A Tiring October

31 Oct / by: M&R / 25 comments /

We’re back from Indiecade and have had a hectic month full of meetings and scrambling to accomplish something. It’s been busy, but not as busy with game-development as we’d like, so we’re a little behind. Down, but definitely not out.


This was our first time at Indiecade, and it was great to see all of our game-developer friends, and meet some new ones. There were lots of inspiring talks and discussions, a couple really great parties, and generally not enough sleep. Our friends at Bigpants won the audience choice award for their game The Depths To Which I Sink: congratulations Em and Jim!


Mare made the IGF deadline with Yeti, which means it’s ready for you all to try as well! It’s an experimental and quirky adventure game that explores the humble beginnings of the intrepid Yeti you’ll get to know more in Office Yeti. Check it out here (download is Windows-only, but it works on Mac with Wineskin):

Bonus exclusive just for you, dear readers — some character wallpapers!

We hope you enjoy them.


So that’s it for this month’s post. We’re still working on N and are currently in the middle of a couple other things — we’re hoping to have some exciting news for you in the next month or two. Stay tuned!

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  • The game was great, haha. And keep up the good work!

  • Pretty cool news, thanks.

  • Awesome, i just tried it, good job you did here, thanks 😀

  • How long to wait N1.5?

  • Hey M&R,

    This is awesome I really enjoyed playing through it. I am excited to see what comes next. On such a celebratory day I hate to be the one to dampen the mood, but there is an issue I must address.

    The Hackers on the N highscore boards. We all know this to be a huge problem. There are over 4000 hacked scores. That is over ONE THIRD of all of the total scores. That is not something you or any of us in the community want. This problem could easily be dealt with. I can even personally give you a list of every score that is impossible to achieve and therefore was submitted by people who hacked their .sol files and submitted fake scores.

    So please take a few minutes out of your day to delete these scores from your highscore sever and myself and the fan community will be eternally grateful.

    Thank you so much for everything you have done.


    Metanet Forum Moderator

  • I wonder if it’s possible to create N v1.5 aswel as a N v1.4.1

    For v1.5 – as i understand you are going to fix all cheatable objects (mainly, down facing one-way platforms) & this will break about 30-40% of all replays (but will also be helpful for mappers to know their maps can’t be cheated)

    For v1.4.1 – you are to “upgrade” N (mainly NED), so i was wondering if you could simply copy or create a version of v1.5 but with the objects still cheatable & just adding some visual upgrades & maybe NReality/modmaster objects (but i’m unsure if UnReality has shown you what & how he has done what he’s done)

    While writing a new comment for “The September Issue” i thought about the mapper being able to select the colour of a drone, but this would cause a massive amount of confusion & anguish, but then i thought that you can already change the colour of an object with NReality so…

    What about unlocking an object colour editor (excluding drone colours) for completing the new N story, i understand that you are going to have all new levels, but i am unsure if you are going to still have the old levels & if you are going to have the legacy levels, when you beat N you get the custom ninja colour/flavour, if you keep the N story then i would presume you would keep this reward, but if you have another 1000 levels (v1.5 story & legacy story) then a reward for beating v1.5 story could be an object colour editor & considering UnReality implimented the legacy story into his NReality i am unsure about the legacy story

  • I think telling us to stay tuned about N v1.5 is pretty unrealizable request :/

    About the Office Yeti – is it also going to be an adventure?

  • I’m very glad to see the progress you’re making, the new game’s looking good. I’m holding you to your N v1.5 by-the-end-of-this-year promise, ’cause we’re all waiting!
    I completely second TheRealOne’s proposal to well, do something, about the absurd hacked high scores.
    Oh, and do update the credits page too. It still takes you to harveycartel. Cheers!

