N+ Level Pack Contesque: Part the Second

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It’s that time again! The second pack of new N+ levels for N+ XBLA will be out on Wednesday September 10, and that means we’ve got another contesque for you.


The contesque is open to everyone, world-wide. It closes September 10 at 9am EST. That means it will be open for one week only, so get those submissions in fast! Only one per person, so make sure it’s your best guess. The three entrants with the most correct guesses will each receive a copy of N+ for XBLA, plus a new N+ button and N+ sticker by mail (to see what those look like, check out the last picture in any listing in our merch shop) and the person with the most correct guesses will also receive a swanky, super-rare N+ tshirt donated by Klei Entertainment, who had them printed up for PAX.

We’ve decided to again celebrate the unique level names you’ll find in N+ XBLA. Which 7 of the following 28 are NOT referenced in levelpack 2?


01. 30 Rock
02. Arrested Development
03. Barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden
04. Batman
05. Blade Runner
06. Cromartie High School
07. Futurama
08. Ghost in the Shell
09. Halo
10. Metal Slug
11. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
12. Mystery Men
13. News Radio
14. Nintendo Wii
15. Peggle
16. Quake
17. Robocop
18. Saturday Night Live
19. Star Wars: A New Hope
20. Star Wars: Episode I
21. Strange Adventures in Infinite Space
22. Terminator 2
23. The Hills
24. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
25. The Mighty Boosh
26. The Princess Bride
27. Turbo-grafix 16
28. Wolfenstein 3D


Email your 7 guesses to PDLC1 [at] metanetsoftware [dot] com, subject line “Contesque 2 Submission”. Be sure to include the numbers from the above list! If you are a winner, we will email you to let you know, and to get a mailing address so we can send your button and sticker.

Read the official rules and FAQ here.


You can see the entire list of level names for N+ XBLA here. This list will be updated with the new level names when the contesque closes.

Curious about our level naming tradition? Check out this page.

That’s it for now — good luck, everyone!


EDIT: we’ve added new prizes and adjusted the contesque end date/time because of our site’s recent downtime — read this post for more!


p.s – note that the email address is “PDLC1” and not “PDLC2”, because the first levelpack was PDLC0, making the second one PDLC1.. it’s a bit confusing 😉

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