The N++ Ultimate Edition update is here!

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Yes, it is time. First off, stop what you’re doing, put some headphones on and watch that video above, the Ultimate Edition launch trailer we made! We love it so much, it’s so cool and unexpected and badass 😀 Go, go!

So good, right? We hope it’s gotten you as excited as we are about the Ultimate Edition — we’ve been working on this update since late 2015, and we are so happy that it’s finally time to release it into the world. There’s something for everyone, whether they’re a fan of the series of brand new to the phenomenon that is N++. There’s so much to talk about, so let’s get started!

Look at that gorgeous piece of promotional art created by everyone’s favourite art ninja, Federico Leandro Rodríguez! Stunning.

The Ultimate Edition is a milestone — with it, we finally realize our vision for what N++ was meant to be. A vast and varied platformer as precise and satisfying to play as it is to look at; a game that has no skill-ceiling and encourages you to continue to reach new heights of ninja glory; a design so beautiful and minimal as to be timeless, levels and possibilities stretching out to infinity. At this point N++ is so huge, you could play it for a few minutes a day for the rest of your life — and that’s before we even get to the level editor and player-made levels!

What’s new in the Ultimate Edition update? So much. It’s so big, it’s like a second N++. The Ultimate Edition has taken over a year to create and perfect, and we’ve added 60 dynamic new colour schemes, new levels, new ninja headbands, new secrets and more.

The Ultimate Edition doubles the size of N++, bringing the total to an unprecedented 4340 hand-crafted, finely-tuned levels. Play through the lengthy and challenging Solo campaign, or with friends in Couch Co-op and Race (Competitive). We’ve also added a brand new mode, called Hardcore, which changes the rules of the game and lets you see Solo in a whole new light. Hardcore mode is all about pure skill and grace under pressure, a true challenge for Ultimate ninjas!


And as our gift to you, the Ultimate Edition is completely free — we wanted to show our appreciation for our players by making N++ even bigger and better, and also to encourage new players to give N++ a try because there’s just so much to love in it. If you’ve been on the fence, now’s a great time to see what N++ is all about!

We’re so proud of N++, and how far we’ve come over the last few years, and we think the Ultimate Edition update is really special. We can’t wait for you all to try it! This update means N++ could truly last a lifetime — it’s the last platformer you’ll ever need. We hope you enjoy it — please help us continue to spread the word! 😀

Available April 21 on Steam, and coming soon for PS4.

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