Technical Difficulties…

05 Sep / by: M&R / 3 comments /

Sorry about that, everyone, it appears our webhost is still having some technical difficulties. The site and blog appear to be back and finally functioning properly again, so the contesque is once again open.

Because of the idiotic downtime, we will be extending the contesque for one day, and adding some new prizes to the mix:


The entrant with the most correct guesses will still receive a ninja tshirt (size L), N+ sticker and button, plus a copy of N+ XBLA.

The second and third place entrants will now win their choice of EITHER an N+ outlines tshirt like this one (plus sticker and button) OR a copy of N+ XBLA (plus sticker and button).


So don’t forget, the contesque now closes on September 11, 2008 at 9am EST. Email your entries (as per the Contesque: Part the Second post) to PDLC1 [at] metanetsoftware [dot] com, subject line “Contesque 2 Submission”.

Good luck!

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  • Is the new entry deadline after the release of the levels? Will that allow people to figure out all 7 correct answers?

  • yes it is, and no, we don’t think it’ll give people an advantage. We tend to get pretty obscure with our references 🙂

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