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Wow, December already. It’s been an incredibly busy year, and time is just flying by.

First of all, in case anyone missed it, we’ve started the long overdue process of cleaning up the N v1.4 highscores, and can always use more help. If you know of a highscore that was acquired by cheating, please collect this info:

    the episode and level numbers of the highscore so we can verify it, and the name of the user who holds that score

and add the info to this Google Doc:

You can also check out this forum thread, if you like:


November was a volatile month, filled with ups and downs — more downs than ups, unfortunately. We hit a few snags with N, and are working hard to find solutions for those problems and finish the game. We will definitely have something for you by the end of the year, but we aren’t sure what that will be yet — it’s likely that the full release will follow that.

We’re working on figuring out a few projects that you should all find exciting for next year, as well. Hopefully, 2012 will be a great year, rather than 2011’s mediocre and in many ways, immensely disappointing one. We all need something to look forward to!

Ok we’ve got to get back to work — expect the last post of 2011 before the end of December!

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  • Wow great news! Thanks again for the feedback guys, you’re great.
    As for the boards, they’re awesome now without hackers, thanks a lot again for cleaning them 😉
    Im willing to see those news 😀

  • Great to hear! I’m looking forward to what you guys will have at the end of this year.

  • About the more ups than downs: Oh dear…

    Anyways, nice to hear that there’ll be more games in 2012!

    Also, nice to hear that you’re working on N!

    OW99, out…

    P.S. NUMA’s been down quite a lot. It also says that it’s a Google App, which it never was in the first place. Why is that?

  • So is a first quarter release for N in 2012 likely?

  • While you’re out fixing everything… The text at the bottom of this page again, please =)

  • I know i’m probably really annoying…

    [enough said]

    But i was just wondering [about the 10th time i’ve said that] if you could have something that shows the ninjas speed, i guess it would just be a nice novelty

  • Figured this would be the best post to comment on, so here goes. We just found out this morning that there was somebody who hacked a lot of scores. He hacked every single level and episode from ep 36 all the way through 49-3. His nick is asking_a and I’ve just added him to the Google doc you created at the top of this post. If you could get this guy, and the other 2 scores that appeared a little while earlier, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for all you two have been doing.

  • I meant oh dear in a good way.

    I was never here…

    Also, I have a WordPress page:


    Click on my name.

    Note that it doesn’t mention Metanet stuff in it, however I will make a Metanet fan blog about what’s up me in the Metanet world, and also I will put comics about N. And hopefully Office Yeti, and Robotology, if it comes.

  • It’s an amazing news for allow users of N v1.4 that there is a sure about to get a full version of this game.I appreciate the hard working of its developers for their work and trying to complete this project for user convenience.

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