  • Also, i had an idea for checkpoints

    And for each level with checkpoints you are given 5 lives, once these 5 lives are lost you no longer respawn at the checkpoint

    also, lets say there is a very long part at the start of a map, you then collect a checkpont after all that, a difficult challenge like area is ahead of you & you die on it twice then beat it, you then collect an anti-checkpoint which cancels the checkpoint

    also, Multi-Checkpoints – multiple checkpoints on a map & the most recent checkpoint gained is the one you respawn at

    or Ordered Checkpoints – collect the checkpoints in the correct order or die

    & the part about 5 lives doesn’t have to be apart of any checkpoints other than the basic one.

    i realise this is a very complicated thing to put into N, but it’s just something to ponder

  • We’ve started the long overdue process of cleaning up the N highscores, but we need your help.

    If you know of a highscore that was acquired by cheating, please email metanet AT metanetsoftware DOT com:

    subject line “N HIGHSCORE CHEAT”
    the episode and level numbers of the highscore so we can verify it, and the name of the user who holds that score

    you can email as many as you like, we’ll sort through them all.
    thanks for your help!

    EDIT: Made a forum thread here:
    where Aidiera suggested a Google Doc instead. I made one here:

    Please feel free to edit that and add names/scores instead!

  • Thank you so much for cleaning the boards, is amazing, im really glad, as well as all the comunity, thanks you a lot, I’ll help as much as I can
    Thanks again!!

  • Wow – i’m so happy the high scores are finally cleaned up! Nice work Metanet! As with everyone else – i can’t wait for N v1.5. I was wondering if you could bring out previews of the game, eg. trailors, snapshots, home screen pic, or anything that could show how awesome the game is going to be.
    Once again thanks!

  • Meta_Ing was searching for “les islots B” & he doesn’t know what map number it is, in the highscores menu it would be nice if there was level numbers & names, or if you could search for maps by name in v1.5

    Anyways, good luck with v1.5

  • “Les Islots B” is 19-1 😉

  • Hmm… good idea about having numbers+names on menus!

  • I also had a stupid idea…

    About a gold counter that counts the total amount of gold you have collected & [here comes the stupid part] having an in-game ninja shop [don’t laugh at me]

    The shop could have hats for the ninja to wear

    This could be boosted by any map with a good gold deposit – [Just backing up the stupidity of this idea]

  • @M&R: Good. I always hated those eyesores…

    OW99, and… hacked scores? …out?

  • About the Version name: I thought you were calling N 2.0, not 1.5!

    OW99, out.

  • It’s good to see that progress is being made. I can’t wait for N 1.5!

    I recently played your Office Yeti preview and maybe I’m being too hard on it, but I get this feeling of “that’s it?” after playing it. It’s like you went from a buttery-smooth epic platformer to a blocky point and click. I can fully appreciate making different genres of games, but the even in the animation alone, I think you guys can do better.

    On a side note, maybe I’m missing the point of the game? I see a lot of people like it. Idk…

    I’m not hating, just some thoughts of a years-long fan. But I’m definitely still looking forward to N!

  • Really looking forward to N v1.5! Keep up the good work!!

  • Hey M&R, i was wondering

    will v1.5 have the 2 new objects from N+?

    the inertia is pointless if you set a launch pads power to 0 but still, the mines that explode after a few seconds are good… i think they respawn after a few seconds too, or maybe thats just multiplayer

    Which brings me to my second question

    Are you going to have a v1.5 multiplayer?

    In an exe (or whatever macs use) that connects to the internet like the highscores & allows for multiplayer like in N+

    i only ask these things because i have been wondering for a few months & scince you have already created them in N+ it’s not like they’re new

  • I knew i forgot something

    I was wondering if you could update your games menu with all metanet or metanet associated games, like:
    that farming cats game in a .zip file
    & some links to the other games, like the city defender game & the yeti games & i think someone made another game too

    but it would be nice to have all metanet games in individual .zip folders under one menu, but maybe i missed something & you do have them all on a page somewhere

    Anyway just wondering if you have a .zip for farming cats

  • Aww man, I wish I knew you were going to Indiecade. I live in the area and even thought about attending, but for one reason or another I didn’t go this year. I can’t believe I missed my chance to meet Metanet.

  • What happened to a post per month? lol

  • @LittleViking: we might go next year!

    @Colt: doh!! We just realized it was December this morning…. we’re working on it!

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