Happy N Year

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So here we are in 2011, can you believe it? 2010 went by so fast. It’s going to be a great year, we can feel it.

Just after releasing N Arcade Special Edition and feeling very burnt out, we went to Tokyo to try to get some inspiration and motivation to get to work on something. Although we didn’t get much work done in Tokyo, the trip went well. We frequently found inspiration, and had many intriguing and thought-provoking adventures. It’s almost impossible not to, we think. We spent the last third of 2010 recovering and planning for 2011, and somehow here we are already.

We’re calling it: your patience will finally be rewarded. This is the year of the new version of N. Probably we’ve said that before, but this is really it. And we’re well on our way — as previously mentioned, we’re already done updating and rewriting the core game, so here’s the list of what’s left:

  • high scores including cheat-detection
  • editor
  • database back-end including user profiles
  • new levels
  • NUMA integration
  • interface tweaks
  • etc?

It’s a lot, and a much of it is going to be difficult, but we’re going to get it done. We may need help with NUMA integration, if any of you talented N fans would be interested in volunteering your time.

Also coming up in 2011, monthly blogging! Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, we will make sure to blog at least once a month. Yes, this year you will see a possibly-record-setting 12 posts from us, or more! Count on it.

And now for some news you may not like. Not coming in 2011, or ever: an iPhone/iPad/Android/smartphone port of N. We have dissected this idea in detail and have thought about and discussed it at great length. We’ve been over every possibility we can conceive of (and incidentally we continue to rehash possibilities whenever new tech comes on the market), but unfortunately we have concluded that N just will not work to our satisfaction on these devices.

The reason is simply this: N needs buttons. As a player, you need to be able to make the lightning quick decisions N requires and have the game respond immediately. The touch screen interface just isn’t appropriate — onscreen buttons can not provide the tactile feedback necessary to make playing N smooth and satisfying. We could make a game which is N-like: a slower-paced, less action-oriented game that compensates for the player’s inability to make fine control adjustments, but we feel that does N a disservice. In that case we would rather try to make a new game which is much more suited to the environment in which it will be played: one that is designed for that interface, uses it to great advantage, and is a more awesome game because of it. We think you’d like that game better too.

And so we leave you to get to work. But we’ll be back soon! It’s a promise.
Thanks for sticking with us, it means a lot.

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  • glad to know you are still alive and well:)

  • I hope this year’s really it. 🙂
    Best of wishes to you.

  • Woo! But what if some runs are extremely good and legit? Won’t the cheat detection mess up there? Or is that not an issue?

  • Excellent! There are several people over on the forums willing to help with NUMA integration — some of whom have already been trying.

    I agree completely about the N-for-phone business.

    Thanks for posting, looking forward to the monthly updates as well as renewed progress on v1.5.

  • yes yes a post about n and nothing else but n

    yes *thrust*

  • Sunset: I’m pretty sure the cheat detection will do two things. First, it will detect when the user makes a mediocre run and edits the end score to an absurdly large value. Second, it will (as NReality does) attempt to make sure that the demo is recorded in real time.

  • Awesome! i think N is already a pure awesome game and i would love to see how it can be improved (besides the almost impossible multiplayer which is still in high hopes) though im a bit sad that N cant be made on iphones, e.t.c but if the iphone cant support N i guess ill have to live with it but then a new game?
    Monthly posting? Awesome… how come i seemed to have heard that before…

  • This is excellent!
    The community is behind you 100%!

  • First thought: that Roppongi image is in incredible photo. Really nice photo.

    Second thought: excellent. N for iPhone would never work and I’m very glad that that’s not happening. 🙂

    Sunset: I don’t think the cheat-detection system will work by analysing the tightness of the runs. Probably it will be more like a system to detect when a cheat engine is being used (as in Unreality), and possibly a tightening of the game files to prevent tampering.

    Thanks for the update! Go you guys!

  • I think it might be an analysis on how long the game actually is and how much gold you get compared to the score

  • I can understand that you need buttons, so no i* port, but a lot of android phones have buttons, and of suffieint

  • gah, misclicked submit.

    sufficient quality for twitch gaming that is n, were you aware of that?

    Please say you’re putting in new enemies and/or porting the n+ exclusives back into n!

    The DS version of N+ was mediocre at best, and the time delayed mines never appeared once in the main game after the tutorial, wtf was up with that?

  • Wow, this is great! I’m not sure where I would find this, if at all, but are there going to be different game modes or anything included in it? If so, I would really like a link or something.

    And I’m assuming that the original N levels are going to be included, but what about the .sol files? Will we have to stat over from scratch? Because that would kind of suck.

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  • Ooh. That’s cool, Unknown.

  • Irashtar i think its for map making (if there is map making for ds)

  • You could make a N version for iDevices that uses btstack for wiimote suppport. It would require that the device is jailbroken though.

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  • Yay, N!

    Muchly looking forwards to playing the new version – it speaks volumes about the game that I recently deliberately deleted my .sol and beat the whole thing over again, just for the fun and satisfaction of slowly unlocking all those collumns.

    This might have been suggested before (or even done!), but have you guys thought about putting up a Twitter account for metanet? It’s much easier to write blogs if they come in lots of 140-char chunks…

  • Heres an idea whether its a real bad one or a smart one how bout a beta 😛 without highscores but just to play around and get use to it also then bugs can be reported and fixed. Win win?

  • @Unknown: that’s not a bad idea. Closed beta would be best imho but I’m sure M&R would be able to find 10-20 odd forum users (a mix of chronic highscorers and mappers would be best, probably) to test everything out thoroughly. It’d probably be wise to wait until Ned was updated though.

  • I have been waiting nearly all my childhood for N 1.5, used to play this back years ago was so fun… hard to believe it was grade 8… and i’m about to start year 12. This will be so awesome when you release it… i’ve been waiting!

  • I cant believe with this one post it hyped me a up a bit that im checkign this blog everyday now… hoping some update will coem of w.e

  • What about neditor on the ipad? i think that’d be cool

  • I hate the App Store as much as the next guy…

    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsbwGFScEb4 )

    …but, any thoughts on this possibility:



  • I am thoroughly excited 😀 Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see how this turns out! If you need any play-testers, for the love of all that is good, please don’t hesitate to ask 😛

  • It’s great to see all these new features coming into an awesome game!

    I also like all these other suggestions by everyone else, (including the Android port), but I have one too: Would it be possible to add (unlockable?) expert ghosts that you could compete against? I’m sure there are many experts on the forums who would be willing to donate their skills. I must say, competing against experts is fun and helps players become better. Just a suggestion though 😀

  • FINALLY!!! >:( I have waited so long for this new v. (short for Version)

    Previously you said about “making your own tiles”.

    P.s. This is my first post as otherworld99 (I made a profile on the game.)

  • N+ was an awful idea! If I was a critic, (in fact, everyone can) I could rate it 2/20!! Therefore, my signature (should everyone post here, like a forum?) shall be:

    The Critic Strikes… again

  • this is making me extremely happy right now. 🙂 great!

  • Hey I was thinking that instead of on screen buttons for an iphone version, use dragging or swiping motions like the iphone mirrors edge does. just an idea

  • I know you guys gave it much more thought than I did, but still:
    – Android is going to grow – I know it’s not great to make decisions on speculation, but that would include netbooks with keyboards
    – I know I would buy N for my Asus Transformer Eee Pad with the dock;
    – porting an AS3 Flash app to Android should take, well, hours. Besides the added support required for a paid app, what is there to lose to try?

    Either way, good luck with N 2.0 development!

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