N+ Levelpack 2: Now Available!

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Yes, it’s finally here! Today, September 10, 2008 you can get the second (of three) downloadable levelpacks for N+ XBLA. Woohoo!

This set of levels contains 150 “harder” singleplayer levels, 50 “regular difficulty” multiplayer race levels and 25 “regular difficulty” multiplayer survival levels; it costs 200 points, which is less than 1 point per level! And, you get all that plus some surprising new ninja costumes. Check it out now!

As usual, the size of the download is crazy small, but we think you’ll agree, the content itself is phenomenally large. Okay so that didn’t make much sense, but we think you know what we mean 🙂


So far the best entry for Contesque #2 has guessed 4 out of 7 references correctly.. keep those entries coming, you’ve only got a little less than 24 hours left! We’ll post the winners after the contesque closes tomorrow. Good luck!


More Robotology posts are coming soon…stay tuned!

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  • Wait… If it’s already out, what stops anyone from knowing the level names and sending you the right answer right away?

  • Most references are not exactly obvious. 🙂
    Plus, playing through all 150 of those levels while attempting to research the names doesn’t sound like an easy task.

  • sounds like an impossible task, i can’t even make myself try.

    anyways, looking forward to the next robotology post. those are always so interesting, and i feel like i learn so much! you guys have a great ability to explain retardedly complex stuff in a way that i can understand! bravo!

    anyways, an nv1.5 update would be sweet too. lol. man you guys have a lot of amazing stuff that your working on. im so excited for all of it.

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