorry it’s been so frustrating but I promise it will be worth the wait! 🙂

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