Check Out the Holiday Contesque Highscore Replays!

21 Jan / by: M&R / 15 comments / tags :

We spent some time reviewing the highscore replays and they are very impressive. It really is amazing what skilled players can do, and moreover what they can make look so easy! There’s a real elegance to the replays: they are a carefully choreographed succession of restrained, efficient moves and yet despite that palpable determination and precision, the way the ninja floats and soars through the levels is quite beautiful. Definitely worth watching.

You can download the new builds and check out the replays here. Enjoy!

If you have problems viewing replays, try returning to the highscores list and redownloading the replay.

We are still not sure what the prizes awarded will be, but rest assured: there will be something, and we will let you know as soon as we have it confirmed (we’ll write to the email addresses you used to submit your scores).

As always, stay tuned for more news of N v2.0’s progress. Right now we’re getting it working at 60 frames per second. More details as they develop!

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  • My replay on hard doesn’t work

  • @Zapmeister: most likely the download got interrupted (that happened to us several times during testing as well, but we eventually got everything to work) — try redownloading the replay and see if it works.

  • Hey M&R,

    Thanks for the replays I will enjoy going through and watching them.

    I writing about another hacked score. I emailed you guys about this, but I figured I would mention it here since nothing has happened. On 83-0 and 83-0 the player ninjaninjaninja has submitted a hacked score. Please delete these two scores.


  • M&R: I’ll elaborate.

    My ninja does not reach the exit on level 1. This is the only problem I’m having. I can navigate to other levels using L/R arrow keys and as far as I can tell each level replay works fine. Except for level 1.

    TRO: correction, 83-0 and 83-1*

    *drools in anticipation of prizes*

  • hmm…. crap 🙁

  • Just thought I’d add that I am having the exact same problem as poor old zappy!

  • This is a weird bug… we have no idea what happened! Unless somehow the upload was corrupted, but it’s strange that it only seems to happen with the first set of levels…

  • Whoa, out already? Great. Looking forward to play this build. I had been focused on other subjects in life, like watching tv, taking showers, brushing teeth, etc. … But anyway, the posts came rather quick!

    But, I will always be an N fan. Speaking of N, looking forward to playing v2.0 holiday contesque– er, I mean, build.

    OW99, and… N holiday version 2.0? Out?

  • Hello. I am OW99. Level 1’s highscore killed the other highscores. It shall die. Heh heh a little bit of a “Princess Bride” reference.

    OW99, out

  • I can play the actual beta, right? Not just watch the highscores?

    Also, do you have any plans to release N on Facebook?

  • The game I mean.

  • Hmm oh well. I’ll find out myself.

  • Mare and Raigan, don’t stress. I’m sure you guys will figure it out 🙂 This is what betas are for anyway; ironing out these kinks.

  • @Ben Shultz: you said it.

    OW99, out.

  • Hey M&R, thanks for all your work 😀
    Came here to tell you that a new hacker appeared on the boards, he’s hacked like 90 scores with impossible scores.
    His name’s “asking_a” and golfkid already took the time to type all the hacked scores into the google spreadsheet:
    If you could take the time to delete these new hacked scores, as well as those two that were made by ninjaninjaninja, we’d really appreciate it 😀

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