Contesque 1: Level Names — Winners!

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Originally posted by M&R | July 23, 2008

The first N+ Downloadable Levelpack releases today (it’s up right now!), which is really exciting.

We tried to make everyone happy: there are 150 “easier” Singleplayer levels, which should ease the pain of those who have found N+ too difficult, and 50 Co-op Multiplayer levels, which should appeal to even the most hard-core N+ players. Plus, a fun surprise still shrouded in secrecy! At 200pts, that works out to 1 pt per level — great value and a virtually guaranteed good time.

PDLC0 is only 284k — if you start downloading right now, you’ll probably be finished by the end of this sentence!


On to the Contesque winners. So first off, thanks to all the participants in our contesque. We know it must have been difficult because the level of silly in our level names is so high and probably unpredictable (to others), but we hope it was at least fun. We also hope you’ll come back for the next contesques, which will launch prior to the release of N+ PDLC1 and 2.


You can find the answers here.

It was a very close race! We decided that instead of awarding prizes to only the top 3, we would give the top 5 a copy of N+ XBLA, ’cause that’s how we roll. The top winner will also receive the aforementioned copy of OXM UK featuring exclusive N+ gamerpics and themes, and the N+ Moleskine notebook. Without further ado, the winners:


Dan F.
Kevin d.
Joseph D.
And the top winner is:
Brian E.


Congratulations, winners! We have replied to your contesque submission email with your prize. Please email us back!

Thanks again, everyone, and good luck next time!

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