UFN (Unidentified Flying Ninja)

18 Dec / by: M&R / 27 comments /

We were just sent this video — apparently taken by a resourceful eye-witness.

Sightings of gold-thirsty ninjas in and around urban areas have been increasingly common in the past couple weeks.. thankfully we have the robots to keep them at bay!


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  • Sweet. That gets me pumped. Do you guys have an idea when the XBLA version will be out for download?

  • aww, he should have been wearing that red headband thing you were handing out

  • hopefully this will be out on XBLA very soon.. however we still don’t know when πŸ™

  • Lol, i wonder, when the japanese people really play N in real life… (Look at Tetris or Pacman)
    I can’t wait to play N+, but unfortunately I don’t have an xbox πŸ™

  • I love the video, And can’t wait for the game. One thing has been bugging me ever since I heard there would be co-op though.. Will there just be multiplayer on one console, or are you adding online play?

    Or is it a secret?

  • makes me wish i had an xbox πŸ™‚

  • I WANTS 3D N

  • the XBLA version has online multiplayer. hooray!

    unlike retail games, this will still be on sale in a couple years — so you can try it when the NEXT next-gen consoles are out and 360s are dirt cheap πŸ™‚

  • What is the name of that awesome song in that awesome video?

  • the music is from the XBLA version (I think it’s the title theme).

  • lol.. awesome video, although i’ve got to say, i prefer the game in 2d.

    i was hoping that guy would try some wall jumps. oh well.

    i just saw the N+ trailer on Kotaku. i was hoping you’d have an HD version for download on this site.

    any chance of that anytime soon? i’d love to see how the game looks in crisp clear definition.

    also.. are you saying the psp version doesn’t have online multiplayer? the psp is capable of online multiplayer.

    im going to be SO pissed if you guys just aren’t even trying on the psp version. COME ON guys. ugh!!!! stop focussing on just the xbla version.

  • also, i want to clarify that just now i read your post in the previous entry, regarding multiplayer and everything about how the psn didn’t seem feasible at the time..

    and i’ll admit you did convince me of your integrity, and judgment.

    i retract my angered rant at the end of my previous post.

    i just felt so sad to see how great this xbla version looks, and hearing about all its cool features and knowing that i won’t get to play it. and that instead i’m getting a version that you guys didn’t really even work on to the same degree.

    a little disheartening, even though i’m still SO excited. i hope you understand where i’m coming from.

    i just really REALLY wish it could have come out for the psn as well, even though i understand it didn’t seem feasible to you guys at the time.

    i guess, i should just say that its all looking really really amazing.. and i seriously think of n as one of the most amazing games i’ve ever played. so keep up the hard work.

    and NEXT time… PSN! :p lol. man… i really love how you added a dynamic zoom for the xbla version though, on a big tv screen, thats going to look amazing. and the cool trail that the rockets have! ahhh.. and i love the drones. so stoked.

  • we are involved in the handhelds, we’re just not in charge of that project so we can really only act as advisors (makings lists of things to change/fix with each revision, etc).

    we’re also disappointed that we signed the exclusivity on XBLA, since now the PSN games seem a lot more like what we’re interested in. alas..

  • Isn’t the very fact that we know Ninjas exist an oxymoron?

  • it’s true, the ninja is well identified in the credits..

  • Seems like ive been waiting months and months for some news then yay it happened when I read the “N+ XBLA Coming So Soon We Can Almost Taste It.” and thought yay not much longer but its been 3 weeks now, and not even a release date :'( The wait is killing me!

  • “we’re also disappointed that we signed the exclusivity on XBLA, since now the PSN games seem a lot more like what we’re interested in. alas..”

    is it a LIFElong exclusivity deal? what are the terms?

    how long are you exclusive for? and is it just for N+ or for ALL N games?

  • It’s just for N+, it’s not for forever.

    We’re back in the cert queue, so very soon now!

  • Just posted a hands-on of N+ on our blog:

    Basic rundown, but I thought you guys might dig it πŸ™‚

  • PlayStation sucks.
    Well, at least the PS3 does; I liked everything before it (including the PSP).

    Anyway, that is kinda lame that you guys signed an exclusivity deal, especially after realizing that the PSN is another worthy place to put your game…but what does N+ have to do with you liking the PSN games?

  • awesome, thanks rusty!

  • Thanks for answering my question.

  • I had a question…are you guys going to support level sharing on Xbox Live somehow? How does level browsing/file sharing work?

  • Sorry this has probably already been asked, and I should know it considering how much I visit this blog…. but is there some sort of Ned for the xbla version?

  • @F: we just thought the games on PSN seemed to fit better with N+ — at least half of the PSN library are games that we’d play.

    @R: we are supporting online level sharing, however it remains to be seen how this is actually handled (there are 2 methods working, however the lawyers may or may not allow one of them)

    @S: there’s a built-in level editor

  • Any idea on how long the cert queue will take? I’m checking the blog almost daily for updates…

  • hopefully we’ll be able to say soon..

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