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Well, the polls are closed and N is out 🙁

We are disappointed, but are happy to lose to a game that people feel so passionate about — that is, simply, a beautiful thing. Congrats, Torchlight, and good luck to all the games in the next bracket. Thanks to DIYGamer for holding a fun contest, and for making N a part of it!

Being a part of this tournament was an overwhelmingly positive experience for us — we were so inspired to see the response N received, it was really encouraging. Reading the comments here and on the tournament pages, and seeing so many votes and so much incredible support for N made us remember how awesome all of you guys are, and we want to enthusiastically thank you for that 😀

You guys rock.

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  • please do a follow up post with the number of votes in each

  • We don’t know the number of votes.. there’s only a percentage for each game 🙁

  • If there was only a way for the community to remind you how much we love you both on a daily basis. Motivation is at least 80% of all programs.

  • All this N talk has got me excited even more for 1.5

    I sincerely hope it’s going to run well on my linux netbook (other versions don’t) *crossing fingers*

  • You guys have an official facebook page? maybe make one for each game?

  • N is better for me!

  • That poll was sort of crazy.
    Cave Story out in the first round? Cave Story?!

    By the way, I sent you an email. Did you get it yet?

  • no — actually thanks for this note since we just discovered another email you sent in February!! jeez..

  • Is the title of this a reference to Portal by any chance 🙂

  • correct! 🙂

  • Remeber that andriod hell IS a real place where you WILL be sent at the first sign on non-compliance.

  • I have a request of you guys. Could you re-compile v1.4 for OS X to an Intel compatible build?

    I just recently finally upgraded from my aging powerbook (3 years late to the intel party). I am currently sitting at my Grandma’s house stealing the neighbors slow wifi, and figured N would be a nice small game DL to occupy my spare time here, and then found out along with N, I would also have to DL Rosetta, which is considerably larger to the point of not being worth it :/

  • Again, You guys should definitely make an ipod app! i would definitely get it and n’s the kind of game thats simple but addicting that all the other games in the app store are like.

  • hay you got the thank you for helping us help you help us all from portal llolz GlaDos said it in the game lolz

  • I had to consciously think of the url to this website today, that means I’m in deserving of a new post to refresh my memory.

  • Moar noos!

  • *cricket*

  • So that means N 1.5 isnt comming?

  • hey are you guys still working on N v1.5?
    just wondering because i’ve had N for 5 years now and it still was 1.4 back then.
    I’m just really eager to see new stuff in N so please respond to me as soon as possible.

  • They haven’t said anything here since July. This can only mean one thing: Both of them died in unrelated skydiving accidents at the same time so neither of them could come back to this website to say anything about the other’s death. R.I.P (=P)

  • there’s a post written.. we’re just waiting for some pics to go with it 🙂

  • so thats it? the wifi for this game doesn’t work anymore just because its dead? i just got this game. dang it.

  • Dear metanet, I’m a big fan of N, and am REALLY looking forward to v1.5. But it’s been a looooon wait…so can you roll it out soon, please? Anyway keep up the good work.

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