Platform-Specific N+ Levels: Bad Choice?

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We just came across this comment (by NAUGHT); it caught us rather off guard as we never considered having different levels for each version of N+ to be a bad thing.

In fact, using the same maps for DS/PSP was suggested by the developers, and we actually argued against it since we figured it might piss people off — it just seemed cheap and lazy to us. It’s sort of amusing that we’re being accused of some vast conspiracy for not cutting corners!

Having the same levels on all versions isn’t even possible, because each version is going to be a bit different.. I don’t know how much we can say at this point, but at the very least you can imagine that the dimensions of the levels might vary when the displays in question vary from HD-TV to PSP. Several other aspects of the game are going to work a bit differently on handheld vs XBLA.

Given the above, we figured it would be better to make each level specifically for each platform, instead of making a single level and adapting it.. that way each idea is more suited to the platform instead of just shoehorned in. Maybe it was stupid to assume that more levels was better than less levels?

Finally, there will be at least two people who will be playing it on all systems: us! And frankly we’d rather not be bored to tears beating the same damn level thrice. Is having the same game on several systems weird? We’ve got Super Mario World on three different consoles..

Anyway, there doesn’t really seem to be a down side to having each game come with unique levels — unless for some reason you become obsessed with the thought that somewhere out there are levels you haven’t played. Waiting. Out there. Alone.

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  • I think that people want to only buy one version, and they’re a bit annoyed that they’re only getting a third of all the mapmaking efforts put into the game. If SUBLiME had been for all versions at once, there would obviously be all the good maps in every version, rather than having them spread out.

    Not that I mind, i figure if there’s an editor you can have as many maps as you want.

  • I think it was a good idea to have different levels for each console.
    Playing N on the Xbox will feel completely different to playing it on the PSP, and the Nintendo DS has a different screen size the the PSP, so if the same levels were used for all three then N+ would probably be a big let down for me. I’d hate to play a squashed down xbox map on a PSP, and playing an enlarged map from the PSP on the Xbox would be just as bad.

    Each console will have a different feel to it, and so should N+ on each in my opinion. You made the right choice.

  • I agree with you guys

    PS: the ‘this comment’ link doesn’t work anymore…

  • I think kotaku’s php server was just a bit strained, it’s fine now..

  • Obviously, since the size of each system’s screen differs, the maps can’t be the same. It’s not some evil moneymaking plot, it’s the way things happen, and I think it takes some stones to assume otherwise.

  • If they get upset about missing a level, they can build the “missing” level with the level editor. Just roll with it 😀

  • Having different levels for each version of N+ is an excellent idea that shows that you guys really are putting your all into customizing the design for each system. If you used the same levels for all three versions, this same asshole would be complaining that the graphics are stretched on the widescreen systems. You can’t win against some people, so just roll with the punches and keep doing what you’re doing!

    As a side note, putting these games out on a console is (*surprise surprise*) a business venture, and so encouraging people to buy multiple copies of your game is certainly not a bad way to go financially either. Of course multiple sales is a plus, but you can make a good business decision that is also good for the consumer, and that’s what you’ve done by allowing access to 3x the content you normally would!

    There’s always a bitcher. These people won’t be happy no matter what you give them, because they genuinely love to complain. Eff him, you’re doing a great job 🙂

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  • […] at their blog, the Metanetters have been discussing the ‘unique levels for each SKU’ concept – here’s what they think: “Anyway, […]

  • i actually downloaded all the different editors just to see how the different screen sizes would work.

    i didnt submit the levels i made because i didnt feel i had made anything worthy of being shipped on disk.

    i regret not sending my levels in after seeing the selected winners. i felt my psp level had more potential than some of those chosen.

    not to mention that you are sending N related goodies to many who participated.

    boy did i screw up with THAT one

    P.S. PS3 network version PLEASE!

  • I agree that objection to this likely stems from a feeling like, “so I don’t get this level, unless I buy a PSP?”

    Also, there was probably some naive hope that one could take their progress with them on the road, and then transfer it back to their computer when they got home.

    I personally don’t plan on buying a DS or PSP, but I don’t really feel like I’m missing much. Of course, I’ve only begun to feel addicted to this game.

  • Personally I think it’s a good idea. And if you really want to play a level that’s on another console, get a picture of it, and try remake it in the editor. Anyways, even if the maps are the same, it just wouldn’t be the same. I think many people don’t realize it was coded for three separate platforms, made by three separate companies, with three separate programming languages ( or at least I should presume three different languages. I have not personally looked into console programming ), and the physics aren’t exactly the same.

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