A Quick Word.. Plus a Walking Robot!

16 Sep / by: M&R / 11 comments /

Sorry for the lack of updates.. we had a big XBLA milestone on friday, and now we’re off to the Tokyo Game Show. Once we get back, things should settle down quite a bit — we’ll finally be able to return to working on Robotology!

Since we’re travelling to the land that’s all about the robots, it seems only fitting to put up our walking robot demo. We were originally saving this for after a few more physics demos, but what the hell..

(if you fling it around violently enough, you might encounter some problems — the legs can turn inside-out! we’re flying in 4 hours, and we didn’t have time to add angular constraints to keep the knees bending the right way..)

This is only a first step (ugh) towards having lumbering robots to run around on and interact with — the biped is simply playing back a pre-recorded walking animation. The next step is to add some procedural animation so that the robot tries to stay balanced, etc.

Anyway, enjoy!

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  • Awesome! I can’t wait to see where you guys take this. Enjoy the game show

  • That robot is brilliant! Hahahahah!

  • Heheh, what an eccentric prototype. Have fun in Japan.

  • I can just imagine a giant boss robot made up of hundreds of those little shapes, all moving together…
    awesome. can’t wait!

  • You said “lumbering robots to run around on” and the first thing I think of is shadow of the colossus. How amazingly cool would that be if the whole levels ended up being big robots themselves, and we are just little robots who run around the inside/on top of the bigger massive robots! ooh.


  • That’s exactly what I thought when they were talking about other robots. Riding one giant robot, with large robots on it, with little robots on those. It would be so cool! what would be even better is if there was a level editor. Judging by how it’s working, you could make your own enemies and such.

  • finally got to play with your little demo, is sweet, especially laying the guy on his side and watch him try to push himself around 😛

    (did i really just assign gender to a pair of robot legs?? yes, i did)

  • definitely a cool demo. i found it was actually quite difficult to keep him standing up. LOL! but obviously thats partly due to the lack of procedural animation, and partly due to my lack of skill! :p

    im not going to lie, this demo got me quite excited. i can’t wait to see something like this in a game environment.

  • SO.. im not REALLY here to criticize, but you guys NEED more exposure.

    i don’t care what it takes, force your higherups to spend more money promoting your game!

    its going to be awesome, but guess what, unless it reaches a bigger audience, marketing-wise, you guys are NOT going to do as well as i am hoping.

    so.. come on… do some interviews, release a compelling gameplay video, do something to get people excited!

    i hope you guys are at least planning to do something more as the days approaching the release come.

  • do you mean for N+, or Robotology?

    We’re so far from done Robotology that there’s really no point in starting to spread the word!

    But definitely we’ll be doing some marketing stuff in the next month or two for N+.

  • sorry, i DEFINITELY meant for N+

    as excited as i am for robotology, it seems to be very much a distant point on the horizon to me as well.. and i actually really want you guys to take your time on it.. even just hearing the story of its birth is enough to get me excited about it.

    but for N+.. ya.. im glad to hear you plan to market it a lot.

    you need like.. a commercial on TV… and banner ads.. and Q&A in gamer mags.

    N is so awesome, but its audience is so small! i just don’t want the mass audience to MISS it. im afraid they will…

    the thing about N is that it PLAYS so well… it may not look as pretty as every other game out there (although i very much dig the look)…

    maybe you guys could even release a demo level.

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