N++ Ultimate Edition is coming soonish!

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..But we’re not quite ready to say exactly when yet 🙂

In case you’re just joining us, we announced earlier that a major update is coming to N++. We’re in the final stages of development, mainly testing and tweaking to make sure everything is perfect. This update is huuuuuuuge, so we want to be sure everything is where it needs to be before we send it out into the world. It’ll be ready in the next month or two — please keep an eye on our twitter for the release date announcement.

(We were really hoping to get it out on Steam during Q1, however there was a bit of a snafu and as a result we’ve had to move it to a later release window; the good news for you is that more time means more iteration, and hopefully fewer bugs when it’s released. The update will be ported to PS4 as soon as possible as well!)

Linux is also coming soon, but that’s a few months out. Sorry for the delay Linux friends, but rest assured, N++ is on the way!

While we’re at it, why not a quick update on the future in general? We’re hoping to bring N++ to more platforms, specifically the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. In a perfect world, we’d love to bring it to the PSVita as well.

With the limited resources we have, we’re not going to be able to do everything we would like to, but we’re determined to keep supporting N++ and bringing it to as many players as we can, because — especially with the Ultimate update — this is the best game we’ve ever made, and more people deserve to know about it! 😀

So that’s the plan. And aside from that, we’re working on prototyping a few small things and generally letting the flow of game design run through us. We don’t yet know where it will take us, but we’re quite happy with that. We’re not rushing to the next big project — we will keep supporting N++ while experimenting, and see where the ideas take us 🙂

As always, we’ll keep you posted!

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  • Hey there,
    take your time and deliver the very best. That’s what you usually do!
    I am really looking forward to the Ultimate Edition(++)!

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  • Pretty please, bring it to the Vita, it is really a perfect platform for this game. Crowdfunding, anything, just make it a Reality. Without this port, the world can’t be perfect.

  • I’d buy it again on the Vita for sure. Best of luck to you guys!

  • Agreed! N++ is an incredible game with ambitious scope. Keep working on the small things. That’s what makes N++ special 🙂

  • So happy to hear you are dedicating time into making this update amazing! I’m still having an awesome time with N++, fleshing out my all-golds and making my way through legacy mode =)


  • If you can get this ported to switch sooner rather than later you would most certainly have a slam dunk.

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  • Thank you all so much for the support! 🙂

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  • Awesome! And, just curious, do you plan on porting to mobile? (for example, Android/iOS)

  • @Josh: Unfortunately, no — we really don’t think that N++ would work without buttons, it’s just such a precise game that virtual buttons would make it pretty unplayable. :/

  • @M&R Darn! 🙁
    But thanks for letting me know’

  • (in reply to my previous post) And I do see your point. It’s hard enough WITH physical buttons. 🙂

  • @Josh: no worries — thanks for understanding! 🙂

  • Its been over a month now… wheres the ultimate edition???

  • I would absolutely LOVE seeing this game on Switch. It feels like a perfect title for it

  • @Turbo: you won’t have to wait much longer 😉
    @Sean: we’re working on making that happen! We’d love to see it on Switch too 🙂

  • Vita & Switch owner here. As much as I love the Vita, I have to say that the Switch is the ultimate platform for this game. N++ doesn’t rely on graphics that push technology to the limits, so system parity between PS4 and X1, isn’t an issue. I imagine the game will perform just as fine on the Switch. Furthermore, the comfort of being able to go back and forth between the portable and the big screen…

    I am really looking forward to a Switch port and even as a Vita owner, understand the practical concerns of developing for a system with such a low user base and–being real here–a handheld with a limited future.

  • Also Vita & Switch owner here, but I disagree with PsychoSeoul. I rarely bring Switch outside because it’s not just as portable as other handhelds like 3DS or Vita. Vita is a powerful device to fully run N++, and there’s no need to keep it exclusive to Switch, or to either one of the system.

    Outsourcing for a port would be extremely beneficial. A company I work for has done it. It was very profitable as it caught more attention than any other platforms (free advertisement and more attention from the community as there are less games coming out), and had a stable income.

  • If this can land on the switch sooner rather than later, I think the player base for it would expand overwhelmingly and the attention would certainly help sales on the other platforms. N++ on the switch seems so perfect that, to me, it is almost like the switch was made for Metanet to bring N++ to it!!

  • thanks! we’re really hoping we can bring N++ to the Switch as well, it’s such a great system and would be a perfect fit for N++!

  • Please port it to the Vita, loved N+ on PSP. Playstation is where I wanna be the stick.

  • I love this game. I always wanted to get N+ for Xbox 360, but didn’t have the money or the system. Now I have the money, so I bought it and its expansions, in hope to be able to play them on a shiny new Xbox One in a few months. Meanwhile, I do have a PC, so once I found out about N++ on Steam, I did not hesitate to buy it. It’s been awesome! Being a Linux fan as well, I can’t *wait* for a port to my preferred platform of choice. I just bought a second copy of the game for a friend–I get no benefit, but I’m hoping the extra money gets put to good use. I will buy the Xbox One version of N++ as soon as I can, and hopefully you guys can come up with some deal with Nintendo to allow you to port it to the Switch. No doubt, I will support you guys with a Switch purchase as well–I think the game would be absolutely *amazing* on such a hybrid system!

  • Still very waiting for Linux port!

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