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02 Feb / by: M&R / 17 comments /

To boost morale and help us express our appreciation for various inspiring people, interests and games, we have decided to start a secret project, part of which requires us to get a few small things printed every year. This year, due to an oversight by the printer, we have some extras.

And so, if you’d like to receive a special limited-edition card from Metanet this year via snail-mail, email your mailing address to metanet [AT] metanetsoftware [DOTCOM] (subject line: “Lettermail”) and we’ll send you one! This invitation is open to everyone, worldwide — we’ll accept requests until we run out of cards (and will post on the blog when that happens), and we will only use the address you send us for this mail-out (i.e. no spam).

N fans should be particularly tickled by this design, but we’ll go as far as to say everyone will enjoy this little bit of happiness in card form.

(edited to add some clarification)

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  • Oh, goodie!

  • i am very nice update lots of love (l.o.l.) my mailing list is it emial or reeel mial house adress

  • @gloomp: It’s physical, postal-system-mail. So just email us (subject line “Lettermail”) your real-world mailing address, and we’ll send out a card. You don’t have to live in North America, either — we’ll mail cards to anywhere in the world!

    oh, and we won’t abuse/sell/give away/etc your address 🙂

  • Glad you guys are still in the game, no pun intended.

  • I don’t know who made the comment up there, but it wasn’t me. I am definitely not /that/ stupid. Just felt like it was important to note that.

  • 😀

    I actually wouldn’t mind getting stuff from mail-outs. From Metanet.

  • Raise your hand if you assumed gloomp was drunk.

  • *Raises Hand*

  • lol

  • *Raises both hands*

  • Nice to see you’re posting normally again.

  • So lots of us seem to have forgotton to put our real names in these e-mails, including me. Will it come through the mail addressed to Destiny?

    Also, this does not count as your february blog as it says nothing about your workings.


  • I really dont want to send my address cause of some parental reasons and im really curious so cant i just get a pic of it 😛

  • “Also, this does not count as your february blog as it says nothing about your workings.”

    Bang-on my good friend. Well spotted. 😉

  • I wonder what it could be…?

  • P.S. lettermail?

  • […] and fifty of these were sent out earlier this month to everyone who requested for it on their blog, and the 2011 cards were personally signed by Mare and Raigan with the message “Stay […]

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