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We don’t want to sound paranoid, but it seems like people are trying to start controversy where none exists!

We recently did a short interview with Ryan Rigney (who also wrote this article on N+). In it, we mentioned that there was a limit to the amount of saved data that could be stored by a given XBLA title. We didn’t say this limit was “stupid”, because it’s not — it’s understandable.

So it makes us suspect a conspiracy — or at least someone somewhere being a complete tool — when this same interview is linked to with the overly sensational (if not completely fictitious) headline “N+ Creators Unhappy With Microsoft“.

To nip this in the bud: if you read the actual interview, you will see that while we do point out two things we ran into problems with (saved data limit and level sharing), we’re not “unhappy” with Microsoft about them — in the latter case we even expressed that this was an understandable decision on the part of the lawyers, in response to the constraints of what could and couldn’t be done to remove offensive leaderboard content!

Seriously.. WTF?!?!?!

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  • The Internet hates you?

  • Yeah, that’s dumb. Come on now! It’s like that telephone game everyone played in elementary school… and instead of misinterpreting the original message after many turns, it’s like it was a telephone game of TWO PEOPLE.

    What the junk, N4G!

  • I’ve had this happen a number of times as well.

    It’s always annoying, gives me gray hairs and makes me just want to stop talking to “journalists”.

    Perhaps we should start a Developer Interview Blacklist as a mechanism to discourage this kind of behavior. Otherwise, there’s no downside at all — hey, they got a lot of hits for that headline!

  • This is even worse — the actual interviewer was fine, it was “news” sites linking to the interview which added the spin!!


  • Oh yeah, I love that even more.

  • That’s the media for ya. They will always twist your words around to achieve the almighty dollar.

    It’s a little sad, actually.

  • you should do a new interview and submit it as “N+ Creators Unhappy With N4G”


  • LOL @ Jon!!

  • Hey, this isn’t relative to this post, but I’m not sure if you guys keep up with older post comments. Did you ever get your hands on Little Big Planet? It seemed like a game that was up your alley, but all the other games people recommend to you don’t seem to make an impact on you.

  • Yeah, we’re really enjoying LBP right now. What were the other recommended games? I don’t really remember that..

  • uhh somebody had mentioned a game, that you related to tower defense? And I vaguely remember either you getting a PS3 or having time to play some fresh games recently. I may be delusional, but I could’ve sworn it was a recent topic of discussion….

  • Oh, Monsters — we tried it at a friend’s house, and since it was our least favorite of the Pixeljunk series (we’ve got Racers and Edan) we figured we have enough games for now.. we need to leave some time for doing work! 🙂

  • I like Jonathan Mak’s suggestion. 😀
    …Really, you should do that.

  • Hey Guys,

    Sensationalism at its finest. I Stopped visiting N4G for these exact reasons. The top posters go completely overboard to try and get most viewed story at the expensive of negative publicity for those concerned, they’re a bunch of twats. The author who posted the news story on N4G should be black listed by the media.

  • The majority of people at N4G are all for Sony and down with 360. Like the guy above me, its exactly why I stopped going.

  • Conspiracy!!!

  • i don’t like it

  • I like it

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